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                                                                                     EXECUTIVE EDITOR
                                                                                                   Michael B. Tracy

                                                                                                     Todd Houser
                   WHY IS IT THAT... ?
                                                                                    ADVERTISING MANAGER
      Just prior to the commencement of salary negotiations, I am reminded                             Jim Fortier
   of the Andy Rooney characterization done by Johnny Carson, where
   Johnny uses the phrase "Why is it that....?" and then states a natural law,      PRODUCTION/PRINTING
   an idea, a problem or other thought-provoking circumstance.                                   Air sPrinting
      By now all P.O.A. members should have received and returned the                         8071 Balsa Avenue
   P.O.A. Salary Questionnaire. This questionnaire is the P.O.A.'s thought-                  Midway City. CA 92655
                                                                                                (714) 898-9289
   provoking mechanism to get each and every member asking, "Why is it
   that...l have to work nine hours and only get paid for eight?" "Why is it                               4,000
                                                                                              Circulation 4.000
   that...l have to work Christmas Day for straight time?' 'Why is it that...A
                                                              Why driver makes more money than / do?"                                                   Mailing Address:
      Salary negotiations have begun for real and just because you have                       619 East 7th Street
   turned in your questionnaire, don't quit communicating your personal                   Long Beach, California 90813
   thoughts to the Board of Directors. These are your negotiations so assist us           24 Hour Phone: 432-4408
   by seeking out any member of the Board of Directors or calling the P.O.A.
   office and giving us a piece of your mind.                                           1982 L.B.P.O.A.
      The Board of Directors expects to present the membership with a new
                                                                                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   contract for ratification before July 1, 1983--that is less than six months      President               Mike Tracy
   from today. As we approach that tentative deadline and new contract,             Vice President     Tim Chamberlain
   remember that, as per the bylaws of this Association, any new contract must      Secretary               Dan Stowe
   be ratified by the general membership. This means that you will have the         Treasurer       ,       Mike Kunst
   last say before any contract is adopted or ratified.                             Directors            Paul Chastain,
      To assist the salary committee and the P.O.A. Board of Directors in                   Lenny Gaeta. Todd Houser,
   tailoring a contract to fit your needs, keep us informed and start examining                Bob Keeran. Dave Ryan.
   your working conditions, if you haven't already, with "Why is it that...?"
                                                                        that...?'               Ed Straub, Ken Wagner

                                                                                              GET INVOLVED
                                                   Fraternally                         Attend the PO.A. Board Meetings that

                                                                                    are held in the P.O.A. office the second
                                                                                    Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.rn.p.m.
                                                                                       P.O.A. OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 a.m to
                                                                                    5:00 p.rn. - 619 East Seventh Street,
                                                   MICHAEL B. TRACY                 Long Beach, California 90813.
                                                       President                            Phone: (213) 432-4408
                                                                                        The views expressed in any article published are
                                                                                     those of the author or staff and do not necessarily
    X-5                                                                              reflect the official opinion of the Long Beach Police
                                                                                     Officers Association Or that of the Long Beach
                                                                                     Pollee Department.
                                                                                        All articles submitted must be signed. but upon
                                                                                     request of the author. the name may be withheld
                                                                                     when the article is printed.

Page 2 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
 A commander. a deputy chief.
                                                  Recruits on training status, riding as
                                              passengers in the police vehicle and
somebody else in a high-power policy          subjected to direct order of their Field
position within the department must           Training Officers as their direct super-
have signed a contract in which he            visors, were given reprimands for vio-
agreed as part of his tes of perfor-          lating the policy. Officers never involved
mance. to make as many people on the          in the pursui were given reprimands.
police department as angry and miser-         Officers driving the primary or secon·secon-
able as possible. This was again made         dary unit in the pursuit were given
evident by the recent issuing of a            reprimands. It is dear to all the disgusted
reported twenty- nine letters of repri·       angered and inflamed persons on the
mand to watch one and watch three             receiving end of this righteously ob-
officers. some more, some less involved       noxious matter. that whoever began
in what is being called the Great San         such a ludicrous maneuver ough to                                 ~.
Diego Pursuit                                 get a reprimand himself for a wide
   The basis for the reprimands is an         variety of evident TeasOns which have
outdated pursuit policy and a desire by       been expressed about the station in            Letters to the Editor
the administration to punish others for                     specific.
                                              general and specific, bu a all times in
their own shortt:oming Officers are
              short&oming                     colorfully profane annunciations.
                                                                    annunciation             To the Editor.
being' disciplinecr for doing what a
          disciplinecf'                          The department con 'nues to out-   0           I wish to express my thanks to the
station commander. a field commander          rage its own people. The officers in-          Widows and Orphans Fund and the
and a communications supervisor re-           volved in the Great Pursuit were involved      Board of Directors of the P.O.A for
fused to do: Make a decision about the        for one general reason--to assist fellow       their support during my recent hospital-
relevant importance of assisting fellow       officers in a pursuit which they felt          ization in the alcohol rehab program at
officers in pursuit of two bandits who                                              shoot·
                                              might possibly end with suspects shoot-        Memorial West r ve been a recovering
had an hour before. shot a person in          ing at police officers. It would not be        alcoholic for 10 months no and only
the stomach with a handgun to effect a        comforting 0 know that you had drop-           regret I didn't seek help years ago. (
robbery.                                      ped out of a pursuit only to learn that        want to encourage any of our officers
    The pursuit policy is not clear and                                           mOTe
                                              five minutes later one. two. or more of                              problem,
                                                                                             who have a drinking problem. because
does not address many of the real             your fellows got shot or injured and no        there is hope.
problems faced by offic.ers in the prac-      one was there to help them Where                                      Chester Gregory
tical situation of confronting dangerous                                         tie?
                                              does the real responsibility lie? (t is
persons and pursuing them until cap-          clear that the department intends to                     A SPECIAL
tured with or without the assistance of       dump the whole burden of a successful                   THANK YOU
other officers. The department has            police action on the already weary
 handled this situation in a characteristic   backs of its patrol officers, as usual.
                                                                     officers.                  Recently I had a very heartbreaking,
fashion, by a shotgunned noninvesti-          and the department does not care if it         painful experience·-the loss of my K-9
gation and a hit or miss choice of            makes five. ten, fifteen or twenty mis-        partner. Bondo. After working together
disciplinary targets, through the use of      takes in the process.                          for almost three years Bondo's life
 the modern administrative technique              Let us hope that with this action the      ended as the result of an epileptic
of selection by grenade I~st.                 seal has not been set upon 19 3.  1983.        condition believed to be caused by a
                                                                                             previous blow to the head by a burglary
                                                                                             suspect Although Bondo took a beat-
                                                                                             ing, he never lost his grip of the suspect,
                                                                                             and the suspect was apprehended.
                                                                                                Bondo was a courageous dog with
                                                                                             unmatched spirit and I will always miss
                                                                                             him. I took Bondo s death pretty hard
      The following people have completed training in supportive counseling
                                                                                             and almost transferred out of the K-9
                          thTough                     afteT5:00
   and can be contacted through the P.O.A office. or after 5:00 p. m_ or on week-
                                                                                             program until I realized how much
   ends. at the following numbers: 436-4237 or437-0513. Tim Chamberlain,
                                                                                             support I had from my fellow officers;
   Todd Houser. Mike Kunst, Arnie Schmeling, Dan Stowe, Ed Straub Mike
                                                                                             so many showed interest, from brass to
   Tracy and Ken Wagner. They are trained to assist with problems such as:
                                                                                             patrol officer. that it really eased the
   marital disputes. post-shooting reactions. financial problems, separation or
                                                                    separa ion
   divorce issues. drinking problems depression. difficulties with supervisors or               t also can't say enough for the citi-
   others in the department, job burnoul deaths in the family. serious illness.
                                                                                             zens and business people in the com-
                          wife or child abuse. and the like.                                 munity who contributed to the fund set
                                       5TH/CrrY CONFIDENTIAll
                                                                                             up by Alan Bmido of Sonitrol who
                                                                                                                   Connnued on page 14

