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  Lu County, two in the Foreign Language Experimental School in the early 2009% 8
Zheng Star D% A late at night, the young master had Fangxia Bi sleep can have
stationery supplies in the study but in trying to argue that they doing? Argument about
who had the credit they are the largest, to become masters of the "hero" too!
  First of all, tall, pencil out, said: "I was in kindergarten little master played on with a
pen, he dared to paint a good picture with my sketch, and I learn from him a written
12-plus-one and 3:00 to accompany him, and I help him solve many problems, hero of
course is my friends! "
  pencil heard these words, the round rubber polishing on high fat out and shouted:"
pencil, you are worth? remember that the exam? you plan to make a mess, look at you
like a pan on the ants rush - lost in a fog. the last is not my rubber big brother to help
you solve it? is my hero too! "
  pencil was about to argue, pen hurry to come out and said:" You are the master of
low-grade products, and the owner will later read in the company of my junior high
school, college, and even after My work has a significant role in it! Also, I write the
Xing Kai words, vigorous and effective, neat and dignified, the owner uses the staff to
participate in the competition, had won first prize too! you have this ability you?
  At this time, ruler squeeze in, yelled: "hero is me! Geometric mapping in a second
question, the owner of all my help to the capture of these questions. If the owners lose
me, he made the map will be winding, not be strange if it points! What then can help
you master? Is not the only one after staring! "
" is my hero! "" I! "" Should be me! "Stationery have trouble into a ball, bitterly,"
Ding Dingding "alarm clock, stationery, they hastened to their places, their hearts no
one can be convinced, then shouted in unison:" tomorrow night to continue! "

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