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									Dandelion Dandelion fly flying

 flying dandelion mother slopes

  flying dandelion
  dry County Middle School, nine security word Three Dingcai Li
  childhood of me, often in the early summer, and her mother went home behind the
hillside where there are colorful flowers, green grass and beautiful dancing next to me
butterflies ... ... I clapped in joy, little hand, bounce to pick the different colors,
different types of flowers. Mom always be gently took my hand way up the slope on
the other side, where covered with a white pompon flowers blossoming, the flowers
are fun, round head, white hair and thin body, the wind would blow, it's hair on the
head light to fly up, fly Lao Gao Lao Gao, I have to take great effort to catch a fly in
the air of small white flowers.
  mother said: "This is the dandelion, it is always not satisfied with staying in remote
corners, like most battles to the outside world to see, that the small white flowers in
the air, that is they are looking for their future home. "
  mother's words in my young heart has left a deep mark, then I will myself into the
arms of her mother listened.
  Soon I went to primary school, my mother bought me a new schoolbag, schoolbags
on several flower trimmed with white dandelion, there is written the words - flying
dandelion, carrying the day I bags, like a dandelion happy flying between home and
  One windy evening, I ran home from school, happy to pull her to the hillside full of
dandelions, the teacher had just taught the nursery rhyme "Dandelion seeds" sing my
mother to listen while I sing the while running around in the dandelion flowers in a
blossoming white flowers in my singing and gently float to the sky, my mother looked
very excited, hopeful eyes with small white flowers which stemmed launched into
drifting far away ... ...
  time flies, I went to high school, that school bags decorated with dandelion old,
broken. One night my mother put my backpack on the table, looking for a long long
time, and later bought my mother gave me a blue dress embroidered with flowers of
white dandelion, I wore it in high school gate and flew home on the road flying go.
  I have been on the temple, and face the decision of the fate of the turning point in my
life - in the exam, I have some fear, was getting worried, I am reminded of my mother
bought me that bag and dress, with my eyes tears, I grew up, often before the mother
flying beside the flower dandelion, not only fly, but also know how to fly higher and
  dandelion flower in the picture I do not know whether I can fly out of the town,
flying into the ideal institution, but I'm saving power, no matter how bumpy the road
ahead, how much wind and rain, I'm going to find my future home.

 Instructor: Yang Fengyi
 Comment: The author of "flying Dandelion" as a clue, reflecting the "I" not fly "and
to" fly "higher and further . with concentration of people, write it exact.
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