Endorsement of a thank you letter teacher

					A thank you letter teacher endorsement

 letter of thanks teacher endorsement

  letter of thanks Wuyang the third experiment, six primary schools (1) Ban
Meng-Han% D % A
  Lee, beloved teacher:
  necessary and you are more than a month, I will first face a crossroads in life, more
time, I could not bear and you were apart, the more is that you usually can not help
but think of the we teach. We teach you, I will not forget, I must use to repay your
outstanding achievements.
  Li, you are talking about class is so vivid, as if each article is opened in front of my
window, I saw a colorful world. I more and more like a language lesson. Teacher Li
also remember the past, my endorsement is very slow rate, usually the back is not
always good essay, is that you let us in on the back of a class will be an article, when I
saw the students sitting in seats one by one on, let me more anxious, but worry there
for? Only to endorse Bale. This also reminds me of "wood of life" in this text, and
only compete with others in the group in order to show his ability. Subsequent days, I
often seriously endorse endorsement improve the speed, I learned of your
  Li, dear teacher, I used to speak in class is not active, you can since become a
student, you often tell us that: "wrong, the it does not matter, speak only exercise their
courage and spoken, said, no matter good or bad, better than not saying. "So I looked
up you find that you are so respectful, kind. Since then, my courage up to become a
large, self-confidence to face life, face difficulties in learning.
  Li, a teacher at the crossroads of life, that you extended to me a warm hand, that
hand is a signpost, so I think in a clear, always be grateful to you, my dear Miss Li.
  I wish you good health and smooth work and good luck!
  beloved one of your students: Meng-Han
  2009 年 4 月 28 日
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