But the raindrops Rain One Spring Night

					Rain One spring evening, but rain

 good rain, but a raindrop

  Spring Evening rain to the sixth grade, Hai-Xia Yang Huangzhuang United
% D% instructor Ding Hongxia A home from school this afternoon to go home, I went
to the house and homework, after finishing that some feel oppressed, went to the
hospital to get some fresh air in. Night time has gradually opened, wet tank yard, it
seems going to rain. Mom and Dad looked at the sky, an festive climb brow. The
weather is too dry, and ground wheat are bowed head. In recent months, farmers hope
the moon the stars all look forward to looking forward to a real good rain under the
sky. But the bad weather, a rain mean to refuse to leave. Watching parents look happy,
I myself have had a beautiful flower blooming.
  really, not much effort on the wind rises, the sky clouds up gradually in the dense,
cold air has become much, but my mood has become even more happy. Suddenly, the
breeze sandwiched rain swept in my face, "Oh, the rain!" I exclaimed together.
Almost simultaneously, I also listen to the street and people shouting in excitement.
Yes ah! This is a spring in your such as oil ah!
  I did not think to rush Avenue, enjoy the people's joy to share. Rain, wet people's
clothing and shoes, but not to disperse people excited. Until the rain harder and harder,
people only get enough to talk about the home. Mom asked Dad shouted: "multi
prepare some food and wine, we come to celebrate this spring!"
  sat in front, we enjoyed the rain scene, and my father opened the phonograph: "You
say that this should be the first glass of wine Thank who? "Dad deliberately in selling
off sub. Mama Jen said: "Of course, should thank God for it!" I very much agree
nodded. Dad shook his head, with deep feeling: "No, we should thank our party and
the government! You know how the rain get you next?" My mother and I have
invariably shook his head. Father mysteriously said: "This is a Cloud Seeding Yeah!
Natural rainfall on the use of water vapor less than 5%. In other words, in a process of
natural rainfall, 95% of water vapor the air is the wind in vain blown away, unable to
form rain down to the ground. artificial rainfall is in the appropriate weather
conditions, cloud seeding through the artificial ice nuclei to promote the
transformation of cloud water vapor to rain, to rain enhancement purposes. aircraft to
artificial rainfall on the Air Force pilot that higher risk, but to ease the drought, so that
the earth's crop could drink sweet water, they still did not hesitate to check on the day.
is our party and government income farmers Give us bring hope, you say, is not it
should be grateful to them! "
  look at the rain falling outside the window, listening to his father's words excited, I
have become increasingly unable to calm the mood up. Yes ah! In recent years, the
party and the Government of Farmer First, always keep in mind the issue of farmers
income, first abolished the agricultural tax, followed by wheat introduced direct
subsidies for agricultural subsidies, agricultural subsidies ... ... these preferential
agricultural policies are not just as This Spring Evening Rain One, bit by bit into
people's minds it?
 I love this Spring Evening Rain One!

 Comment: to small of a "Rain One Spring Night" as a clue to his thoughts gradually
expand, the paper was filled with a kind of joy and gratitude, for the end of the
winding paths to the image of the government's preferential agricultural policies
metaphor for the "Spring Night Joyful Rain", reflects the true intentions of a small
article where the author is indeed ripe, seamless.
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