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 plane trees like writing as

  Content Guidance: This description of plane trees on the composition, (600 words)
In fact, there is a feature of plane trees , that is, president of the simple and beautiful
yellow flowers. This flower has four petals, which a number of very thin petals,
touched as soon as ......
  withering in our schools, in addition to flowers, the most popular is the giant plane
trees that .
  playground is a whole row of large trees plane trees. Chinese parasol tree branches
around the growth of branches is composed of tan and white one gray color. Brings
elegance, a huge spirit.
  spring of plane trees is a magician. Attracted groups of birds, twitter in the branches,
into a touching note. Rainy day when the Indus open its "small mouth" that absorb
water. Drops of water in its mouth jump a moving dance, tick, very cute.
  lively summer parasols. We were burning in the sun that Sai into the same duck, we
would sit on the tree, Chinese parasol tree is like a green umbrella, protecting us, not
to hurt that burning sun our skin.
  fall of plane trees is a call for those. When the wind blowing when the tree leaves
falling one after another, and this is it calling you, tell you that autumn is coming, fast
food that rich, delicious fruit, ah! Soon the ground will be covered with layers of
golden carpet. Rolling children to play in the above, happy happy about.
  winter of plane trees is strong. Leaves the head was gone, leaving only the branches
bare, when the cold wind off the snow when it did not move any course, legislation
established standing. As if to tell us to be strong and do everything, do not give up
trouble, to go forward, we can brave.
  matter of fact there is a characteristic of plane trees that grow on a simple and
beautiful yellow flowers. This flower has four petals, which a number of very thin
petals, touched just about to fade, as the same appears to be light brown. And the
petals of the following, with a dark red flowers, yellow petals firmly on the viscosity,
does it feel slippery, and gives a comfortable feeling. The middle of the bud a long,
above there is a little capsules of Pollen. The whole flower is not a very fragrant smell,
it will slowly from the following emission an aroma.
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