                                                                                  Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 3
     JOHN BIGBEE?                                      Following a disability retirement in 1970 after ten years of service,
                                                    John moved to Portland. Oregon and started his own Legal Investiga-
                                                    tion agency, which now employs 15 persons through two separate
                                                    corporations. They are actively involved in civil investigations of
                                                    personal injury matters.
                                                        John wrote of one of his favorite assignments while on the P. D. He
                                                    says "While working Vice with Ron Burgess in 1966, we were
                                                    required to work a special undercover assignment due to several
                                                    recent robberies of couples on the beach. I had to dress in drag as
                                                    Ron s girlfriend. I was not particularly impressed with my new role,
                                                    and quickly became bored and tired of laying on a blanket with such a
                                                    burly 'friend." Things suddenly became more interesting when
                                                    unexpectedly the grunion started to run. Those civilians nearby
                                                    probably never will forget seeing that6 0" blond throw off'her' gold
                                                    sandals and run out to the surf to throw fish at 'her' partner.'
                                                        John notes that there are many retired Long Beach Police Officers
                                                    living in Oregon and Washington and suggests that"our own' Pacific
                                                    Northwest Chapter of Retired Police and Firemen of America should
                                                    be organized, or at least arrangements should be made to have a "get
                                                    together" once a year. Anyone interested can contact John at (503)
                                                    292-8867. If you're traveling through the Portland area, give him a
                                                    call and he'd enjoy getting together for lunch or a toddy.
                                                  a:_a_    _4_11_         1_1- _

                                                  aJttiJ            Established 1925

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         Insurance and Estate
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         At Rothbart's
         See us now for
         appraisals on                                        201 PINE AVE. at Brodway, Downtown Long Beach
         Jewelry you'll                                                          436-3224

         treasure for                                        Hours - 9:30 to 5:00 Mon.-Fri.; Sat.10:00-4:00
         years.                                                                Credit Terms Available

Page 4 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
                                         by                           Michael Hannon, LBPOA General Counsel
   There is an essential difference be-                                lot of inconvenient facts the "investi-    tantamount to conviction of guilt, and
tween the roles of an investigator and                                 gators" had glossed over for the trial.    that I.A's function is not a profeSSional
an advocate the blurring of which can                                  One such fact was the victim's state-      investigation to find out what really did
distort the entire process of finding the                              ment the first time she picked Titus       happen, but to prove that the accused
truth.                                                                 picture out of a photo lineup: "This one   officer is guilty as charged.
    It is the advocates job to be partial                              is the c1osest--it has to be the one;"        There have been improperly sug-
and one-sided, to put his client in the                                however, in court she made a positive      gestive photo line-ups (just as in the
best possible light and his opponent in                                identification from the picture. Another   Seattle case), where the' investigator's"
the worst. If facts inconvenient to his
              II                                                       inconvenient fact was that there were      anxious prompting nudged thewitness
side get lost in the process, so much the                              changes of 20 minutes in the time                  '1
                                                                                                                  from. 'I think that may be the one" to
better as far as he is concerned. The                                  frames related by the victim on her first  "That is the man." For example, in the
adversary system of determining the                                    account to the investigators and when      Seventh and Channel investigation
truth pits two such partial and one-                                   she testified in court--changes that kept  the two civilian witnesses were shown
sided advocates against each other. other,                             Titus from being able to pinpoint his      an array of seven photos of officers
and lets an impartial third party decide                               whereabouts at the critical time. Ad-      who were all at the scene, were told to
how much of either side's case to                                      ditionally tire prints found at the loca-  pick out one, and were even allowed to
believe, if any.                                                       tion of the rape did not match the tires   discuss their decision with each other
   The police investigator's professional                              on Titus car. and the victim of another    before they each made their eyewitness,
role is different. His duty is to bring to                             rape in the same area with an almost       independent indentification-·an identi-
light as many of the facts as possible, to                             identical M.a. did not identify Titus
                                                                                   M.O.                           fication that got more certain with each
recreate as much of the actual events                                  from a photo line-up.                      retelling.
and the relevant background facts he                                       Finally the rapist in the second crime                         LA
                                                                                                                     In another case, I.A neglected to
can. and let the advocates and the                                     was caught and because of the news-        record anywhere in the official reports
triers of fact do what they can with the                               paperman's insistence the victim of the    that the hospital ran a blood test on the
data.                                                                  first rape was shown his photo, where-
                                                                                                    photo.        "victim" of alleged police brutality, who
    However. when roles get confused
    However,                                                           upon she cried 'Oh my God, what
                                                                                             Oh                   testified that he was not intoxicated
and investigators start acting like ad-                                have I done to Mr. Titus?"                 that night and had a clear and uncloud-
vocates by taking a position in advance                                    The newspaperman got a Pulitzer        ed recollection of the events. The test
and then setting out to prove that                                     prize, Titus got out of prison and, one    results were not significant enough for
position correct, great injustices can                                 hopes, the "investigators" learned         LA to record; they were only a .269.
occur, especially since the police in-                                 something about the difference be-            The list goes on and on. This is not
vestigators are usually the only people                                tween investigating the facts and ad-      the result of negligence or incompe-
able to have a fresh and uncontaminated                                vocating a cause.                          tence. for l.A does a first class job of
set of witness statements.                                                 One would also hope that some          locating every damning and guilt-prov-
    A tragic example of the results of                                 awareness of that distinction might        ing fact they can find.
 that confusion of roles was the recent                                seep into the practice of the Long            The City also has a first class pro-
case of Steve Titus, a Seattle man                                     Beach Police Department's Internal         secutor's oHice that conducts a very
falsely convicted of rape and only freed                               Affairs Unit While defending Long
                                                                                 Unit.                            vigorous and competent prosecution,
when the actual rapist was cauQht The                                   Beach officers at the Civil Service Com-  as they should, for that is their proper
rapist confessed some months later                                      mission over the past year, I have been   function
 after a Seattle Times reporter dug up a                                continuously confronted with man-            Butfor' investigators" to so confuse
                                                                        agement's attitude that accusation is                           Continued on page 14
     PEOtlLE unPIN ~ PEO.,Lf... lhat'§ wOOl we're all olbootl
     PEO,ILI.        PEOPLE...                        olooutl

                                                                                         L.B.P.O.A. LAWYERS
                                                                                   Hannon & Schelly...
          DILDAY       DANIELD DIWAY

                                                       R nURRDlLOAY
                                                                                          They're not just good labor lawyers.
                                                                            They'll handle your personal cases as well and will do it at
                                                                            an across the board, 20% discount for P. OA. members and
                                                                            their families.
                         8EACH CHAPH
                    LONG 8IACH CHAPU
                       244 Ilt'dQndo
                     (213) 438·1145

                                                                                  Call them at (213) 617-7455.
     (ONNECnON           ORI(.INAL OILDAY
      "RAL D'R£C 1OR\

