Changed_ changed_ changed Animals by fdjerue7eeu


									Changed, changed, changed animal

 changed world, animal planet

  of this world, people have the final say. This sentence would be too many people
now want to come up. However, the animals living within our higher animals - human
hands, is really a shame rather than indisputable fact.
  in the animal world, a world neglected by us, there are too many things people
touched by the concern of waiting for our eyes. However, how the real world? We are
all human research science, do not understand, why are the greatest humanity.
  I remember I once read an article which is also on the section of the earth that is sent
to the center of the universe in wisdom Biological Association of the resume, the
human race is so filled:
  Name: person ( claims)
  property: two foot upright highest animal on Earth (self-assessment)
  Address: Milky Way in the solar system's third planet,
  birthday not find out about the tens of thousands of years ago.
  strong points: good brains trick
  useful advantages: relentless pursuit of scientific truth, civilization, knowledge and
  drawback: the earth, built thousands of buildings, factories , vehicles, ships, aircraft,
weapons, computers have become the world hegemon
  sin: the regular use of conspiracy, war, drugs, refuse to torture their own people, the
same mother.
  crisis: the population bomb, the deterioration of ecological environment, the new
world (nuclear, biological, optical) World War sword hanging, intelligent computer
has been ill, neglect of philosophy and ethics of the mind of many people deserted
their homes ... ...
  Hope: natural beauty protected areas, reforestation, the world's anti-drug day, the
classical symphonic sound appointments, the socialist spirit of the project
  biographical reading this if your heart suddenly shaken out? Earth is the mother, the
Earth's future will be what? A certain extent, is in a very difficult question to answer.
These years, we gradually do not care about the mother, and her blood - gradually
reduce water, rivers, sea water level on the year in and year in some places and even
dried up, and now the original water sources contaminated, so clear transparent water
becomes turbid, so that the water becomes dark blue blind Indiscriminate felling of
trees, so that the mother's cells - a huge loss of soil, so the oasis into a desert, the
forest becomes Huangyuan ... .... If be allowed to go, the result is simply
unimaginable. Well, even more distressing is that the mother got the "greenhouse
  "Gratitude forget your newspaper," the mother of the pain we blindly, do not
abandon the good deed goes unpunished, the saying goes, "like the United States and
Germany were in Hong Hong for the more concentrated"
  marsh tidal original useless, now before know, "kidney" precious. In our increasingly
concerned about his kidney to find ways to "kidney" when not forget to protect "the
earth is only kidney."
  roar the earth, human suffering, angry planet, human beings suffer, stay off the earth,
human beings have died, the earth cry, human hard is it.
  vast expanse of the wilderness the earth mother cried on the sad ... ... ...
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