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									Feeling happy feelings feelings

 happy feeling 51 liquid

  happy feeling
  Nanjing Jinling High School Class Deng Hexi Branch who started 22 more, "went to
'51', and where are you going to play? "'51' holiday before the last day of school was
one to many of my classmates asked. Play? Unfortunately I contracted a bad cold,
went to the hospital to be linked to water every day, have a lot of work, but also how
to play?
  sleep until 9:30, get up to eat breakfast, go to the hospital linked to the water 10.
  television series as seen wearing oxygen masks as mechanically medicines, do spray,
hanging the way glucose and penicillin. This time only Kuzhongzuoyue the.
Observation of infusion liquid inside to set a good pace by continually dropping,
machine dry land just like we are now living: two first-line, towards six, six nights,
serious nervous we become one with the idea of change are not Yes, can not think,
just quietly observe.
  some liquid is flowing into the exhaust pipe, and then slowly flow back into the
bottle, leaving the way the drops in the bottle raised a bunch of crystal bubbles.
  I exhaled mist light around the whole body, diffuse open, from the sixteenth floor
window flutters down, dimly saw the banner Dental Hospital: to celebrate 51.
  liquid was still dripping, and the beat of time, each dropping, the white precipitate
can be seen spread out, lap lap, gradually hidden Shen no trace.
  mask in the liquid has dried up, old man got up and turned off the oxygen valve. His
sparse hair had less trunk and a few, black eye socket black. I know that today 3:00 he
was called up and save the sick. Save many times that the patient is ultimately the old
west go. Next to the bed of the old man to focus on disease monitoring, mechanical
heart but the reality of people feel that life could not help sighed with relief. Let be
heavy, otherwise how could live in is facing the ward nurses station.
  heard the familiar "meals do that," I finished the water is also linked. Today, go to
my grandma house for dinner.
  home, styled work, Dad routinely explain: "Go for it, Dad busy, you see, a month, 10
patients died, and rescue 10 times. To be conscious."
  a magpie flew from the front. I suddenly felt what the thanks. '51' still very happy, I
hope a long time. At least, my life is still so fresh, we also rewarding.
  busy, tired, or a very happy feeling. If one day, we not busy, and not tired, what can
we do?
  This '51', the hospital taught me a lot, anyway, and I are very happy very happy.
  I picked up the pen, earth up fast. In this way, fine.

 Teacher: Cai Ying
 Comment: plain simple language, there we so many memorable things. Primary
author usually realize the little things in life, every day of thanks, because it gives us
the feeling of happiness, people must cherish ah!
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