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Cc brave tuna tuna

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					Cc brave tuna tuna

 brave tuna fish cc

  in the undersea world, with colorful corals, colorful fish.
  submarine world, there is a brave tuna, and his name is cc, fish in the sea called him
"Tornado Little Warrior", his old home is in the west, he likes to travel, today he went
East China Sea.
  ah! Finally to the East China Sea, where there are colorful corals, coral hidden in
some of the beautiful fish, this fish is called clown fish, where they frolicked in the
Xixi looked up and saw a ferocious shark rushed towards them, he said : "Little fish
shark Run to the" small fish were petrified, when cc shouted: "Come with me soon,"
followed by fish in groups with their timely hide cc inside to the coral, escaped the
disaster of this section, a large shark to eat less, had to go, fish are very grateful to cc,
fish are invited to cc to their guest house, clown fish's mother said: "The children you
can really brave clown fish's mother to cc to do a lot of delicious food, cc ate his fill.
  cc goodbye clown fish family, his next destination was the Pearl Harbour, and after a
day and a night, arrived at Pearl harbor, pearl harbor is really beautiful, and submarine
full of pearl, cc saw a fish lying on the ground, He swam a little closer look at the
original is a half-dead swordfish ah! Cc quickly sent her home, he lived in the rock,
his mother saw cc said: "The children are making me down, or else, you're dead, cc
calm, said:" swordfish Mom You should not be afraid, it is your child! To you, this is
my home not far from where you saw him, I called cc, "swordfish mother said:" Oh!
Thank you for the child, you wait here ", sword towards his child mother went over
and kissed with his beak small swordfish's mouth, the magic happened, woke up a
small swordfish, small sword Fish First Sound said: "Xixi Ge, thank you," cc quickly
said: "You're welcome." Small swordfish like to know how this is one thing, small
swordfish say exactly this thing out, the original is a small whale to bite the black and
blue swordfish, small bites of swordfish in a timely manner with the mouth one of his
only surviving down, cc then said: "I know now, but I have to a very strong rope, and
very long" swordfish mother thought for a moment: "No problem, that I will
"swordfish mother soon found the raw materials to do the rope began to weave a rope,
after about an hour editing a rope, really has strong and long, cc added:" We are
tonight, we give whale tooth, in this way, even if we went to his mouth, but we can
also travel out of small swordfish admire tuna cc, he quietly next to swim to the cc,
kissed him, and cc are very warm and swordfish Mom: "Well, I look for companions
in the evening to help us." Cc petit swordfish called him to help all students. To lead
the night in cc downstream to the home of whales, whales sleep with their mouths to
Zhang, cc, and a small swordfish respective ends of a rope pulled around his tooth
around a few times, a rope tied up, under the sea All fish are to participate in the
action to be taken, Hi Yau, Yau ... ... Hey, whales, cried: "Do not pull my teeth," and
everyone straining pull, Hey easy, hey easy, slightly collapsed, scared of you hiding,
what do you think lost! Original whale tooth is lost! All of them cheering! Great!
Great! We are very happy, because the whale will not eat them, whales can eat
Shrimps. Some bold fish orphan, dare to play the whale's mouth.
 we have to always help others, their own will be very happy one. Friendly reminder:
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