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									            Seventy Eight News
  Volume 26 Issue 1                                                                   January 2002

                                      Blackpack, and is a former member      when” photos and essays from the
78 Becomes                            of the Coalition of 100 Black
                                                                             class members.
                                                                                For the past few years, the task
National Icon                             Here’s hoping Linda, who
                                      turned 45 on Jan. 1, becomes the
                                                                             of assembling and producing these
                                                                             books has been carried out by

on Survivor                           next Tina Wesson – and takes
                                      home the big prize.
                                                                             David Prentice, a Dartmouth ’69
                                                                             who lives in Sheenboro, Quebec.
                                      ____________________________           He sent me the book he did for the
Life is tough as a career counselor                                          Class of 1975. It’s yearbook-sized
at Harvard, but never this tough.                                            (soft-cover), ¾ of an inch thick,
    As a cast member of Survivor:                                            and irresistible.
Africa, Linda Vincent Spencer
has taken her place among the truly
                                      Looking                                    To make this book a special
                                                                             success, please give some thought
famous. Other contestants include a
goat farmer from Virginia, a soccer   Ahead to 25th                          to what you might write in an essay
                                                                             ---maybe even do it in advance!
player living in New York and two                                                Please fill out the questionnaire
bartenders---one from Texas, the
other from Tennessee.
                                      Reunion 2003                           when it comes to you in a year or
                                                                             so (probably by e-mail) and send it

    Linda lives in Boston with her          t’s never too soon to plan       along to David Prentice at either--
husband and two children, Jared,            ahead. So make a note in>
11, and Jenna, 9.                           your Palm Pilot that our class   or
   According to the Survivor web-                                  
                                      reunites from Thursday, June 12, to
site, Linda was born and raised on    Sunday, June 15, 2003.
welfare in Boston’s inner city. She      The 25th Reunion is a big deal,        A Reunion Book will require
has an Med from Tufts and a           and our class has every reason to      some money up front---about
Master of Social Work from            want to do it right.                   $10,000. Think good thoughts
Boston College. She has been a           One key element of a major          about contributing your money and
corporate account exec, director of   league 25th Reunion is a Reunion       time to the reunion effort.
African Adventures at an overseas     Book. These generally include
adventure travel company and a
clinical social worker.
                                      names, addresses, biographical
                                      information, recent and “remember      Pats on the
    In December 1999 she was
diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but
after a thyroidectomy and radio-      Inside This Issue
active iodine treatments is cancer
free. In fact, in September 2000 –      1 Doug Antaya Joins Sitara Networks
just eight months after being
diagnosed with cancer – she made        3 Peter Hirshberg Runs
it to the top of Mt. Rainier.
    Linda is a member of the
                                        4 John Bird is Maz’es Dr. Johnson
Appalachian Mountain Club, Sierra
Club, American Alpine Club,
                                        6 Quantek CEO Robert Williams
Career Counselors Consortium,           7 Will Yancey: Tax Tech Superstar
  2                                                                             Seventy Eight News
                                       contribution. Every gift directly          the top end of Dartmouth classes.
Back for Our                           aids the education of students             But with a little effort, we could
                                                                                  easily be in a class completely by
                                       who might otherwise not be able
Giving                                 to obtain such a high quality
                                                                                      Your vote counts!

Our class, and our head agent,            I would like to give my                                     Brooks
Kevin T. Hoffman, won several          special thanks to our Class                ____________________________
Dartmouth College Fund awards          leaders and agents who have
for the 2000-01 Fund Year:             worked tirelessly to help
       the Raymond J. Rasenberger
       1949 Award for outstanding
                                       achieve our goal. Let’s keep up
                                       the good work on this year’s               Have You
       non-reunion achievement,
       the John H. Davis 1925
       Trophy for greatest non-
                                          For Dartmouth,                          Surfed to the
       reunion dollar total, and the
       the Joshua A. Davis 1927
                                                                                  Class of ’78
       Award for greatest dollar
       improvement (non-reunion        ____________________________               Web Page?
                                       Another Small Request            
  Here’s a note from Kevin:                                                       page-meister:
                                       From Newsletter Editor Brooks                 Owen Astrachan
  “I just received word from           Clark:                                        202 Longwood Dr.
