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					Dream a Dream

 Dream sand one last

 I Dream, a small cactus, quietly living in the vast desert of the great ... ...
 "ooo, ooo ... ..."
 angry uncle, like the wind, like a lion roaring, howling. Layers of sand from his plow.
Filled the sand blowing, almost wrapped my body, the weight of my breath. I'm so sad!
Bullied by others with this all day, might as well just die!
 No, no! I can not be reconciled. I got to hold on, to find a better tomorrow. My
efforts, I've put up with, and I look forward to ... ... though in this uninhabited
wilderness years, but I still look forward to the arrival of an angel ... ...
 last, long for heaven and earth yellow sand there is a black point, he came up to me.
Closer, closer. I am excited and shouted: "Quick take me, take me away ... ..."
 may hear my voice, he carefully from the soil lira me out into the yard of a small
 "Ha ha ha ... ..."
 accompanied by the owner of laughter, my heart was delighted, I finally have a
warm home. ------ I became a master of a good friend of middle school students.
 master placed me in a beautiful flower pot in front of his desk on the windowsill.
Every day, I accompanied him to write, read and memorize the words ... ... we spent
every day memorable.
 "Ai Aiai ... ..."
 master sighed again, he always trouble himself. I heard the owner immediately be
faced with what the test and he was very nervous, afraid that they cross the threshold,
 I do not know what the test is, how important it is in the end. But master, I just want
to tell you, everyone has their own dreams, I believe we all want to achieve it. In
order to realize their dreams, we paid a sweat, tears, and even bloody water. Edison to
develop a suitable filament, at thousands of tests done; Tan to the motherland, peace
and development, willing to defy the law; Zhang Haidi in order to be ordinary people,
willing to overcome my physical defects, learning self-care ... ... no matter the road
dreams come true How many difficulties and obstacles, we must not flinch. Little
master, for your high school dreams on it! I will always support you!
 I have my dream life, the owner has his dream of learning. We all have dreams. For
that dream, maybe we will hit many nails, but it does not matter, inevitably there will
be some way to travel breathtaking shots Well!
 Dream tour, we had only one conviction: winter come, can spring be far behind?
 postscript: After I "sprites" and a few touched, and the owner re-courage, finally
fulfilled his dream of high school. But we do not stop, because we still have a dream,
the next dreams ... ...
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