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					Sixth grade, sixth grade emotion work

 sixth-grade school work feeling

  sixth grade is a special year, year to more than 12,345 non-. Learning tight, less time,
big pressure. Introduced me to introduce it!
  longer. Previous school, we can all go home with the other grades one, let out early,
we can play, play, carefree happiness in every day to the sixth grade, as, panic, no
longer a laughing way to school and the happy songs, but "Oh, work hard, too much!"
"test again tomorrow, and refueling ah!" to the group are numerous. Furthermore, the
original school early, you can play for a while, but now we more than an hour the
lower grades, go home already 7:00, and students are like family to run to catch
reincarnation Side, home is dark ... ...
  test frequency, operating more. Sixth grade, is characterized by a significant test
frequency, operating more than two days, almost three days, a College Entrance
Examination of a quiz, and often papers such as the sea, over the past few days, not
papers say, the students papers never sees reasons: too much paper, I not quite sure
which one was. So on. Also, work will be done, a small pile every day, the students
miserable, but the teacher's killer is: So the sixth grade, junior high school to prepare
for the hymns! Hey.
  pressure. Like me, each unit test, quizzes are not under the Third, may I have the
midterm exam properly, the result, inevitably a number of nagging mother. Oh what
being so junior high Zaban ah! You no try. If I've heard so annoying. In short, there is
no hard review of is justified. Many Jacky feels the same test well, well well, to
continue efforts to test bad, and Oh, my diary every day, reading the next day, pile of
books placed in front of you, intuition tells you that your play time on the book
instead! Ooo, ooo ... ...
  hey, who are sixth grade on the test, you are wrong! .. This article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, for the original author. /

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