Dartmouth College that the                                                           Chapel Hill, NC 27514
                                           On behalf of the Class---Thank                        919.419.4410 (h)
Class of 1978 has turned in
                                       you, Kevin, for your tireless efforts.                    919.660.6422 (w)
another extraordinary year                                                             
supporting the Dartmouth                    Now, here’s another request.
College Fund.                          This is fairly pertinent to the
                                       newsletter, since it involves paying
   Our class continues to be a
solid leader in support of the
College. Here are some
                                       for it.
                                           To the 45% of us who don’t             Doug Antaya
                                       already do so, as we approach our
numbers for last year’s
                                       25th reunion, please consider
                                       paying your class dues. (I believe
                                                                                  Joins Sitara
    Our class raised $598,312
    for the Alumni Fund.
                                       the bill arrived a few weeks ago.)
                                           These dues pay for our class
    498 classmates contributed,        subscriptions to the Alumni
    resulting in 51%
                                       Magazine, for printing and mailing
                                       newsletters, and for our                   C         WALTHAM, Mass.--
                                                                                            March 26, 2001--Sitara
                                                                                            Networks, Inc.(TM), a
                                       sponsorship of Tucker interns on
    Overall, a total of                                                           leading provider of solutions that
                                       Indian Reservations. So it’s a nice
    $23,040,316 was raised for         idea to pay.
                                                                                  intelli-gently integrate applications
    Dartmouth.                                                                    and networks for enterprises and
                                           But dues participation is also
  We should be proud of our                                                       ser-vice providers, today
                                       one of those quantitative measures
contribution to last year’s Fund.                                                 announced that Doug Antaya joins
                                       by which people rate our class.
As we approach the new year,                                                      Sitara as vice president of Product
                                            It’s also used by US News and
however, we must strive for                                                       Manage-ment. Doug has been in
                                       World Report and other such
                                                                                  the networking industry for over 20
continued excellence and even          rating gurus as a qualitative
                                                                                  years in various product manage-
greater class participation. As        measure of the College. It’s no
                                                                                  ment and product marketing roles.
you know, every dollar counts,         secret that Dartmouth is a national
                                                                                     Doug was previously VP of
and I urge you to make a               leader in this kind of measure, and
                                                                                  Marketing for Ironbridge Net-
                                       it’s true that our class is already on
  3                                                                            Seventy Eight News
works, a developer of high perfor-      announced today the appointment          Estee Lauder Companies purchased
mance, next-generation terabit-         of Peter Hirshberg as President,         the site in April 2000.
routing solutions. Before that, he Peter brings great            The site is now co-owned by Estee
held similar positions at Sync          depth of experience to         Lauder Companies, Chanel Inc.
Research and Tylink Corporation.        from a diverse career, during which      and Group Clarins U.S.A. Inc.
He was a co-founder and director        he was responsible for launching            Peter is a Trustee of The Com-
of marketing at Corel Networks,         some of the top Internet brands.         puter Museum History Center, a
and has also held senior marketing      Peter was instrumental in develop-       new media advisor to National
positions at Proteon and Motorola/      ing AboutFace, Clinique's first          Public Radio and a Henry Crown
Codex. Doug has an MBA from             foray into the Internet.                 Fellow of the Aspen Institute. He
Northeastern University.                   His new-media strategy firm           earned his MBA at the Wharton
____________________________            developed marketing strategies for       School.
                                        such icon brands as America On-
                                        line, Microsoft, NBC Television
                                        Network and Pacific Bell. He was         Assorted
Who is                                  founder/CEO of Elemental Soft-
                                        ware, developer of the award-
                                                                                 Updates …
Annalise                                winning Drumbeat 2000 family of
                                        e-business web software. His team
                                                                                 Like Robin Hood, Steve Palmer
                                        led the development of Elemental's
Mayer?                                  business-to-consumer direct
                                        marketing and channel sales
                                                                                 lives in Sherwood Forest—
                                                                                 Maryland, that is, near Annapolis.
                                        operations.                              Last April Steve was promoted to
Shades of Primary Colors, a                                                      senior VP in Mercantile Safe
classmate of ours has published a           During a nine-year tenure at
                                        Apple Computer, Peter served as          Deposit & Trust Co.’s banking
psychological romance novel, The                                                 division, where he develops and
Story of S, under the pseudonym         director of enterprise markets,
                                        growing Apple's large business and       manages corporate banking
Annalise Mayer.                                                                  relationships in Maryland and the
     Check it out at this website:      government revenue to $1 billion
                                        annually. While at Apple, he led         mid-Atlantic market.
