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					Broken string without a low-key

 cut off low-key does not click

 broken string
 broken string
 Mei Town, country first two days of light 9 classes Huangling Feng Junior High

  low-key night of note spinning, beating, exciting. The sky outside the window
between the bright flash appears, it is not the slightest preparation. I have forgotten, or
overlooked. In fact, the hall's bell had quietly gathered pace, approaching the
beginning of 11, the 12-under ... ... Up to now, 5 am, I am tired tired decadent sat
before the computer. Click the mouse, keyboard, staring at the screen, silly ... ...
  try, click on the waves of the site into the "my blog", so then tap the keyboard, my
mind flashed to record the broken pieces heartfelt thoughts. Low-key, finally the
weekend for me is actually no income, nil.
  heart can be very calm, and also the surging, the friend said that his life can be,
learning to learn can also enjoy the fun of the campus. I am just sad, sad with, its
incomplete. Cover is a one day be discovered, fear of the coming of the day, so they
simply try to escape. No one can to understand. Shen lonely heart is, empty too
low-key. Is not the so-called low-Jay can be gorgeous, the color is monotonous
enough to black, although sometimes I feel there is some elegant black beauty, but
here's a black can not find the feeling of the United States. In life, school, my role is
slumped over the wood, silently survival, repeated every day to repeat, without any
spot, not the least bit fun, without any feelings, or that simply do not dare to go into.
Simple to only boring boring, but also the habit of melting into the habit of habit ... ...
infinite loop, till how long, I do not understand.
  mother always said, "Now, the only serious study, the university entrance exam, get
diploma is the most important of his life." Perhaps justified, at least her children
admitted to the university, her busy life can be considered a kind of comfort, a reward,
a gain should be. Only superficial, into a muddy we do not know. Although, I have to
try to learn to come to reward the activities of a busy mom, but I still want to guess
that he is not understand, After all, the diploma will not let your life sit back and relax,
and beautiful life with what logic? Is to have many money, the supreme right and then
spend some virtual youth, the last still can not escape death, to tell the truth, despise
this life, then there would be no good then? Good, is my own basic requirements to
own, if everyone can have a good heart, not to injure others, it will be how the United
States, although it and flipped to read.
  online, silence is where I am most happy, but also the formation of a habit. Slowly
found nothing worth to care about, nothing to pursue. Plan a equation, you will find
all equal origin, and some actually mean negative, but also on the lost origin, so why
bother? But if you do not have anything to care about your life what are the
implications? Risk it! In the talk, the kind of network such as the stars of my favorite
sites is Tencent, Tencent network design also admire people who, sometimes, also
enter the dream for the future Tencent Show Mall in Q to work for! Can say stupid?
Fans of the game is even. Once thought of the late self-study, I copy the English
exercises, called to the classroom, the question copied who, I was silent, and think
that the what? Asked to be able to guarantee you, I bow silence, and the rest who can
guarantee, who can surely? I can not. Is not it?
  girl likes to romance, like misty rain shower, thinking little romantic love, and look
forward to all the wonderful, happy life. Although, I also fantasize about this beautiful.
Then another, what the total individual time, as I do not like rain, no romance, just
warm. Having said that, but I think, have said before: they can not because most
people like Jay went with to like him. It is blind, and I dare say, now love him, his
idol when 80% of blind pursuit JAY, of course, should not say no to appreciate his
musical talent, but if you really can not comprehend his music, just like He, Junji fast
acceleration plus a kind of popular feeling Diao, Starchaser was not going blind. I can
not because some people do not like Shao Han not to like her. I like her music, her
style, I can not, there are times, students hear her "Pandora," said hate her, I do not to
like her ("because love meaningless boring" " love yourself first, you do not know,
how could he love you "... ... the lyrics is very interesting, very real) stick to anything
unique flavor, do not you? Do not betray their feelings do not lie. While I can not go
to follow my feelings, but at least I believe my heart feels.
  trouble seems to be essential goods of life, or did not, by the people became
necessary after the product opposeth and exalteth a. Of course, do not care about life,
the more should not have bothered. Sometimes, I think, it is not no "trouble" is not a
word on the Minato life out? Who can disagree? Clown, clown no trouble? Not. At
least I think not. Laugh at people who do not know the side, and only after failing in
his will for their own troubles, he will not bother, or can be said that there is no need
to bother,
  leaning against the window, early morning air is really good Fresh, fresh to the quiet,
floating fragrance, rendering of each individual, everyone is sleeping, so they do not
know that this thing has been to clean, nor have been aware of. As not all love to be
expressed, deeply buried, perhaps thicker. Not without expression not exist,
  quiet burial, like the feeling called quietly.
  few meters once said: "If this world is put together out of all the beauty, and I will
treasure him as a rare or a worthless patch ... ..." ask there may exist a situation , will
it as a treasured it as a patch, it is strange is not it? The fish and bear's paw Sometimes
we can have both, and said to be greedy worth mentioning that there could be more
appropriate for it. I like this.
  course, and feelings are not the same, writing pen, I usually only single, operator
devoted, and much support, and colors are different but so was a bad result on paper
writing unless the document is really bad, this time no need to be persistent, and after
all that it has no worth to you to persistent value. Like feelings, do not spend too
much, just a right. Simple, and does not require complicated. Just did not hurt.
  thin broken pieces, the simple integration of a word can be original draft, but the
rhythm, only the bit of rain will always feel incomplete people, who make it are full?
 or simply do not need to make it complete -
 broken piano strings, broken up
 spectrum no notes,
 but -
 multi- a broken string with
 may, it really does not need a complete re

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