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					      Washington, D.C. • Ritz-CaRlton Pentagon City

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Conference Highlights
 •	 Over	2,000	pediatricians	and	other	interested	individuals	throughout	the	nation	
    have participated in this program.
                                                                                                         Committee on
 •	 The	conference	has	served	to	instill	knowledge	of	the	state	and	federal	legislative	
    process,	develop	advocacy	skills	and	introduce	strategies	and	techniques	for	utilizing	        Federal Government Affairs
    the media.
                                                                                                           Olson Huff, MD
 •	 Many	individuals	have	become	effective	advocates	at	the	national,	state,	chapter	                         Chairperson
    and local levels and have dedicated time to the Federal Advocacy Action Network                          AsHeville, NC

    and key Contact Network.
                                                                                                       lolita M. McDavid, MD
                                                                                                            ClevelAND, OH
 •	 Sponsored	by	the	Committee	on	Federal	Government	Affairs	and	the	Committee	
    on	State	Government	Affairs,	the	conference	enters	its	20th	year.                                  Diane e. Pappas, MD, JD
                                                                                                          CHArlOttesville, vA

                                                                                                         James M. Perrin, MD
                                                                                                              BOstON, MA

                                                                                                      Marsha D. raulerson, MD
                                                                                                             BrewtON, Al

                                                                                                        Mark rosenberg, MD
                                                                                                            NOrtHBrOOk, il

                                                                                                     Under Committee on
                                                                                                   State Government Affairs

                                                                                                          Molly Droge, MD
                                                                                                              DAllAs, tX

                                                                                                         Carole e. Allen, MD
                                                                                                            ArliNgtON, MA

                                    The	American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	Legislative	Conference	        richard l. Bucciarelli, MD
                                    is	organized	by:                                                        gAiNesville, Fl

                                         American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	Dept.	of	Federal	Affairs
                                         601	13th	Street,	NW,	Suite	400	North                             Barry lawson, MD
                                         Washington,	DC	20005                                                Bellevue, wA

                                    Contact katy Matthews at the Academy’s washington office          John wallis rusher, MD, JD
                                    at	800/336-5475	or	202/347-8600	with	questions.                           rAleigH, NC

                                                                                                         sharon swindell, MD
                                                                                                             ANN ArBOr, Mi
                  Preliminary agenda                                                      april 19-21, 2009
Sunday, April 19, 2009                                                        Monday, April 20, 2009

7:30	a.m.                                                                     7:30	am
Registration and Continental Breakfast                                        Continental Breakfast with Guest Speaker

                                                                              Key Issue Presentation — learn more about the key legislative issue
Advocating for Children in a New Era — today’s political and
                                                                                you’ll be taking to Capitol Hill.
  economic	realities	pose	new	challenges	for	child	advocates.		Gain	
  practical	insight	from	national	leaders	about	how	you	can	effectively	
                                                                              Building Blocks for Advocacy: Meeting With Your Elected
  advocate	for	child	and	adolescent	health	and	development.
                                                                                Official -	Learn	how	to	have	a	successful	meeting	with	your	elected	
                                                                                official	and	staff	member	from	experienced	faculty	members.
Practical politics —	To	fully	understand	the	political	process,	you	first	
  have	to	understand	the	political	culture	of	Washington,	DC	and	the	
                                                                              Lunch with Guest Speaker
  state	capitals.		Hear	from	those	who	know	politics	best	during	this	look	
  at	the	practical	politics	of	legislative	advocacy.
                                                                              Mock Session —	Using	the	tools	you	have	learned,	assume	the	role	of	
                                                                               a	newly	elected	member	of	the	U.S.	House	of	Representatives.		This	
Surveying the Political Landscape: What’s Happening for
                                                                               interactive,	hands-on	session	will	thrust	you	into	the	high-pressure,	
  Children — learn more about recent developments at the state and
                                                                               high-stakes	environment	in	which	legislators	operate.		
  federal	levels	as	you	gain	a	better	understanding	of	what’s	happening	
  for	children	around	the	country.		
                                                                              5:00	p.m.
Burning Issues: Workshops — learn what issues are hot topics in the
  federal	government	and	in	the	states.		Hear	from	experts	regarding	
                                                                              6 p.m.
  how	you	can	influence	policymaking.		
                                                                              Fun Run/Walk at the Tidal Basin
Lunch with Guest Speaker
                                                                              Evening Free
Building Blocks for Child Advocacy: Workshops — throughout
  the	conference,	small	breakout	sessions	will	help	you	become	more	
  familiar	with	the	legislative	advocacy	process.		Develop	such	skills	as	

