Earth above the Earth's moon by fdjerue7eeu


									Earth above the Earth's moon

 summer moon above the Earth

 above the earth Huashe Chen Chen Yang night moon, bringing experimental school
% D % A swaying swing a waxing moon

 as arsenic fly with us on all night
 flawless on empty
 more thorough look black like the blackboard
% brushed dust Black D% A
 quiet then my shadow so dark
 prolonged palpitations magic wing
 no sunlight at night a bitter

% D% on day A
 moon's rotation to fast
 few hundred degrees during the day with enthusiasm
 sun a cups of wine are blowing bubbles
 person who tears into the Galaxy% off D% A Apollo footprints appear Cangsang
 mysterious extraterrestrial under a meteor shower
 only see the wounded moon full of craters

 over the moon
 This is from the heart of sorrow and grief
 jump in the deserted wilderness
 few hundred years under pressure from the struggling grief

 cry will not disturb other people's dreams
 wind of a summer summer summer
 into a gust of wind to be blown away

 over the moon still shrouded the residual sound of the pipa, Hong

 of the Earth the

 moon is Earth's Yulong Wan
 moon on the earth I salute
 I found the Chinese not stop
 but an underwater
 us everyone Lung
 monsters we all are Pangu

 own is also a tomorrow

 Chinese oil!

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