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					Examination of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exam required reading of
Chartered Accountants

 Chartered Certified Accountants Exam

 1. Reconfirmed the examination room:
 confirmation DOCKET specific address on the examination room! (Preferably soon
before exams to reconfirm the day) because if the examination room filled ACCA test
centers will be automatically assigned to other test centers, students are not
necessarily the original choice test center. In addition, examination of the students
should pay attention to Wuxi, Wuxi Jin Jiang Grand Hotel this year, another new
addition to adding a test site in the Lake Road, the Canal Hotel on the 7th, but the
specific address code I847 is not the same show.
 2. Will bring goods:
 ACCA student card (if the students received student cards can carry an ID card into
the examination room)
 confirmation letter (DOCKET) (admission ticket will you take part in The final
examination subjects to recover from the proctor)
 black pen, correction fluid,
 calculator (with sound and communications equipment are not allowed)

  ruler in the% D test % A into the examination room, any person shall open the test
paper and answer sheet. Fill in CandidateRegistrationSheet and ScriptBooklet above
location information, such as ACCA student number, seat number, test center code,
test subjects, Variant, (in the exam last) fill in your answer exam number. It must be
noted that in the exam and answer sheet can not be any place to fill in your name.
  after the commencement of the examination will have 15 minutes of reading time,
you can mark the papers but can not open your answer sheet. Answer the examiner
indicated in the beginning, before the answer open the answer sheet.
  half-hour late will not allow testing halls
  does not allow an assignment ahead of time to leave the examination room
  if during the examination period on the toilet, then there will be an invigilator
  phone and a variety of communication equipment needed in the off state and
deposited in the package
  answer sheets (Scriptbooklet) on the steps to write neatly and answer marked a clear
exam code, will help examiners graders.
  stop when the examiner to indicate the answer to stop and stay in their seats, the
examiner then allowed to leave.
  necessary papers, answer sheets, CandidateRegistrationSheet and all related
documents with the examination to the proctor after the examination

 Test Report Form will be mailed to students after 10 weeks of address, students can
has landed MYACCA query
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