                                                                                                          Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 5
                         YOUNG TERRY THICKET--
                      AN UNINTERESTING ADVENTURE
     Terry Thicket was bigger than the      it was not so. but everyone. including          for relief, raving that he had become
rest of the boys. bigger that is. in the    the boy's parents. believed Thicket             crazed by the constant, jeering tongues.
way bullies seem to be greater or larger    because he seemed so important being            Young Terry. for some strange reason.
                                                                                                     Terry,                  reason,
or more ferocious than others. This         with those big kids and aiL                     begot a plan to even himself with those
assessment of his bigness was due in            Things like the Dodge incident con-         younger kids who had caused him so
part to his association with a group of     tinued unhl one day all the young boys
                                                    until                                   much discontent Thicket wrote letters
boys even older and bigger than himself.    got together and agreed upon a plan.            to each of the kid's parents. explaining
Young Thicket tried his best to fit in      Thirty-eight boys and twelve girls all          that he no longer felt good in the
with the older. bigger group. doing         walked tog~ther down to the big guys'           playhouse because the bigger boys
their bidding. whatever it might be.        playhouse on Narrow Street. where               didn't like the idea of the little boys
without thinking of the good or bad in      Terry spent much of his day playing.            coming around their playhouse. and
it. just so he could belong and be
it,                                         The young kids, all from the lower end          they blamed this on him. Thicket
important. It was a sad situation for       of the block waited until Terry was             wanted the young kids punished for
Terry. for he did not perceive. although    ready to leave the playhouse for home           this. so he asked each parent to spank
  he could have if he had looked. that      so that they could give him a special           his child and send him the child's
neither the bigger boys, who sent him
                     boys.                  message. Then Thicket emerged. fol-             weekly allowance for one whole month.
doing their mischievous work. nor the        lowed by his dark little cocker named          Terry thought this would make things
younger boys. who were the recipients       Morning Star. One of the younger boys           better, as he intended to buy all the big
of his mud and blast really liked or        yelled. "There he is! Ready! One! Two!          boys salted-in-the-shell peanuts to
respected him. but saw him. in their        Three!" All the kids. in unison. stuck          again gain their good favor. at least
own boyish ways. as a kid screwed           out their tongues and waved their               that is what he told the leader of the
loose from his base trying to fulfill        opened. flapping hands. swivelling them        older boys. Rex Sable.
some lost promise or dream of what a        from a thumb-point in their ears. and              The parents got the letters from
full-grown man should be like. when          directing the entire protest smartly to-       young Thicket and it was then that they
he is still only a boy.                     ward the only kid on the block who              realized that what their children had
     At the direction of the big boys,
                                    boys.              haircut,
                                             needed a haircut Young Terry Thicket           told them was true. Young Terry Thick-
most of whom lived at the upper end of      Thicket did not speak but went home.            et the parents had decided in a neigh-
the block, Terry would set traps for the     The young kids continued this protest          borhood meeting with everyone con-
younger boys He got them into trouble        once a month, or whenever they could
                                                     month.                                 cerned (including the embarrassed big
with their friends. their teachers at        get around to doing it and they had to         boys). was a lost soul looking for a way
schooL and their parents. When the           be careful; after all. Thicket did have all    out Scorned by the younger kids.
                                                                                            out.                                kids,
 little lads would complain and try to       the bigger kids on his side. And nobody.       tolerated by the older, Thicket thought
 undo what was done to them, no one          as yet. not even the kids parents, be-         of better places to be--sandy beaches.
would listen. Because of one of Terry's      lieved that one kid (young. Thicket).          new clubhouses on some distant shore
 pranks. young little Jay Dodge was          was as bad as aLI had attempted to             where no one knew him. where he
taken off the 4th grade block- building      make him out to be.                            could make friends and join new clubs.
team because. as his teacher had told           These simple protests continued.                loud shouts of protesting pain broke
 him. the Thicket boy had reported to        until one day Thicket, unable to stand         the reverie of impending release and
 her that Jay was hoarding blocks in his     any longer the ill will he himself had         fulfillment. A large beefy hand exploded
jacket locker to the detriment of the        generated in the younger kids. ran             against the naked buns of the bent-
 whole team. Young Jay cried and said        back into the large playhouse crying                               Continued on page 14

                         DAVID HOMER
                       LB.PO.A Honorary

          LONG BEACH
          METALS, INC.
                        FITIINGS                                                  GARY COOPER
         STAINLESS .- CARBON                                                           President

                                                                                 L.B.P.D.A. Honorary

  1390 E. Burnett Street   (213) 424·0745
  Long Beach, CA 90806     (213) 636-2233
                                                               3400 LONG BEACH BLVD. • LONG BEACH, CA 90807

Page 6 • long Beach Police Officers Association
                                 REFLECTIONS ON REPLACING
                                         A LEGEND
                                                         by Lenny Gaeta
    On Wednesday, January 12, at             ment housing known as the jungle               in contact
about 6:00 p. m., those of you who           would follow him around as if he were              [n filling Arnie's spot on the Board
happened to drive by our POA office          some blue-suited pied piper. He would          of Directors, rfully realize the enormity
might have been alarmed to see an            obligingly answer these kids never-            of the tasks that lie ahead of us in the
individual entering the building wearing     ending questions with the patience of          coming salary negotiations and on into
ski boots and skis. Don't worry; we          Job. and then go about his business of
                                             Job,                                           the Olympic year of 1984. However. I
didn't rent the office out to the Sierra     walking the beat.                              welcome the challenge of these tasks
Ski Club. [t was just me en route to my          I was amazed at how this individual        at hand, and I am not about to let the
first Board of Directors meeting and         could so quickly put behind himself the        banner fal~ because people like Arnie
trying very hard to prepare myself for a     violent confrontation with sailors and         Schmeling, at great personal sacrifice
difficult, if not impossible task. You
                  impossible,                go on to relate to people in such a            of their careers and private lives, have
see. I've been appointed to fill the         sincere. friendly manner. [ found out          worked too hard to accomplish what
unexpired term of Arnie Schmeling on         from the Buskirks that this police offi-       we have.
the Board of Directors and no one man        cer's name was Arnie Schmeling and I               [n closing, [ would like to share with
can hope to fill his shoes, even with ski    knew then that he just had to be some          you a quotation [ came across while
boots on. Now, I know how the rookie
            Now.                             kind of very special cop.                      playing college football. It helped me
who pinch ran for Babe Ruth must                 Just how special he was, I didn't           form a philosophy of life that I try to
have felt.                                   really come to appreciate until [ trans-       adhere to; however, at this moment I
    What makes this all the harder is        ferred to the PD. in 1980. Afterworking         feel it is more appropriate to say it
that I find myself replacing the man [       here for just a short period of time, I         reflects the legend and career of Arnie
idolized as the quintessential cop. I felt   saw what a charismatic leader, teacher          Schmeling. It reads, "There is some-
this way long before I got into police        and motivator of rookies and fellow            thing in good men that really yearns
work. You see. unlike Willie Nelson          officers he was. Needless to say, I was         for... needs... discipline and the harsh
who sings "My heroes have always             shocked and angry at how city man-              reality of head to head cornbaLl be-
been cowboys," mine have always been
       cowboys,"                             agement interpreted Arnie's knee injury         lieve that any man's finest hour is the
policemen. This feeling was forged as a      as being unfit to do what he loved to do        moment when he worked his heart out
youth in the mid-60's, working for the        best, teach young men and women                in a good cause and lies exhausted on
Buskirk family at the arcades on the          how to be police officers and survive          the field of battle. victorious. '
 old Pike midway.                             doing it.
    [t was while working there that I             This anger soon subsided when I
would see this blond-haired officer           accepted the inevitable fact that Arnie
 with the sun-tanned face and piercing        would no longer actively be with us,
 blue eyes, restrain drunken recalcitrant     but his legacy would be a part of this
 and foolhardy sailors and then hand          department forever. You see, I honestly
 the remains over to the shore patrol.        believe that because of his strong leader-
 He would then walk down the midway           ship and influence for so many years,
 talking and joking with the people who       there is a little bit of Arnie Schmeling in
 worked the various rides and games           all of us who are working police officers,
 located there. All the while, the little     and we cannot help but pass this on to
 street urchins who lived in the tene-        every new rookie with whom we come

  ~contractor's supply                       ~
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     .~,.,./. ~Cftado/
     '~""/'c ~C(tado/                        ~              LARRY RIDDLE· HONORARY MEMBER                                           ~
           L.B.P.D.A. Honorary
            Discount to P.D.'s

