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									Bright spot is the highlight of

 highlight of this time needs most is

 highlight of

 bright spot in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, South Middle School the first two days (4 )
Ban Shen core

  trek in the desert you, hot sun on your head. At this point, what you need most? - Is a
living fountain. Well, this is the life of the highlights of stock springs.

 if you get frustrated, alone, hiding in the room quiet tears, give up on themselves. At
this point, what you need most? - Is the family's understanding. So understanding is
the highlight of life.

 I think no one will forget the end of 2004 in the Indian Ocean That makes shocking
disasters it! When the sudden waves swept away the tourists play seaside and coastal
construction, if you are a victim, that time is what you need most? - Is to help others.
Help at this time is life's highlights, is the highlight of all mankind, is the world's
bright spot.

  face of this disaster, all of humanity was shocked, saddened, but more of a helping
hand, lit a bright spot in life. Fiction individuals, schools, cities and even countries as
large, making a donation into the trend of society, so that everyone in the early winter
season was warm current flowing through, Each in his own heart and passion for the
victims to rebuild homes, the disaster resulted in numerous casualties, destroyed
countless happy family, which family members quietly cried, lose, and the only
comfort in that they received numerous aid and care. Now, the Indian Ocean around
the country are beginning to rebuild their homes in the near future, and we would see
a happy family, a picture of the smiling faces full of hope, see that piece of the
beautiful sea, I can not help but think of people still talking about sentence: As long as
everyone gave a love, the world will become a better human.

 world in general that is needed is people's love and help, as a song sung: we with joy,
with the bear, we are with the same expectations; we have wind and rain, we have to
pursue, we kept the same as Jane's love. Whether you and I ever met, both in front of
the horizon, a sincere wish for you, wish you happy safe!

 disaster can be seen some people say a person's will, true, but in my view, a disaster
more to see the unity of the whole world, saw the mutual aid between human beings,
see friendship between countries, these are the highlights of life, the highlight of all
mankind, is the world's bright spot.

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