Butterfly Butterfly forever eternal

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					Eternal Butterfly Butterfly forever

 beautiful butterfly forever eternal

 butterfly forever

 butterfly forever
 Chuzhou Huaian District, through middle schools (14) Ban Wu Yaqian
 butterfly, wings open beautiful,

 with eternal hope,

 turned into a mummy Butterfly

 coagulated never fade beautiful,

 meteor that the United States as,

 moment like a meteor across the sky.

 a solidification of the eternal.

 moment like a passing meteor,

 once beautiful memories.

 into a mummy butterfly

 no eternal life, has a

 no soul but has a beautiful death

 into a mummy butterfly

 is a dumb puppet,

 is a life copies.

 Although she only looked at the door of heaven sighs,
, however, she is an eternal butterfly.

 Instructor: BEIJING SPORT
 Comment: from a small butterfly specimens of butterflies associated with the life
and death of extraordinary beauty.

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