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Workers in management of the management of migrant workers


									Management of migrant workers, the management

 migrant workers in the management of urban
 Abstract: To strengthen the management of migrant workers in cities an important
part of building a harmonious culture. Create a caring atmosphere of migrant workers
and improve the management system of migrant workers, migrant workers to improve
the ideological and cultural basis for resolving the management problems of migrant
workers and effective measures.
 Keywords: city; Workers; Management

 domicile is the migrant workers and the family home to work in rural areas in the
city's non-permanent laborers. This stage, China has hundreds of millions of migrant
workers, they are China's industrialization, the market appears in the process of a
special group, is an important force modernization. But we also see that the migrant
workers from rural areas, and cultural quality, mobility, has no fixed abode, living and
working without a relatively stable security, employment, wages, their children,
medical treatment There are many aspects of social problems need to be addressed.
Difficult to manage migrant workers, rights activists infringement difficult, the city
has a serious impact on civilization. As an integral part of urban life in the community,
to strengthen the management of migrant workers, migrant workers do the work in
promoting further economic development, building a harmonious society is of great

 1, to create a caring atmosphere of migrant workers

 migrant workers to urban development has made great contributions, but for various
reasons, their work can not be Some sure, but subject to discrimination, lack of care
into urban life, rights and interests of vulnerable groups, often subject to abuse. This
in itself is a social injustice, the city will inevitably delay the process of building a
harmonious society. Strengthen the management of migrant workers, first from the
ideological and public opinion on the true migrant workers into urban lives. To care
for migrant workers to create a harmonious atmosphere, the publicity-oriented news
media play a supervisory role and to vigorously promote the party and the country of
migrant workers on policies, laws and regulations, promotion of migrant workers as a
major economic and social development contribution, specifically the importance of
their social status and role. To recognize migrant workers in the advanced models,
respect for the personality of migrant workers, concerned about migrant workers in
their daily lives, the moral help migrant workers, migrant workers on the deduction of
wages, discrimination migrant personnel and other phenomena should be exposed and
criticized. To change the economy of migrant workers to accept, the phenomenon of
social exclusion. Dispel some of the urban population of discrimination against
migrant workers in cities psychological, to create a harmonious urban residents and
migrant workers living environment of public opinion, the formation of the whole
society to respect migrant workers, migrant workers caring strong momentum and
good atmosphere.

 Second, migrant workers and urban residents to achieve equal rights

 long time, China's urban and rural residents by the two household registration
management system, migrant workers treatment in many areas such as social security,
children's education, welfare policy enjoyment, employment and housing and so on,
and urban household registration status because of differences in discrimination. In
many cities have control of migrant workers settle into the city's local policy.
Although the Chinese legal system has clearly stipulated that all workers in economic
and political status of equality, migrant workers also enjoy the rights provided by law
all workers, however, because different residence, the migrant workers with natural
color and not have outsiders easily be accepted. So need to start building the system,
and strive to achieve from the system and regulations on migrant workers and labor
protection at work on the right to equality. Specifically, there are: First, under the
conditions of the market economy requirements of labor and employment, changes in
the existing household registration system, reducing the gold content of urban
household registration, household registration system so that market liquidity in the
face of staff more flexibility to people in different household the same area of work
and enjoy life more extensive equality; Second, further implementation of social
security policy, strengthen government regulatory supervision, so that migrant
workers in the labor protection, health care and social security have the same
protection and urban ; Third, to further improve the urban public service system, in all
aspects of urban public services, should consider seeking out migrant workers. If the
Government's welfare policies and social assistance, the increase in migrant workers
concerns and input; in the education of their children, appropriate to adjust the present
primary and secondary school education according to school district policy to run
schools for the children of migrant workers, to take measures to facilitate migrant
workers in their children.