                                        many of Apple's consumer mer-
                                        chandising and marketing efforts         Christine Hayer Repasy was
From the flyleaf:                                                                promoted (a year ago) to Senior
WHO IS ANNALISSE MAYER?                 and spear-headed the company's
                                        entry into the online service arena.     Vice President and General
Annalisse Mayer is a part-time                                                   Counsel for The Hartford Financial
attorney and full-time wife, Mom           Peter reports to the
                                        Board of Managers and is launch-         Services Group. Christine joined
& daughter of an Alzheimer's                                                     Hartford Life in 1991, became
victim. She writes under a              ing what is expected to be the
                                        industry's most compelling beauty        director of litigation in 1997 and
pseudonym, to avoid having to                                                    vice president in 1999. Her law
discuss the racier parts of her         site. "We are thrilled to have Peter
                                        on board as part of the        degree comes from UConn.
writings with her conservative
corporate legal clients.                team," says William P. Lauder,
                                        President of Clinique Laboratories,      Tom Garden – whose daughter
   (Key words: Kennedy JFK, JFK,
                                        Inc. and a member of the                 once appeared in Sports Illustrated
Jr. Asperger’s Syndrome, abortion,
                               Board. "His forward            as a member of football writer
home birth.)
                                        thinking ability, deep                   Peter King’s softball team – last
Hirshberg                               understanding of the Internet and
                                        technology business and
                                                                                 June became a senior VP in the
                                                                                 New York City offices of CB

Runs                                    strong sense of marketing will be
                                        valuable assets to"
                                                                                 Richard Ellis, where he is
                                                                                 responsible for consulting and
                                                                                 brokerage services to corporate
                                            The multi-brand site will                               include major cosmetic brands such
                                        as Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Clarins,
                                                                                 clients throughout the country.
                                                                                 Tom was previously managing
                                        Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC,             director with Kennedy-Wilson
                                        Origins, Prescriptives and Stila.        Properties and has more than 20
April 12, 2001--
  4                                                                        Seventy Eight News
years’ experience in landlord and      the best-fielding second baseman
tenant representation and office and
industrial development.
                                       of all time, call 1-800-333-1636.     Green Cards
                                                                             Anne Barschall: Last April 22, on
                                                                             the advice of my brother-in law,
In August Dr. Bruce Maslack                                                  who is trying to encourage my
joined the staff of St. Mary’s                                               kids’ interest in technology, my
Hospital in Amsterdam, N.Y.                                                  family and I drove up to a robotics
Bruce, who did his residency at                                              contest at Trinity College, in
Maine Medical Center, specializes                                            Hartford, CT. While there, I was
in alcohol rehab services.                                                   surprised to run into classmate Nat
                                                                             Goodspeed, who actually recog-
                                                                             nized me. He was promoting his
Whit Johnson is VP of Global                                                 software "Mindrover,” sold by his
Sales for PlumRiver Technology,                                              company, Cognitoy, a Dartmouth
“the global standard in private,                                             alumni company. "Mindrover"
self-side channel performance for                                                             (cont’d next page)
large manufacturers.” With long-                                             ___________________________
term relationships in the North
American marketplace and fluency
in French and German, Whit
commands a strong understanding
of e-commerce business models,
operations, sales, and marketing
from his work in the sporting goods
and apparel industries.
  Since 1989, he founded and ran
several start-ups aimed at serving
the outdoor, sporting goods and
apparel markets. He began his
career with Karhu N.A. and helped
negotiate and implement the
acquisitions of Merrell Boots,
Koho, Canadian and Jofa hockey
brands and was instrumental in
growing North American sales
from $1.5 million to $88 million.
John Bird’s decade-long campaign
to get Pirate great Bill Mazeroski
voted into the Baseball Hall of
Fame came to fruition in 2001.
    Your newsletter editor was
pleased to spend some time last
spring with John on the sidelines of
a soccer tournament near John’s
home in Mountain Brook, Ala.