                            (213) 437-0828
                                             ~     SOUTH COAST SHINGLE and A-I BLDG. MTLS.
                                                                              2220 East South Street
                            (213) 775-2928
                            1714) 827·5480
                                             ~ Long Beach. CA 90805
                                                    Beach,                                      (213) 634-7100 / 531-1874
                                                                              Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 7
                                                                                                actuality we are using deadly force to
                                                                                                combat deadly force in arder to STOP
                                                                                                the dangerous incident in which we are
                                                                                                involved. If the suspect that was shot
                                                                                                lives then he can be thankful for mod-
                                                                                                ern medicine
                                                                                                em medicine, but the initial incident
                                      by Daniel L Barber
                                                                                                was stopped.
   This month s article will deal with            Colt were the .357 Magnum, the .41                It is obvious to me that a well-placed
the "stopping power" of our duty wea-             Magnum. and the .44 Magnum.                   shot with the lesser caliber weapon
pons. Since this is such a highly disputed           In recent times it has been rather         would be better than a poorly placed
topic. [ will discuss it in the way that I        difficult to experiment on cadavers or        shot with the .45 caliber weapon. I do
understand it and hope that you will              live animals but we do have actual            not thin k that officers should be carrying
benefit from my interpretation.                   victims from shootings where the au-          a.45 caliber weapon if they cannot fire
   In the last few issues of the American         topsy tells us quite a bit Many police        it in a proficient manner. They would
Handgunner Magazine. there has been               officers have 'unwittLngly" performed         be much better off with a lesser caliber
quite a discussion of handgun stopping            the great experiment of knockdown             weapon they can control. However, if
power. Much of the information that I             power when they were shot in the line         they are proficient with all weapons
will relate to you has come from those            of duty while wearing a bulletproof           that are available for us to carry on this
issues.                                           vest. Most officers have described their      Department. I feel they should be car-
   Back in the early 1900's many stud-            experience as the feeling of being            rying a .45 caliber weapon.
ies on stopping power were being con-             "punched' when they were shot with a              If you would like more information
ducted on cadavers and live animals.              lesser caliber weapon. The officers that      on this subject that is more technical
Numerous calibers of handgun ammu-                were shot in the vest with a .45 describ-                 genera~
                                                                                                and less general please contact me. I
nition were fired during these experi-            ed it as similar to being 'kicked in the      hope that this has been an informative
ments and the results, such as bullet             chest" and flung violently backwards.         article. Until next month, "Watch Your
penetration, bullet expansion trauma              So, generally speaking, it is the general     Sights. '
and wound channel, were measured                  consensus that the .45 caliber weapons
and recorded. After much experimen-               are the best duty weapons that are
tation the ThompsonjLeGarde Com-                  available for use in terms of stopping
mittee in 1904 stated that no pistol              power. The larger caliber, heavier hol-
smaller than .45 caliber should be                low-point bullet will expend more im-
considered for military service.                  pact energy than the lesser caliber
   As the years passed and the stopping           cartridges. This means that the suspect
                                                                                                    i\. I!       I~ISCIII~II
power argument grew, it seemed that               will generally be more disoriented. off
the .45 theory was faltering. It became           balance. or incapacitated to continue
apparent that the lighter weight and              his fight. But this obviously relates           NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MOTOR OILS
faster velocity hollow-point bullets were         directly to where the shot was placed.                 WHOLESALE & RETAIL
competing with the heavier, slower                You will not get the impact that the
moving .45 caliber bullet in effective-           weapon is capable of without a well-
ness. [t wasn't long before a lighter,
                                    lighter.      placed shot
faster moving hollow-point.45 caliber                 Police officers are trained to shoot                                  WAREHOUSE
bullet insured the.45 a position on the           to kill when using deadly force; but this                       1601 CASPIAN AVENUE
top of the list of the best stopping              is a misconception. Whether the sus-           Bob Baughman        LONG BEACH 90813
                                                                                                 LB.P.OA Honorary     436-7251 - 437·6048
power cartridges. The cartridges that              pect dies from the shot is not significant
rivaled the .45 ACP or the .45 Long               to the outcome of the shooting. In

       (213) 594-6611
       (213) 775-8365 Los Angeles
       (714) 826-3990 Orange County

                                                                                                   ATLANTIS TRAVEL
                                       SUNNY HALSTED                                             Complete Air. Sea & Land Arrangements
                                      ACCOUNT VICE PRESIDENT
                                     HONORARY MEMBER. LBPOA                                          DOMESTIC & WORLDWIDE
                                                                                                        MEMBER OF ASTA

         PAINE. WEBBER. JACKSON & CURTIS                                                                                 J 19 W. Broadway
                     INCORPORATED                                 6265 E. SECOND STREET         (213) 436-7100      Long Beach, CA 90802
                          STOCl< EXCHANGES
         MEMBERS NEW YORK STQC1< EXCHANGES. INC                LONG BEACH. CAUF. 90803
                                                                                                           ....................... .......
Page 8 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
         POLICE                                Be SOME BODY, the Jack LaLanne way
   In approximately seven months
                                                  SAVE 50%
many of us will be in San Diego compet-
ing in the California Police Olympics.
                                                   NOW 5149. ~~~~~~9.
                                               1 YEAR NON- RENEWABLE OFFER. S150. DISCOUNT
Competition will be strong and at least
100 cities will be represented this year.      RENEWABLE 2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP
Since its initial beginning some 16            REGULAR PRICE S399.
                                                                                                        RENEWABLE AT
years ago the Police Olympics have             NOW 5250.                                                S75. YEARlYI
grown continuously. This year, it's ex-       Jack LaLanne's has the finest facilities inclUding:
pected to be one of if not the largest               • Sparkling swimming pools
competitions ever held.                              • Steam rooms and sauna baths
                                                     • The finest exercise equipment money can bUy
   With competitors being more aware                  • Nutrition and diet counseling
of their counterparts the need for total             • And today's most popular
                                                        way to exercise;
preparedness is neccessary. There were                  AEROBIC DANCE FOR
years when the very good athletes                       80TH MEN AND WOMEN I
                                               It's all yours at this special offer for Employees only Of
could sit back until the Olympics, come        course. members currently under this special offer are
out and win. That is no longer true, no        not eligible to renew at this price.
matter who you are.
   Get out your sweats, start those           Jack LaLanne's European
push- ups, stretch those muscles, jog an       Health Spas.                                                      • Torrance 378-0226
                                                                                                                 • Upland 981-8651
                                               • 6urb.. "~ 846-1595
extra half mile. get more rest, eat at
             mile,                               6 ....rb..
                                               • Cart. MI!U11
                                                                                    Long Bea<h 4l3.QUI
                                                                                    Ml,ad. Mn. 938 3851
                                                                                                                 • Villi Nuys 78'-'21)
                                                                                                                 • Wcn Covina 960-l8S8
                                                                                                                   Wcst          960-1888
                                                 San~.a Ana '794S00
                                                 San~a                            • Montebello 728-9rll
                                                                                                     728-9111    • W. Garden Grovel
least two good meals a day, start swing-       • Downey 861.8214
                                                               861..a2?4          •               796-0<Ii""
                                                                                    P..:I.. dl!na 79b-04""         Weonmlnuer 898-0Q47
                                               • EI Toto 951·3505                 • Rl!sl!d. 881-3930
ing a bat or an iron; whatever it is; do it    • Fullerton 811·/iOlot;
                                               • G.lrden Grove 6)8·9900
                                                                                    RlYerJldt' 359..0711
                                                                                    ROl"eme.d 28B~'1600
                                                                                    R05eme.d 288-1600
                                                                                                                 : ~~I~~~~~;~:::::~
                                                                                                                 • El. UUON-S""-lllJ
                                               • Glendale 146'5~146-5~            • $.an Bl!!tn~,dlna 889-1011
                                                                                           8l!!tn~,dlna          .IAH SAN OIECiO.UJ ,U2
                                                                                                                          DIEGO.58J IU2
now and get prepared.                          • IlIgll!wood 67)-2655
                                                                  673·26S5        • Siln~a MonIca 393 0191
                                                                                                                 • NORTH MnlC-l...-... n
                                               • ukewood 634-<4172                • Thou".nd Oaks 497-9324
    If you have pride in what you do,          For spouse information, contact the spa nearest
then you should need no urging to get          you. For further information. call 213/861-0708.
motivated and start training. Practice,        In San Diego. call 714/276-9233.
practfce, practice. Let s make 1983 the
practtce,            Let's
year Long Beach goes to the Police
                                                                 FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY.                                                                                                                 I
                                                                                                     TAKE IT TO THE SPI'. OF YOUR CHOICE
                                                                                                          ITTO                                                                                               I
                                                                                                  MAKE CHECKS PAYA8LE TO JACK LA LANNE'S
Olympics prepared. Let's get off our                                Retlevv',aor~
                                                                                                                                   Non· renf'W<I le
                                                                                                                                   Non· renf'VV<I le
"duffs and be a team. Let's try to get                               o 11"9 lull membe"h'p
                                                                                 membe"hlp                                         o  1149lullmem~f5t1lp
                                                                                                                                      IIWIuIl mem~f5t1lp                                                     I
                                                                     o ISO (lOINn payment
                                                                           (I01Nn                                                  o ISO down payment
out and cheer for someone else.                                          I underSlilnd I WIll be billed ror an addItional
                                                                                                        for n add,tional            I Uf'lderSland I w.1I be blUed tor an a<ldl[IOnilt
                                                                                                                                      underSland w,1I                     a<ldl(lonill
                                                                         13528 pel montn tor 6 months                               134 0'1 pel momh for 3 monlhs
                                                                                                                                                          ror m<lf1lhl
    In looking back at last year, many                               o 175 yearly renewal                                                                                    the
                                                                                                                                   o k /0< fREE PASS or your spouse al !hi' Ipd
                                                                                                                                                           0< YOUI IPOUse

