Beautiful sunshine beautiful little boy by fdjerue7eeu


									Beautiful sunshine beautiful little boy

 beautiful sunny little boys and girls

  Almighty God of the universe, Zeus opened the map mundane world of the mirror,
the mirror world of gray overcast, no trace of sun, people face sullen ... ... Zeus had a
wee bit of panic, pondered for a place between doing nothing, I have this fall into a
mortal. Looking at the people one by one sounded angry, and I reluctantly forward.
  blushing little boy holding the rotund little flower, Du Zhaozui the little girl next to
the "Global Health and Hope Tears" and trying to sail away, I stopped a little girl's
path, light gently patted her shoulder, then it touched the little boy's head, the sun
shines into my finger tips along the little boy's heart. Moment, the little boy gently
grasp the little girl's hand the ball back to her, holding hands and two posts in the
running merrily away. Gradually merged into a colorful sky light seems to break in
the clouds.
  I and the lines and songs filled with gentle smile on my Jiabian, also has an air
around the sweet taste of running people gradually slowed down. Beautiful woman
pear rain, next to the man staring at large eyes, like a sullen lions, who can swallow a
trace in an instant. I held her hand and said softly in her ear: "to understand him, he is
happy for your efforts ah. "Her hands warm as jade, in an instant, her hand
involuntarily up, and gently touch the contact man clothes, men face sullen gradually
dying out, faint smile appeared, women arm man talking and laughing to leave. The
sun finally broke through clouds and sky, exposing half of the red, Passes a golden
  I love to smile, smile, see the reversal of things around, looking at the effectiveness
of their own a little, I read moving mantra, a magic wand called kidney exchange in
my hands, I turned around, waving it , peeling off layers of golden light, bathed in a
way, the wind scatter them around like a fly Yanghwa general, people sucked into the
golden light, covered with a mass of the mixing of hot air. I see them dance with me,
sky Blue Bird Tweet awakened people are waving their eyes but joy instant warmth,
their nothing shook hand towards the sky shook, and then leave each other with a
smile, I know that they hold up their own happiness. The flame will not mean the sky
is no longer shy to reveal his whole face, sunny.
  in the wonderful sunshine, I knelt upon one knee. "Zeus, I ask the timeless world.
"Day side finally came Zeus gentle voice:" Go! Your heart in. "
  dear people, I'll be around you, you want me, please front of the sun in places, put
your smile shouted three times, I'll be there in your heart. Oh! Oh, forgot to tell you
that I am the same with the sun in, and I with you, I have a very nice name, it is the
God of the universe gave me - called "exchange"!
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