; Dear Mom and Dad Mom Mom and Dad
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Dear Mom and Dad Mom Mom and Dad


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									Dear Mom and Dad Mom Dad Mom

 dear mother, father and mother USD

  I am proud of my parents because I have a great father and a great mother. Nurturing
parents, your grace I will never forget her son.
  starting from the day I was born, you will be an added burden, although it is very
sweet, but once you betray it, you feel important even than the whole earth, to pay for
the burden of many selfless many, but you still duty-bound to take up this heavy
  article from the Internet, said: a woman gave birth to a child of the moment will be
slim 20 kilos, 20 kilos heavier it is the child's weight, and some are my mother's
placenta and blood in vivo. I could not help but think of my mother, I want to thank
my mother, thank her mother for me pain.
  still remember when I was young, very lazy, want to go to other houses, but also too
lazy to wear shoes, socks, my father took me back your past, until one day, you feel
that you have fixed my back time, then I am back on you.
  accidentally I read an article son out of a bill: to cook a few dollars, dishwashing few
dollars ... ... and her mother out of a bill: When you were little you change a diaper 0
U.S. dollars, to You fed 0 U.S. dollars ... ... This reminds me of a child, I also give my
mother working, wages increase with age has also increased exponentially, the age of
five or a few cents, when age had risen to one dollar, and Her mother has never taken
things for me, no matter how much she had done, wages are 0 yuan.
  father and mother, you are my world the most important, if not you, my world the
whole world will be shattered. >>>> This article
from [worry document] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting, to thank the original
author. / Center>

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