would S()y, "the team spirit died!"' Let's
        SQY,                  died!                                  o
                                                                     o                         YOUI Ipouse
                                                                         Ask for FREE PASS fo< your spouse ill Ihe 'pa
                                                                    AnN GROUP ENROLLMENT DIRECTOR                                       ~   M~..-tt.1Jd 1.~ .. t . l i l a ' l c L l t t ' - - - - -

revive ourselves. Teams, get together,
and when you're through competing,
                                                                    SpaNo                         COntIdCl No
go out and cheer for that lone indivi-
dual or pair still competing. Make 83 a                              Name                                                        Company Name/Olganlzatrorl
                                                                                                                                 Compilny Name/Olganlzatrol1

fun time. If you need help, contact a                               Moress
                                                                    Acldress                                                     Employ e loentlflcallOll            0

board member of the Police Athletic                                  Stale                                    Zrp                Work Phone                    Horne Phon
                                                                                      F()( further Information call Group     Enrollme~lI DJleclOl
                                                                                                                              Enrollme~lI DJleclOr       at (713) B6J-{)7OB
Association; they are trying to help!
    For several years, we saw no new          ----------------------------------------------------------
additions among our athletes. Now,                                                                                                      . FABRICATION
                                                 PHONE(213)4~1207                                                                       . GENERAL REPAIR
with approximately 100 new faces                                                                                                        ·24 HR. PORTABLE SERVICE
running around, let's get busy_ team
captains and start recruiting these "in
shape" officers. Tracksters, ball players.
                                  players,                          LONG BEACH                                                                                               ~vin··7
                                                                                                                                                                             ~vin"!1  ~~
weight lifters, swimmers and racquet·                             UNIFORM CO. INC.                                                                        CE,!llFlEO
                                                                                                                                                          CE,!l'FJEO         ;.wel~1ng
                                                                                                                                                                             ;.wel~1 g
ball players, we have room for you. Get                                                                                                                                         ,     ~s(IlV'Cl
                                                                  UNIFORMS-CAREER ApPAREL
involved!                                                              GUNs·EQUIPMENT
    The next International Police Olym-                                                                                                              Trailer & Bike nacks
pics will be held in 1984, and they are
expected to be fantastic! Teams from                                       GARY HOWARD
                                                                                                                                    3001 East Anaheim                                          BILL CAVIN
                                                                                                                                    Wilmington. CA 90744
                                                                                                                                    Wilmington,                                                   435·4841
London, England, New Zealand, Aus-
tralia, Great Britain, and others add a          200 LONG BEACH BLVD. LONG BEACH, CA 90802
                                                                                                                                                 L.B.P.O.A. Honorary
                     Continued on page 14

                                                                                                         Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 9
                                                                                                                             young men to serve our community. A
                                                                                                                             large percentage of the group eventually

                      HONORARY REPORT
                                                                                                                             joins the Long Beach P.O. or Fire
                                                                                                                             Department upon completion of col-   col·
                                                                                                                                The Explorer Scout Search and Res-
                                                          by Don Hopper
                                                                                                                             cue Unit consists of young men 15 to
                                                                                                                             18 years of age. After they reach 18
   Our thanks to Tom Stewart, who                             Trust Fund, the Explorer Scout Search                          they can continue on as staff and
served so well as chairman of the 1982                        and Rescue Unit, K-9 Program, S.W.A T.                         training personnel. They are the only
Executive Honorary Board, and to the                          Team, Police Range Police Athletic                             scout group licensed by the State of
other board members who served so                             Association (to assist deserving police                        California Office of Emergency Pre-
faithfully during the past year. Much                         officers in attending the Police Olym-                         paredness and are trained and ready
was accomplished under Tom's guid-                            pics), Boys Clubs, Homicide Investiga-
                                                                     Boys'                                                   for any major disaster. They are trained
ance; approximately $23,000 was
ance:                                                         tors Country Club, Project YES,                                to serve in traffic control during times
raised and distributed to various com·
                                   com-                       Community Rehabilitation Industries                            of power failures, to assisst during
munity charities and police-related                           and Long Beach Lung Association.                               earthquakes or at plane crashes, and
causes.                                                          All of you. as honoraries, play an                          to work crowd control and handle
    In these trying times, it gives us a                      important part in the above; so next                           many other duties when problems arise.
great feeling as honoraries to be able to                     time we have an honorary party come                               Our hats are off to the fine men of
assist various groups such as the under-                      out and see what it is all about.                              the Long Beach Search and Rescue
privileged kids who were served through                          On January 4, Honorary Board                                Unit and the police and fire fighters
our P.AL program. They were taken                             members were invited to attend the                             who give of their own time.
to ball games and participated in activi-                     Search and Rescue meeting. Our board                              Tom Inglott is the new Chairman for
ties sponsored for them. Along with                           purchased two EB 4000 Honda gen-                               the 1983 Honorary Executive Board
the POA and Widows and Orphans                                erators, which we donated to this worthy                       and we are looking forward to another
 Fund, we assisted in the establishment                       group of young men. rm sure you are                            successful and productive year. Serving
 of the Peer Counseling Program for                           familiar with the Search and Rescue                            with Tom this year will be Richard
 Long Beach Police Officers. Among                            Unit because of the publicity they have                        Aden, Mike Balchin, Dottie Barclay,
 the other recipients of our support                          received from newspaper and television                         Vern Blanc, Ken Buck, Steve Folger,
 were the California Communities Pool                         coverage. Police officers and fire fight-                      Charles Gangloff Richard Hixson Don
 for the Handicapped the Long Beach                           ers donate many hours of their time                            Hopper, Larry Schwartz, Lance Shafer
 Police Officers Widows and Orphans                           and expertise to guide and teach thl"se                                                     Continued on page 13

                                        DR. HOWARD M. STEI                                              DENTAL GROUP
                                    GENERAL DENTISTRY - CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY - ORAL SURGERY
                                                FOR ALL ELIGIBLE MEMBERS AND THEIR COVERED DEPENDENTS AT
                                                                       NO OUT-Of-POCKET COSTS
                                                      ORTHODONTICS - YOUR OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS REDUCED

