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 cute wizard world, children

  quietly, quietly, to snow. We ushered in 2009, the first snow, he came quietly.
  I did not wake up in the morning, I heard someone say: "snow problem, I can not
believe. "We went to watch the balcony, and sure enough snow in the matter, the
outside world into a world of silver, like a film, like crystal, crystal clear.
  snow like a good little elves, to the earth and wheat are covered with thick quilts.
  winter snow angels, to bring joy to the children. Children in the snow fun Naozhuo.
1 a snowman, is not the same, wonderful, myriad images. Naughty boy with snowball
fights, so after a month after the battle of snow is like snow man, who was full of
snow. But their faces are exposed laughter. Now the kids are not afraid of the outside
world more than the cold, exposed directly in their eyes, laugh, not at all cold
expression. Exposed children born innocent.
  dusk, the sun gradually dark, and snow seemed shy, as we faintly pink teaching
building the wall, the snow seems to have exposed the point pink.
  little wizard, and sometimes bring us joy, he sometimes she would throw a tantrum,
and sometimes will be late, but she is beautiful.
, however, she really lost his temper.
  for two days under the snow was done three years, the original cute, she seems now
the little wizard took his temper. Has been the next stop, we live at the school for
students in school can not go home now. Many people are sad to cry, but the snow
grew larger and larger.
  snow at the school, the school open. Want to come early so that car, well open up the
road, let's go home.
  saying goes, "Hard work pays off," our efforts are somehow effect, in Thursday
afternoon, the first one home in the car came in and gate. Then followed by a second
and then a third ... ...
  snow this lovely fairy, he can bring people happiness, you can give us trouble, allow
us to laugh, but also allows us to shed tears . / Center>

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