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									Diary Diary Diary smile growth

 smile grew older sister
 diary today, the weather good, the sun is smiling to me, it is very warm smile.
 see "Holiday Activities Guide", turn to "Smile Beijing, growth diary." I stood up,
ready to smile to the others.
 common saying "helpful" very easy, really do not know what to do in practice was.
 at the crossing of a such a long time, no one needs my help to cross the road. To the
bus station, everyone seemed to know their travel route. I stroll back and forth at the
station, doing nothing. A sister came from across the road, It looks like a high school
student. Her right wrist, wearing a red plastic bracelet, I thought things like sports
wristband, not too concerned about. The sister smiled and approached a grandfather
with reading glasses. He is looking at a bus schedule. "Oh, how I did not see his" On
my mind this thought, just go up, my sister started talking, "Grandpa, are you going
ah? "" To Chaoyang Park! My eyes can not see the stop sign, do not know what car
seat. "At this time, a 752 into the station, her sister said:" Grandpa, 这辆 on the line!
"She got on helping Grandpa. Grandpa thanked her and went into the car, my sister
smiled and waved to the grandfather. Train driving out of the station.
 then, that I see her smile hand laps, I drove up to talk to her. She is the Olympic
volunteers, representatives of the hands red wristband "helpful smile commitment."
Her to achieve their commitments. I asked her: "I was in practice, why could not do
anything to others? She said: "We have emphasized action is the most important, but
the heart of the action is more important than physical action. "
 I understand that if I want to help others not get honor, but rather to help others, we
will be able to help others.
 This is the step I was growing up, it will be the most significant step.
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