    I was doubly pleased to get a
signed copy of John’s authorized
biography, Twin Killing: The Bill
Mazeroski Story and a 20-minute
cassette tape of Pete Rose inter-
viewing John on his Las Vegas
radio show. To order John’s bio of
  5                                                                                 Seventy Eight News
allows the user to simulate building     a seminar on "The Secret Life of
and operating robots. My son,            the Brain" at the local Dartmouth
                                                                                      Curt Oberg
David, was enchanted with this           Alumni Association.                          157 Bristol Road
software and spent several hours                                                      Wellesley, MA 02181-2731
glued to it.                                                                          617-235-3316 (h)
    On another note: Over spring                                                      617-523-8000 (w) / 8001 (fax)
                                         David W. Eisele
break, I took my kids, ages 7 and        35 S. Knoll Rd.                              Treasurer
10, to Old Sturbridge Village,           Mill Valley, CA 94941                        Patty Thompson Hickey
Mass. In the gift shop, I spotted                                                     573 Crest Court
and purchased the book Sees                                                           Lake Forest, IL 60045-4005
                                                                                       847-295-3774 (h)
Behind Trees by the late Dartmouth       Miguel Damien: My infertility
professor, Michael Dorris.               practice, East Coast IVF, continues          Class Secretary
     Though this book was                to do well. I am amazed at how               Maggie Fellner Hunt
probably aimed at teenagers, my                                                       14960 Altata Drive
                                         much fun I still have going to
                                                                                      Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-4447
younger son and I were very              work. I am thankful to have                   310-459-8871 (h)
impressed with it. My older son,         discovered a medical field that               310-459-8170 (fax)
who is exceptionally squeamish,          balances surgical intensity with    
did not listen in to my reading.         delicate mental and scientific work.
                                                                                      Head Agent
    The book is of a power and           I still live to ski. Looking forward         Kevin Hoffman
depth that one seldom sees in            to having a home in Crested Butte,           9 Daffodil Lane
children's literature, or any            Colo. Fellow ’78 Win Craven                  Cos Cob, CT 06807-1410
literature. Though the end of his        also vacations there. Our families             203-862-9435 (h) / 622-4992 (w)
                                                                                        203-661-5717 (fax)
life was marred by tragedy and           hope to have some good times.       
scandal, Dorris was nevertheless a                 3 Paag Lane
great writer. I recommend that                     Little Silver, NJ 07739            Alumni Council Representative
                                                   732-758-6511                       Jon Walton
classmates check this book out.                           57 Hawthorne Road
                                                                                      Grosse Point, MI 48236-1410
                                                                                        313-884-8938 (h) /963-8989 (w)
Glen Swartwout: I am so honored          Mark Jacobson: Ophelie Jeanne
to be featured in the alumni mag-                                                     Class Project Committee
                                         d'Arc Jacobson has arrived!                  Jim Bullion, Scott Brown, Todd Anderson
azine when they could have chosen            Dominique and Ophelie - are
doctors like Koop or Whittaker. I        doing very well, and came home               Mini-Reunion Chairs
am putting up most of my writings        from the hospital less than 2 days           Jim & Anita Nolan
on my new website:                                                                    5188 Mountaintop Road
                                         after the birth!                             New Hope, PA 18938-5439
         351 Wailuku Dr.
                                             Here’s the hospital website                215-794-0506 (h) /968-3007 (w)
         808-935-5086                    with her picture :                        
                                                                                      Newsletter Editor
                                                                                      Brooks Clark
Ty Hilkert: I spent a few weeks                                                       5317 White Horse Road
hobbling around in a walker after        Michael Chandler: Hi! Take a                 Knoxville, TN 37919-9344
falling off myool new Xootr EX3          look at our website                           865-558-8356 (h)
                               ,             865-632-8027 (w)
electric scooter. I've returned the                                          
d*** xootr and ordered a more safe       which has links to one of my four
and stately folding bicycle instead.     bands and also to my non-profit---
   I’m working at Stanford on our        the Haw River Assembly M.P.C.                Chaplain
                                                  7922 Morrow Mill Rd.                The Rev. Scott Axford
new PeopleSoft HR/Payroll                         Chapel Hill, NC 27516               155 Power St.
system. In my spare time I'm                      919-304-5397 (h)                    Providence, RI 02906-2024
webmaster of            919-812-7478                         401-454-1636 (h) /751-1821 (
    Also taking a continuing studies
class on Cognitive Neuroscience,
with a textbook by Dartmouth's           Class Officers
own Professor Gazzaniga. He gave
6   Seventy Eight News

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