Colorful Colorful Seasons Four Seasons by fdjerue7eeu


									Colorful Colorful Seasons Four Seasons

  Colorful Seasons Spring
  color life, everywhere it moving, charming colors. Year, the great painter of nature
with his magic brush, gave us the number of artificial beauty can not be with their
deceased mother color!
  saying goes "at the spring." Burst, and wind, and I know that spring is coming. By
this time, home is a beautiful blossom. Thawing of the lake just next to the impressive
peaks of white for the green off the earth ...... installed. Shot a grass, willow branches
hang like jasper. Parks, elegant peony brilliant opening Chazi's, red in bunches, A host,
good beautiful! Look at those red roses, an elegant dress, spit out strong fragrance;
Begonia, Magnolia, Spring Festival and that Ruxia cherry dance in the breeze, good
spring of a different color.
  girl had left near the spring, Miss Xia passionate pace will jump to our side. Her
slender hand with a point of the lake, white as snow lotus quietly open Foulest
fragrant, blossoming Ching Lin gathered in the park, to meet with guests and friends.
Campus is a dark green, willow, pine trees in the school over the propped up 2 Jusan,
the entire campus, shade, shady, micro-winds, refreshing, and floated flight.
  blink of an eye, golden autumn, hot summer will be replaced. When playing, clusters
of chrysanthemums in front of us. I can not help but leaned over, leaned in between
flowers smell the smell, an aroma immediately Qinru heart and spleen, exhilarating.
Chrysanthemum in a row next to the holly, which pieces of lovely green leaves, green
light, bright, more and more showing their vitality. That piece of the leaves falling
down one after another in the breeze, as if the skies were fluttering butterflies. I
looked up and watch when a leaf fell on my feet, I was stunned, head as high as the
sky is blue. A blossoming gauzy clouds floating slowly, as if passion for the beautiful
world of autumn, do not want to leave.
  gradually, the weather grew colder and colder, with snow in winter scattered
Grandpa came along! Overnight, the city clad in silvery white, Yushu Chiung-chih, is
"like a burst suddenly spring to, Arcadia 10 000 trees Pear open. "branches off a hairy,
shining silver bullion children and snowball children, patches of snow flutter in the air,
as if that piece of the pear in the Far beneath the bitter.
  ah! What a beautiful world. This colorful four seasons, how charming! I Love You,
colorful four seasons; I love you, this vibrant color!
  (Supervisor: Zhao Yan)

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