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Collection of a tree a tree collection


									Prestige Collection a tree a tree

 collection of a tree in a storm sky

  treasure in my heart has always been a tree, weeping willow tree toward the river
center, it In the storm and the raging river in the dance, like a wizard.
  from last month that rain had to start with.
  depressed in May always blink of an eye, the sun went into hiding, the sky will be
filled with dark gray clouds, more thick, and the more down. A few low-flying
swallows in the air suddenly meal, and flew to the front with diagonal stabbing.
  This is a harbinger of before the storm, but I have no desire to appreciate. I just got
the news, focus on the recommended list of high school without me, although the
arrival of the news sooner or later thing, but my heart is still inexplicable to upset and
distress. I am depressed, walking aimlessly. Gust scratched, on the ground of dust into
the sky, to the front of the river sprang. Trees at the very thin leaves of the acacia trees
shivered in the wind, issued dismal howl. Suddenly, a blinding lightning pierced the
sky, followed by a thunder, instant, overwhelming storm came.
  I quickly hid in a roof. This is a small slope of the red walls built in the small
building, front of the open, the day seedlings attached gray. Stream in front of the
building where Ji Shibu expansion, such as snake article satiation, meandering
westward extension away. Stream of the expansion in that office, I do not know who
planted a weeping willow tree.
  is the unintended glimpse, brought back memories I had of this willow.
  summer have been here two years ago. Time is on the eye for an eye, I would like to
participate in dance competitions have standing under the eaves, watching the sudden
storms that can stand the storm of weeping willow tree gave me inspiration. Later, I
took from you resist the distrust and even ridicule, after a summer of hard training,
and finally took home in the city that autumn Dance Competition second prize
  that time, I really have to thank that heavy rain ... ...
  I am eagerly searching for the rain weeping willow tree toward the river center.
Thunder roared, the earth seemed to tremble, the rain harder and harder, hit the
ground, splashes a blossoming spray. Weeping willow tree swaying violently in the
rain, a willow, like dance with the lash shall be mixed in with the provision of voice
crackling whistling in the air, whipped, wind flying. The following branches are
buried in the water from time to time, they struggle up the corrugated surface Dangqi
  yes ah, another two years, and do not know how many years before, the future will
not know how many years, the number of storms in the weeping willow tree is still
alive will also stubborn.
  and me? Why not learn weeping willow tree?
  slowly open up my heart, weeping willow tree images has become even more
Shenlao in my heart.
  day later, whenever the difficulties, I always think of rain in the weeping willow tree.
 - Collection of this tree, deep in my memory. >>>>
This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank
the original author. / Center>

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