            17660 Lakewood Blvd.                                                                        1215 West Covina Pkwy.
            Bellflower, California 90706                                                                West Covina, California 91790
            Telephone:                                    (213)   925-7555                              Telephone:                           (213)   962-8911
            Orthodontic Dep\.:
                         Dept.:                           (213)   925·7521                              Orthodontic Dept.:                   (213)   960-3833
            Pedodontic Dept. (Children):                  (213)   925-7555                              Pedodontic Dept.(Chiidren):          (213)   962-8911
            Oral Surgery Dept.:                           (213)   925-7555                              Oral Surgery Dept.                   (213)   962-891 i
            Hours: Daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                                               Hours: Daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                   Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                                                   Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                   Tuesday and Thursday Evenings until 10 p.m.                                                 Tuesday and Thursday Evenings until 10 p.m.
                   Closed Sundays and Legal Holidays                                                           Closed Sundays and Legal Holidays
                                                                                                                                 1215 West Covin. Pkwy.
                             • 1 JtI •••b56;·""UIlI

                                                      •                              =.
                             ~ <.0<_
                               c.w_                   . -,.                               ".~I~ ,11, ••
                       - "".., !
                                                  j   <

                         ""... ""'-,">
                                                  !   I
                                                                  17660 Lakewood Blvd.


Page 10 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
                                         CLARABELL IS KING
                                                            by Todd Houser
    A Police Department Commander                  Why not stop this effort at gradualism      malefactor runs away wet with bubbles
once came to the squad room to deliver         in effecting the deterioration of the           in his nose. and justice IS served. Of
an encomium. This highly paid leader           essential function of our police depart-        course. there will be over·seltzerings.
of men. this brigadier of the patrol           ment? Why not go full speed ahead               undue seltzerings. and excessive selt-
bureau. congratulated the men fa writ·
                                    fo         and remake this department into what            zerings: and there will be investigations.
ing more tickets and for filing more           our rulers would truly wish us to be-           but who better to investigate a seltzering
field interview cards than in previous         come? Why hint to us that felony                than a clown.
months. One working police officer             arrests are not as important as citations.         And as for the pies. more artful will
was then allowed to ask a question of          because they do not think that they             be their use. Training will be the effec-
the commander and he inquired about            are? Why the dishonest representation                                     thiS
                                                                                               tive key to the use of this new tool. It
felony arrests. how they had been              to us. through the policies of Internal                                        flip.
                                                                                               will be intolerable to toss. flip, or cata-
tallied. and whether or not they had           Affairs. that these police administrators       pult a pie. and deficiencies here should
also risen in numbers. Then came one           of ours care about us at all. while they.       and will not be tolerated. Pies may only
of the great moments in police oral            in fact. care more about putting us             be thrown. and heaven help the officer
history. The commander replied that            under the yoke of a system of constant          who is caught like Discoboles. hurling
"felony arrests are nol indicators of          threat and fixed punishment by com-             a protective or defensive pie in a non·
initiative." I am told that this remark        plaint rather than one adjudicated in           departmentally prescribed manner··" let
sucked all but bewildering silence from        fairness. Instead let us move quickly           the chips fall where they may." And. of
the squad room. Officers were dazed            and wholeheartedly into a new phase             course, the heavies in the department
and could not believe what they had            of police work. which I prophesy as             will not think lemon meringue enough
heard. Incredulity prevented response.         being near to implementation upon               and will secretly substitute their magnum
shock had palsied the reason. and the          that socially acute and politically cor-        pies. apple and mincemeat and with
baffling emotions of dread and wonder          rect moment when inevitable change              that will result the awful outcry from
made limp the energetic poise of so            will propel us to a new era of modern.          the public and the press charging use
many action-directed men and women.            administratively supported police sci·          of excessive pie.
    "Felony arrests are not indicators of      ence.                                               A new age of brutal cops lA,:ill ensue:
initiative." And so we have another                The modern era will not be ushered          a new realm of punishment will be
statement, in a long line of statements.       in by removing from us our handguns                                     Bullies!"
                                                                                               enthroned. "Bullies! Bulliesr' Can you
from an administration bent on a policy        and shotguns. It will start on a lower          see the stories now?
of disrespectful retreat from police work      plain. but will be no less revolutionary.          "I was sitting alone. putting together
into the world of a departament manned         Taken from us will be the historic              a plastic raccoon, when the police (and
not with police officers. but with a type      nightstick peeled from our belts will be        here there will be great sobbing) came
more like an armed member of the               the modem and effective mace; in their          upon me. cat-like. and seltzered me--
welcome wagon. Why was there so                place will come the seltzer bottle and                              reason:'
                                                                                               for no apparent reason."
much disinterest on the part of the            the lemon meringue pie, The first step             "Was that all?" the investigative reo
commander regarding felony arrests              in openly getting away from real police        porter asks.
and so much interest in traffic tickets?       work the secret goal. it seems. of
                                               work.                                              "No (more sobbing), One great big
After alL felonies are such things as           everyone who presumes to have any-             officer with spurs on his shoes flipped a
robbery. murder. burglary and rape.            thing to say about it. will be to call in the   pie into the wizened face of my grand-
and should not these crimes be of              sticks and issue what will be a regulation      father! And I know. as God is my
more important interest to the police          seltzer bottle and holder. The call in          witness. it was one of those illegal
and the public than traffic citations?         will extend to chemical mace. which             mincemeat pies." Continued on page 14
This seems such a perplexing question,          will be replaced with lemon meringue
especially to the accomplished and              pies and an appropriate black basket
highly trained higher ranks of the police       weave pie holder: the choice of velcro
department                                      fastener or the older silver snap can be
    What is to be said of and about a           debated by the uniform committee.                          lO-KRUN\
police officer who aggressively tracks              A new historical epoch will come
down and arrests a felon? The first             into being and all of you. with me. can                                P. A. A.
                                                                                                  Sponsored by the LB. P.A.A
thing a critical commander. especially          imagine what glory we shall share. No                   April 9. 1983
a Watch 1II commander. might say to             more sticking an attacker with the                        El Dorado Park
 her or him is that a felony arrest, and        clumsy. outdated, polished branch of
                                                                                                    Watch for details in the
your efforts involved in that activity.         hardwood. Instead. a fainting step back
"are not indicators of initiative." If only     and to the left, a drawn and poised                 March Rap Sheet or call:
you had written a citation. Think of                              quick.
                                                seltzer bottle. a quick vivacious, effer-           Alicia Powers - 429-1440
your career, "a red light is right; a rapist    vescent jet of reprimand. and a new                Larry Chowen . 594·6307
is blight"                                      world victory for the police arts. The
                                                                               Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 11
                                                                              AUXILIARY NEWS
                                                         The Long Beach Police Wives Auxiliary is in the process of installing new
                                                      officers for the upcoming year and will not have a calendar of events to publish this
                                                      month. However, we will have our regularly scheduled meetings on the first
                        V2 Price Sale!                Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.rn. at Great Western Savings at Palo Verde
                           NEW! COMPLETE              and Spring Streets in Long Beach. Please come.
                            AND RECORE
                                                         We would like to dedicate the following to "our" officers.
                            50% OFF
                             In'5laUa ·on
                             In'5laUation Available