 3, a sound management of migrant workers organizations,

 government is the management of migrant workers and the main body of rights
protection. The Government should gradually migrant workers employment services,
social security, housing, children's education needs into the scope of urban public
services. First, the establishment of appropriate management of migrant workers and
service agencies, specific guidance and employment of migrant workers to provide
social services, and consider longer-term employment in the city, life and living in
migrant workers to public service needs well with the outflow of migrant workers to
the communication and coordination, static and dynamic management to achieve the
combination of coordination to solve the difficulties of migrant workers and
 Second, the Government has the responsibility to organize and guide the migrant
workers and enterprises to participate in social affairs management arrangements on
behalf of migrant workers into the Congress, people's congresses and corporate
workers congresses, members of Congress, to establish They reflect the will of the
channel. In joining the party, a piece of self, selected model workers, the vision to
include migrant workers, and gradually improve their social and political status.
  third, set up trade unions or to support migrant workers to join trade unions of
migrant workers. According to Chinese trade unions the legal system provides
enterprises the work of any worker, has the right to join trade unions, trade unions
have an obligation under the "Labor Law" the relevant provisions to safeguard rights
of workers. Trade unions of migrant workers should be the most extensively
organized into trade unions, the employment of migrant workers around the treatment
of labor safety and other issues, adhere to the initiative, law, science activists,
infringers in a trial of strength with time, on the city Workers with complaints and
demands, trade union organizations to seriously, to actively defend the rights of
migrant workers, trade unions should become migrant workers to rely on force.
  fourth, to strengthen the protection of migrant workers rights. Migrant workers by
their own cultural foundation, the legal consciousness and the limitations of
traditional practices, they are in different places, work and live regional mobility, the
rights and interests infringed upon, generally will not appeal to the government
administrative departments, and few requests lawyers through legal channels to
resolve their own rights. Some also seek media supervision, supervision by the news
media only without punishment, and only very bad for the infringement case. In most
cases, migrant workers had to make compromises, Private Settlement negotiations
with each other. Migrant workers themselves vulnerable groups, Private Settlement
negotiations, the negotiations reflected the dominant position is difficult, the result is
naturally impaired the rights of migrant workers. For the protection of migrant
workers the main sectors - labor inspection unit, and public security, industry and
commerce than its monitoring power shortage of labor inspectors to monitor after
more than a limited penalty authority. Therefore, the strengthening of the rights
protection of migrant workers, all levels of government to change the lack of labor
inspection department personnel, equipment behind, lack of law enforcement situation,
increase the input of labor supervision departments to ensure that the appropriate
labor inspection department of human, material , financial technology and other
aspects of the equipment. Meanwhile, the labor inspection team must constantly
improve their quality of law enforcement and law enforcement capacity, to strengthen
labor law enforcement and surveillance functions in the performance of the labor
process, the focus should be moved forward after the supervision and prior
supervision adhere to the combination of administrative supervision of labor
combined with supervision by the masses, strengthen the special treatment and
investigation work, urge employers strictly enforce the "Labor Law" and other laws
and regulations, strictly investigated, and crack down on illegal labor, arbitrary
extension of working hours, wage deductions and other acts in order to truly protect
migrant workers interests. For migrant workers labor arbitration and court
proceedings instituted difficult issues, labor arbitration and the courts in the filing and
trial, we should give attention to follow the principles from the fast, shorten filing,
hearing, adjudication and enforcement of the time, conscientiously for the migrant
workers Rights of Way open the door.

 four migrant workers to improve the cultural quality of

  management education has always been a part of strengthening the management of
migrant workers and migrant workers must be thinking education combined. Migrant
workers from rural areas, most have not received systematic professional training,
ideological and cultural qualities are relatively low, most can only engage in
labor-intensive, low-tech simple labor, the nature of many jobs for the more
short-term, temporary . At present, training of migrant workers significantly delayed.
In market conditions, social training institutions generally charge training, many
adults in vocational education and skills training, training staff on cultural skills are
based on certain requirements. Because migrant workers are highly mobile, jobs and
more provisional in nature, where the company generally reluctant to spend funds for
training them. Special thank you for your reading, this article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. On migrant
workers free training channels yet. Even migrant workers have the desire and
vocational skills training requirements, but because of the temporary and short-term
jobs, or because of economic difficulties, are often reluctant to put into training costs.
  With the accelerated urbanization process, the market economy on the quality of
workers demanding higher and higher, migrant workers are also part of the city to
receive special education and vocational skills training, physical embodiment of their
rights. Good education and training of migrant workers to work to strengthen the
management of migrant workers is one effective way. To strengthen migrant workers
and cultural knowledge and vocational skills training to enhance the culture of
migrant workers and skills of quality, improve their self-awareness of rights
protection, legal knowledge, city living knowledge, and guide its the culture, and
understand technology workers in the development of business, labor units and to
benefit not only their own migrant workers, migrant workers to improve the overall
quality of the entire community and urban development is beneficial, the Government
is improving the quality of migrant workers the main beneficiaries. At the same time,
through the training of migrant workers, migrant workers can be further serve the city
better play their role in urban construction and cultural and technological foundation
laid. Improve the quality of migrant workers, urban construction and development of
market economy, especially for building a socialist harmonious society.
  to the migrant workers the training and education can not be a mere formality, the
government should study the ideological aspirations of migrant workers, to develop
training programs for migrant workers, set up a special fund for migrant workers and
training programs . In education and training organization, full use of resources to
carry out social education for or included the training of migrant workers. First,
governmental departments and community workers on migrant workers in the
ideological and political work, the ideological and political propaganda and education
to expand the coverage and impact, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness; Second,
the government-sponsored training institutions, such as personnel training centers,
training schools, to urge them to the training of migrant workers in cities included in
the work plan, regularly carry out a number of target (or include) the training of
migrant workers; Third, the training of private training institutions, to allow private
training institutions to apply for funding the training of migrant workers and project
approval to carry out some specific skills training; 4 is to encourage the employment
of units to carry out some of the unit staff (including migrant workers) training.
Modern enterprises increasingly ambiguous status of labor and employment, the
overall quality and cohesiveness of staff is the guarantee for enterprise development.
Strengthen the internal training of all staff to meet business as a whole. In the specific
training methods, you can take pre-employment induction training, free technical
training, to encourage workers to participate in evening and adult education and so on.
Cultural facilities in the city, in the migrant workers are concentrated in the regions
and sectors, strengthening the cultural infrastructure, good evening of migrant
workers, site school, library, cultural and sports room to improve migrant workers
technical skills, enrich their cultural life.

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 thank you reading, this article from [worry document] collection
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