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Chartered Certified Accountants_ Chartered Accountants group-ACCA


									Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Accountants group-ACCA

 Chartered Certified Accountants groups
 Chartered Certified Accountants (TheAssociationofCharteredCertifiedAccountants,
referred to as ACCA)) was founded in 1904, is the world's leading professional
accounting bodies, up to the international Shanghai foreign students, trainees scale of
the fastest growing professional accountancy body. UK legislation allows ACCA
members for their audit, investment advisers and insolvency work performed. ACCA
membership of the EU legislation and recognition of company law in many countries.
ACCA Association of European Accounting Experts (FEE), Federation of Asian and
Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and the Association of Chartered Accountants of the
Caribbean (ICAC) and other accounting organizations play a very important role. In
the international arena, ACCA is the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
founding member, is also the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
 from the thirties of this century, ACCA professional examinations of its overseas
push, now in 160 countries and has nearly 30 million members and students, with
more than 200 test centers, operating on a truly international sex. ACCA is
headquartered in London, in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Australia and China, we
have a branch in Glasgow, Dublin, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Nairobi,
Johannesburg, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, more than 30 world with offices in
 long time, ACCA upholds and promote the continuous progress of the founders of
the idea, compared with other accounting organizations, ACCA is more open: ACCA
excellent staff to be able to open the door, not because they refused to accept the
different backgrounds - regardless of age, sex, education level or racial differences,
people can register register, after a series of professional examinations and obtain
Sannian financial work experience and had the Vetting Committee after the ACCA
qualification can be achieved by Hui Yuan qualifications. ACCA members can call
themselves "Chartered Accountants" in their names after ACCA or FCCA as a symbol.
ACCA members in industry, commerce, utilities and professional practice in the areas
of finance or financial management, there are many ACCA members in these areas as
high-level positions. / Center>

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