   CommerCial Radia~on
   Commercial RadlahOn - 901 E. 4th Sl- 435-449\
                                                                                  WHAT IS A COP?
   City Radiator· 3543 E. Anaheim· 438-2476
                                        438--2476         Cops are human (believe it or not) just like the rest of us. They come in both
   A· I Radiator· 6629 AlIanlic Ave . 423-7097
                                                      sexes but mostly male. They also come in various sizes. This sometimes depends
       OM Hall. Owner. LB P.O.A Honomru
          HoI!. Owne,.    POA Honomrv
                                                      on whether you are looking for one or trying to hide something. However, they
            NOW OPEN SATURDAY                         are mostly big.
                                                          Cops are found everywhere·· on land, on the sea, in the air, on horses, in cars,
                                                      sometimes in your hair. In spite of the fact that "you can't find one when you want
                                                      one" they are usually there when it counts most The best way to get one is to pick
                                                      up the phone.
                                                          Cops deliver lectures, babies, and bad news. They are required to have the
           PLUMBING &                                 wisdom of Solomon the disposition of a lamb and muscles of steel and are often
      HEATING SUPPLIES, INC.                          accused of having a heart to match. He's the one who rings the doorbell, swallows
              2200 South Street                       hard and announces the passing of a loved one' then spends the rest of the pay
            Long Beach, CA 90805                      wondering why he ever took such a 'crummy" job.
(213) 633-2338                (213) 636·8744
     DISCOUNT TO ALL P.O.A. MEMBERS                       On 1V, a cop is an oaf who couldn't find a bull fiddle in a telephone booth In
           Open Sal: 8 AM. to 5 P.M.                  real life he's expected to find a little blond boy "about so high' in a crowd of a half
            Sun: 10 AM. to 3 P.M.
                      A.M.                            million people. In fiction, he gets help from private eyes, reporters, and "who·
          Weekdays: 8 AM. to 5:30 P.M.
                                                      dun- it fans." In real life. mostly all he gets from the public is "I didn't see nuttin'. '
          Rod Albright, LBPOA Honorary
          Ken Coombs. LBPOA Honorary                      When he serves a summons, he's a monster. If he lets you go, he's a doll. To
                                                      little kids, he s either a friend or a bogeyman, depending on how the parents feel
                                                      about it. He works "around the clock", split shifts, Sundays and holidays, and it
                                                      always kills him when ajoker says, ' Hey, tomorrow is Election Day I'm off, let's go
      Make Your Old Lawn Look
                                                      fishing" (that s the day he works 20 hours).
       Like a Golf Green with a
   MOW·MOR POWER MOWER                                    A cop is like the little girl who, when she was good, was very, very good, bu~
                                                      when she was bad, was horrid. When a cop is good, "he's getting paid for it.'
                                                      When he makes a mistake, "he's a grafter. and that goes for the rest of them too.'
 Garden Equipment Company                             When he shoots a stick- up man he s a hero, except when the stick- up man is 'only
            Inc.                                      a kid, anybody coulda seen that."
            6600 Cherry Avenue                            Lots of them have homes, some of them covered with ivy, but most of them
              Long Beach, CA                          covered with mortgages. If he drives a big car, he's a chiseler; a little car, "who's he
                                                      kidding?" His credit is good' this is very helpful, because his salary isn't. Cops
          (213) 633-8105/636-9708
                                                      raise lots of kids; most of them belong to other people.
                 HAROLD PENROSE                           A cop sees more misery, bloodshed. trouble, and sunrises than the average
                 L.B.P.O.A. Honorary                  person. Like the postman, cops must also be out in all kinds of weather. His
                                                      uniform changes with the climate, but his outlook on life remains about the same:
                                                      mostly a blank, but hoping for a better world.
                                                                Q                          Q

                                                          Cops like days off, vacations, and coffee. They don't like auto horns, family
                                                      fights, and anonymous letter writers. They have unions, but they can't strike.
                                                      They must be impartial, courteous, and always remember the slogan 'At your
                                                      service." This is sometimes hard, especially when a character reminds him, "I'm a   "fm
                                                      taxpayer, I pay your salary.'
                                                          Cops get medals for saving lives, stopping runaway horses, and shooting it out
                                                       with bandits (once in a while his widow gets the medal). But sometimes. the most
                                                      rewarding moment comes when, after some small kindness to an older person. he
                                                                                     when.                                           person,
             6116 ORANGE AVENUE
                                                      feels the warm hand clasp, looks into grateful eyes and hears, "Thank you and
                   (LA) 774-1251
                                                      God bless you son.-'son."
                   (LB) 426·7111
                   (L8) 426·711 1                                                                                           Conrad S. Jensen
             Tlwmas J. Ing/ofl                          Copies of "What is a Cop" are available through the Auxiliary. They are printed
             LBPOA Honorary                           on parchment type paper and are suitable for framing. Cost. .. $1.25
                                                        For information call Sara Page at 863·4224 or Rose Romero at 865-8730.
Page 12 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
                                                                 $36 +
                                                            pay $36+ per person, you expect to go         them apart, oil them, dry them off-- and
      OFFSHORE                                              where you were told or at least have a        then relax. They will last indefinitely
         by Mike Woodward                                   more enjoyable trip. With several very        and you will be ready for your next
    At about the time you read this                         know-it-all deckhands on board, it            great trip when you hook that big one
article, bass will be the primary target                    made the trip quite dull and overall a        and you need your equipment to be at
of both salt and freshwater fishermen.                      very poor way to spend $100.                  its best
In the local area, fishermen have been                          When embarking on one of the local                                Hook up soon!
hooking up calico bass and a few sand                       charters you are at the skipper's mercy,
bass just offshore at the oil islands and                   so be prepared for change and try to
the southeast corner of the Los Angeles                     make the best of it Had we caught big
entrance to the breakwater.
                                                                                                          HONORARY REPORT
                                                            fish. I would have been smiling with no       Continued From Page 10
    For you casual fishermen, an early                      comment-- howeverl!!
start and steady fishing will produce                           Fishing has not picked up a great         and past chairman Tom Stewart. The
bass. For you hardy fishermen, fish                         deal yet this month, but barred perch         new board will be meeting in January
heavily during the late evening and                         are still a very good possibility for local   to make plans for the coming year.
very early daybreak hours.                                  surf fishermen along with corbina,               I might add that Tom Stewart thinks
    Trying hard to put myself in the                        smelt ray and shark For those with            that just because he served as chairman
position of the "average fisherman," I                      small boats, the local waters are still       last year, he can sit back and take it
went on an impromptu run to San                             producing bass, bonita, mackerel scul-        easy in '83. No way, Tom; we ve already
Clemente for bass and yellowtail on a                       pin and other miscellaneous species.          got your work cut out for you!
local boat (I won't mention names.)                             The mild weather has kept some               The following new members have
The boat had 28 passengers on board                         fish in the area throughout the winter.       joined the honoraries in the past few
and 2 of them were my wife and I.                           and if you keep dangling some sort of         months. They are Lee Abourezk, Vin-
Once underway I discovered that the                         bait, anything can happen!                    cent Ashby John Atwood, Jim Barnett,
skipper had decided not to fish Cle-                            TIPS:                                     Ronald Beamsley, Lester Brown, Paul
mente, but instead to fish Catalina.                            When you come back from that              Burney Henry Harrison Dennis Dale
    Catalina Island is a great place to                     exhausting trip, tired and ready to           Mester, David Richman, Dick Sokoll
fish, when the fish are biting! On this                     relax, don't let an extra moment pass
                                                                    don t                                 and Thomas C. Wallace. Welcome
run, however, the fishing was terrible                      before you get out the soap and hose.         aboard!
and it was a very poor trip. When you                       Clean all your rods and reels' take
                                           DIAtt()«lla                INCOME TAX
 CI'RTIRED REAL ESTATE                                         PREPARAnON SERVICE
  APPRA.ISER                                                         specializing in returns
                                                                     for Law Enforcement
           DON FIRST
          f'm Ars! BecauS€ J Try Harder
                   Because                                     STEPHEN J. RAMIREZ
                                                                       150 Covina
          BUS. (213) 439-2115
          RES. (213) 421·6518                                    Long Beach, CA 90803                               OPEN 7 DA YS II A.M.·
                                                              (213) 439-8068 (after 5:00 p.rn.)                            597-0301
 BOYD PROPERTIES,   3324 E. BROADWAY                          LA. County        P.P.O.A. Member             4650 E. Los Coyotes Diagnl. • Long Beach
 INC.           LONG BEACH. CA 90803                                   (In your home)                       Sponsor - LBPD Women's Volleyball Team

