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 bulk of her lovely earned

  I have a close friend buddies, she called Xun. I treasure an avatar of her, her smiling
face sun off, not even cute. I look much worse than her, I would lovely avatar of the
school attached to my card, the cover goes on implicitly to live I have not a trace of
pale color of the face -
  "how, test is so poor, the nerve to eat my hard-earned food? "Mom will be my
position on paragraph 40 of the report card fell to the ground and growled," We are
poor people, no skill have nothing to eat, you eat what's this? This is my blood! "I'm
Mo silent way to his mouth Grilled rice, just want to finish quickly, early to school.
"In the last paragraph 6, paragraph 9 of the last years, the adult section of the 40
pull-back, had known the last hit you up would not be so bad, is not proud, Piyang
the ? "Mom Bie red neck, but still cried," your dad is a lazy, no work, no money, I was
out sun and wind to make money, he even called me a hard earned cash to gamble, we
do not Qiana! But for grandparents aid to us, we may have to the streets to beg, and to
you this far has been down off, you go prepared to block a bowl, begging go! "The
warm my head, eyes circled with a liquid, ready to find a suitable time to roll
emission. Mom grabbed my hand a job: "Eat, eat, eat, do not eat no skill, so when you
go begging, who will have pity on you? Only rely on themselves, support themselves,
seeking no other people to use! "My heart bursts of colic, I told myself not to cry, no
use crying also make people look down on people who will. I had to start playing the
chopsticks, pretend like to listen to non-appearance does not care to listen. "Talk to
her, little beggar, dumb Bala. "Mom pushed me up, I was pushed to the next chair to
stabilize the foot, I dropped my poor head standing in place.
  "You are children from poor families, not a phoenix, except with results, we have no
way out the back door which, like the rich have a good talk. "Ma Ma Mom's voice, as
if she was gonna cry," even you the chance to read well, simply do not read, work
with me, but also to make money, to save me to your tuition, there are buy one in
18,000! "My throat swarmed a wave heat, not much to the mouth, choking me, and
minor pumping towering shoulders, like a dog by the bullying. Mother wiping away
tears, said a lot so I felt it, but I can not hear disappeared, only to find a roar outside
the ears, heart remorse, regret, pain, stretch like hell bound to the iron chain like me,
so I breath, step by step to the forefront of my life airborne pull into the dark abyss
of ... ...
  sudden burst of my neck tight, so I walk back to the soul of the shell on my sin. At
this point I saw my mother is staring angrily at the school card was taken away, my
heart "Ko dengkou" look, hurried to try to steal, and eagerly cried: "Give me my!
"Some body's mother, stepped back, ducked. I grew more and more bad, do not
understand her mother what to do next. "Why do you put pictures of her posted
photos on your own? "Mom Nuhe Road. "My photos ugly ... ..." I whispered, as if I
had done irreparable fault general ashamed. "She posted pictures above you, your
good luck gave block, no wonder you are so poor examination, she also test in
paragraph 22, should have stickers affixed behind, how can you be so stupid! "Mom
and burning anger. "Xun son is my best friend, she would not block me luck, she will
help me, you was just superstition! "Do not know where to courage, so that I can
loudly contradict her mother. "How can this world have any real friends, for their own
interests, who talk about mutual affection! "Mom goes on a tear emoticons, wire
mercilessly, wire not hesitate, let me no Lai Buji stop. Looked at the hands of
struggling out from the avatar of her mother, yearning for freedom, the wind rotation
with colorful dance, free and easy like a butterfly it falls, I do nothing. I choked back
tears of water gushing, grabbed the emoticons from the ground, seized the school card,
pulled up a stool bag, next to the house that morning in late winter and ran behind him
came the sharp sound of her mother which "little beggar . "
  walk at 5 o'clock in the street, dark, cold, and nothing for me, this time the minds of
frustration, sadness overtaken carved black pearls from abjection Yuantan Village fell
down, hanging in the face on both itching, cold. Pick up the emoticons goes on, gentle
touch of bright smiles in the night sky, I was not already lost? The footsteps of chaos,
on the ground a pile of dark footprints, in the bitter cold wind hit, several people
against the background lights, the long endless shady, I just like a helpless, lonely,
lonely, swaying dog tail grass ... ... [Thanks for reading this article, this article from
[worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author]
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