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					Chance chance again

 chance to own teachers the opportunity again

 Changzhou, Jiangsu Jintan the town of Central Primary School: Qi Zihao
 "team now endorsed a long campaign, please turn to × × × class, to memorize the 8th
section, limit 8 minutes! "teacher with her resonant voice to finish the sentence.
 then, the students gave top of the open bag, took out language books, quickly back
up, they are the arena of athlete - race against time ah, but I seemed not such a
"spirit." Slowly read the seven or eight times, tune back up again.
 time Rujian general quickly, soon, the teacher came into the classroom, said: "Who
dares to back up first, who would dare to come?" The teacher took prodding tactic.
 "can I not be." Actually, I do not always so confident. Can Wang rain first, her
courage, can be back for a while to drain the 8 characters, she could only regret that
back seat.
 Wang Can Rain on, the aroused many of our students raise their hands, almost every
group there are people raised their hands, and even new to the × × ×, also to raise their
 a another person up, and are fluent in the back over, I followed up the people
themselves are back once more, I have the back in verse, and each person in the back
of a finished, Professor Chen will say: "Those who do not raise their hands to quickly
ah! now or never ah!" said the teacher's famous words, I thought of Balzac's famous
quote, "When the opportunity came as lightning short, entirely by you Without
hesitation, to take advantage of. "
 heart can not help but tickle me, and wanted to raise their hands to go back, "But if
stuttering how to do?" "Character and it's wrong how do?" These issues put my hand
into a ton weight hammer general, would like to give also give it up.
 to the end, I did not lift my heavy hands, I lost valuable opportunities.
 In the future, I have to courage, to cherish every opportunity. Friendly reminder:
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