                                                                                                                                Telephone 498-0669
    24 HOUR SERVICE                                                OFFICIAL POLICE TOW

                                                                                                              INSURANCE SERVICE INC.
                                                                                                                    4515 E. ANAHEIM
                                                                                                              LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90804

                                          TOW SERVICE
                                                                                                                     TOM E. STEWART
                                      PHONE 595-6003                                                                     Res. 431·2033

                                                                                                             P.O.A Honorary Executive Board Member
                                                                                                              Motor Patrol Executive Board Member
          3111 EAST WILLOW                               LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA                                   Retired Long Beach Fire Fighter

                                                                                           Long Beach Police Officers Association • Page 13
     EXECUTION                             A SPECIAL THANK YOU
                                           Continued From Page 3
      DATE SET                             took it upon himself (without solicita-
Reprinted from Etko. Nevada Daily          tion) to help me out And finally to the
Free Press. Jan. 14, 1983                  LB.P.OA Honorary Board which al-
   RENO (AP) - Confessed killer Cary       ways comes through when the chips
Williams has been formally sentenced       are down--thank you from the bottom
to die in the Nevada gas chamber the       of my heart
week of March 28 for the stabbing              I wish I could name all of the people
death of pregnant nurse Katherine          who took interest in the K-9 Program
Carlson.                                   but the pages would be many. You
   Williams admitted stabbing the          can t believe how their support has
woman to death last June and also          boosted my morale and that of the
pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the      other K-9 handlers. It's comforting to
death of the unborn baby and the           know that there are people who really
burglary of the woman's home.
                                           care. God bless all of you.
   A three-judge panel imposed the
                                                                        Steve Zabel
death penalty and the formal warrant
                                                                       K-9 Handler
was signed Thursday by District Court
Judge Robert Schouweiler.                  YOUNG TERRY THICKET
                                           Continued From Page 6
                                                                                         1£nng 1il'ar~ 1Bnil iJnn~!l
                                                                                                       ilInil iJnn~B
   The sentencing was considerably                                                                            421 W. Broadway
                                                                                                            Long Beach. CA 90802
calmer than the penalty hearing, during    over boy. "There.' said the father.
which Williams and special prosecutor      "that's
                                           "that s the only thing you deserve!
Don Nomura had several verbal ex-          Don t ever mess with those kids again.                   R. L. VAN POOL
changes and, at one point, Nomura          And just for being so bad. I m going to                       L.B.P.O.A.
                                                                                                         L.B.P.D.A. Honorary
challenged Williams to a fight.            take your dark cocker. Morning Star.
   However, after Williams was formally    away from you. Go to bed! '
                                                                   bed'                                         B••ch
                                                                                                           Long Beech -      431-0849
                                              The younger kids did not know it                                   Sin Pedro - 548-1241
ordered to die, Nomura quietly told
him. "Better practice holding your
him,                                       yet but a new day would come to see
breath, buddy."                            young Terry Thicket out of the way.

Continued From Page 9
                                           Standing united, the younger kids
                                           brought Thicket's abuse into the open
                                           for parents. teachers. and ALL to see.
                                           And Thicket got what he wanted all
                                                                                          . .fi:.
                                                                                          \....     ..
                                                                                                    .     ...J
new dimension to the Olympics. There
are no laugher events. These athletes      along--his family had to move out of
have traveled thousands of miles to        town. and he got to go to a new school.         HUGGINS/ DRECKMAN,
win. If they can do it, why not you?                                                              INC.
   Something to think about-- New Zea-
                                           CLARABELL IS KING
                                           Continued From Page 11                                                Insurance
land wants to host the International
                                              Again the reporter What happened
                                                          reporter,                               444 W. Ocean Blvd., Suite 1504
Olympics. They say they can handle                                                                 Long Beach, CaliJornia 90802
almost all of the events from within       after the excessive seltzering and the                   Telephone (213) 436-9837
walking distance. For some, it could be    undue pieing? '
the opportunity of a lifetime: think          (With great heartbreaking sobs).                                   Audrey Hood
about it..                                 "The cops just honked great, mocking                          L.B.P.O.A. Honorary
                                           horns that were fastened to their belts
ADVOCATES AND                              and rode off on unicycles. I was so
Continued From Page 5                      outraged at this carnival-like behavior,
their proper roles as to look only for     rm going to sue and ask for a case of                  LETTS DO ITI
facts that point to innocence, to vigor-   licorice as damages!"
ously cross-examine the accused offi-
                                    oHi-      This is the era and the golden time           We wish to thank the men
cers and then treat the alleged victims    of the police arts and it is all beginning
                                                          arts,                           and women who have dedicated
with care, not to ask too many questions   now. Felony
                                           now.''Felony arrests are not indicators        themselves to maintaining the
lest contradictions appear to refuse to    of initiative." That translates clearly        peace and safety of our city.
follow-up leads to witnesses who may       into "Who cares about felons?" Who
have information showing the officers'                            I
                                           does care? And may [ ask, "Why should          LETTS TIRE & BRAKE
innocence...                               we care?' Give the commander his
                                                                                                         1400 E, Anaheim
   Your union has complained to            ticket Forget, as the administration
management over and over about these       has, the first obligation to the citizenry.    mu                                            San~
practices. Management simply stone-        What shall we do? The pies and seltzer                                591-0412
walls. How long?                           await! Clarabell is King!
Page 14 • Long Beach Police Officers Association
                                                                                           BEVERAGE CO.
                                                                                         190 1
                                                                                         19b    - u:.aooa Road. ComplOn
                                                                                            Gene ~ lion. Pr "idem
                                                                                                      lIon.    'idem
                                                                                            11ke 13obb. VIce Presld m
                                                                                            1/ke Bobb.       Pre Id nt
                                                                                               LBPOA Honoran -

Ander on. Edward L
      on,               Engelke. John             Rivera. Albert
Armour. Paul L          Fortier. James            Rose.
                                                  Rose, Richard
Arm trong.
Armstrong. Wendall      Henson.
                        Henson, Stephen           Shelly. Carroll
Beckman. Thoma          Housden. Steve            Sotelo. Richard
Boatright. Richard      Hurlblrt. John            Stewart. Jonathon III
Brooks. DanIel
Brooks,                 Jankow kl, John. Jr.
                        JankowskI.                Thorpe. Joe
Buchanan. David A.      Jen en. Mary              Torres. Hernando                      PET SHOW
Buckle . Ralph P. II    Jones. Delores            Trott. Ron
                                                                                           Sponsored by the
Burge . Ronald          Mill r. Jam               Turley. Norman                           Long Beach Police
Cavanaugh.      dward   Miller. MIchele (Lyons)
                                Michele           Turley. Walter                             Athletic Assn.
Clark. Charle W.        Otero. Raymond. Jr.               Chari
                                                  Warren. Charles
                                                                                           April 23, 1983
Clark. Wayn             Pickens.
                        Picken . Marc             Weeks. DonaJd                        Show starts at 12:00 noon
Covarubla • Alfred      Po t. Benjamin            Whatley. Tom                            Gemmrig (POA) Park
Da .. Jeff              Po t. Michael             Wheeler. Bradford
                                                                                     Spectators welcome at no charge
De Vroede. Clem n W.              Gilbert
                        Quinonez. GUbert          Whinery. Gary
D   0    k. Ron Id      Rea. John                 Whybrew. Vernon
                                                            enton                        For information call:
Ellis.    llliam C.                                                                    429·1440 or 590-7331

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                                                                  , .
                                                                  . .:

                                                                  i :
                                                                  ; ~.

Long Beach Police OHicers Associalion
                          Association   Non-Profit Organization
619 E. 7th Street                                POST AGE
                                           U, S. POSTAGE
Long Beach, California
                                         LONG BEACH,        A
                                           P RMIT No. 515

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