                                                                                Scholarships for
  meeting	with	your	elected	officials,	crafting	your	message,	planning	
  your advocacy strategy, coalition building, working with the media,
  getting to know your opposition, and advocating with success.
                                                                                Pediatric Faculty-Resident Pairs!
5	p.m.
Adjourn                                                                         The	AAP	offers	an	annual	opportunity	for	pediatric	faculty	
                                                                                and residents to join together to learn about child advocacy. in
6:00	p.m.                                                                       2009,	the	AAP	Community	Pediatrics	Training	Initiative	(CPTI)	
Social Hour and Dinner                                                          will	sponsor	4	faculty-resident	pairs	(8	people)	to	attend	the	
  (Advanced registration                                                        Legislative	Conference.		The	faculty-resident	pairs	will	implement	
  and ticket purchase                                                           an educational activity on child advocacy in coordination with
  required	for	guests.)                                                         their	local	AAP	chapter	following	the	conference	as	a	learning	
                                                                                requirement.		For	more	information	about	the	CPTI	or	to	access	
                                                                                the	application,	please	go	to:	

                                                                                CPTI	was	founded	by	Anne	E.	Dyson,	MD	and	is	generously	
                                                                                supported	by	the	AAP	and	other	funders.
                                                             Course Credit                                         Registration Fees
                                                             The	American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	is	                Members
                                                             accredited by the Accreditation                        $550	due	March	20,	2009
Tuesday, April 21, 2009                                      Council	for	Continuing	                                $600	after	March	20,	2009
                                                             Medical education to
                                                             provide continuing medical                            non-Members
6:30	a.m.
                                                             education	for	physicians.	                             $700	due	March	20,	2009
Continental Breakfast                                        this activity has been                                 $750	after	March	20,	2009
                                                             approved	for AMA PRA
7:30	a.m.
                                                             Category 1 CredittM.                                  lodging and meals other than those specified
Buses Depart for Capitol Hill                                                                                      are	not	included	in	the	conference	fee.		Food	
                                                                                                                   and beverages provided during the course are
8 a.m.
                                                             General Information                                   intended	for	course	registrants	only.		Any	special	
Take Action Session with Congressional Speaker                                                                     food	requirements	should	be	conveyed	prior	to	
  –	Join	us	as	a	Member	of	Congress	shares	personal	         If	there	are	any	questions	regarding	the	             the	conference.		
  experiences	and	helpful	hints	for	effective	legislative	   Legislative	Conference,	please	contact	Katy	
  advocacy	as	you	prepare	for	your	House	and	Senate	                                                               *Advanced registration and ticket purchase required
                                                             Matthews at the Academy’s washington office           for	guests	who	attend	the	Sunday	reception	and	
  visits.                                                    at	800/336-5475	or	202/347-8600.                      dinner.
9:30	a.m.                                                    Attendance	at	the	Legislative	Conference	is	
Congressional Appointments — Put your legislative            limited	to	allow	for	more	interactive	activities.		
  advocacy	skills	to	work	as	you	meet	with	Members	of	       Please register early to ensure your enrollment.      Travel Arrangements
  Congress	and/or	their	staff	on	Capitol	Hill.               Non-refundable	registration	deposits	will	be	
                                                             returned	only	if	space	is	not	available.		            Air Transportation:
12:30	p.m.                                                                                                          American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	Travel	
Debriefing Lunch at Hotel: The Future of Child               Funding may be available through your state            Services	can	assist	you	with	discounted	airfares.		
  Health Advocacy: Next Steps – Identify	ways	you	           chapter, so check with chapter leadership.             Please call the AAP travel Office at
  can continue to build your advocacy skills and make                                                               888/227-1772.
  a	difference	for	children	in	the	political	arena.          limited resident scholarships may be available.
                                                             Chapters or individuals must submit a written         Hotel:
Award Ceremony/Closing Remarks                               request	for	scholarship	support	to	the	AAP	            The	host	hotel	will	be	the	Ritz-Carlton	
                                                             Washington	Office,	601	13th	St.,	NW,	Suite	400	        Pentagon City, in Arlington, virginia. Once
3	p.m.                                                       North,	Washington,	DC	20005	by	January	1,	             registered, you will receive hotel reservation
Adjourn                                                      2009.		Attention:	Scholarship	Request.		               information	from	the	AAP’s	Washington	office.		
                                                                                                                    Rates	are	as	follows:	single	occupancy	$249,	
                                                                                                                    each	additional	person	$20.

                                                                                                                   Ground Transportation:
                                                                                                                    The	Ritz-Carlton	is	located	five	minutes	
     Why Attend the Legislative Conference?                                                                         from	Ronald	Reagan	National	Airport	and	a	
                                                                                                                    taxi	ride	from	National	to	the	Ritz-Carlton	is	
                                                                                                                    approximately	$10.		The	subway	(Metrorail)	
     By	attending	the	Legislative	Conference.	you	will	visit	with	your	member	of	congress	and	their	                is	also	available	directly	from	National	Airport	
     staff,	experience	the	legislative	process	through	hands-on	work	sessions	and	begin	building	                   to the hotel’s Pentagon City Metro stop.
                                                                                                                    Taxi	service	is	available	to	and	from	Dulles	
     relationships	with	peers,	politicians	and	the	press.	At	the	conclusion	of	this	conference,	                    International	Airport	for	approximately	$60.		
     participants	will	understand	the	federal	and	state	legislative	process;	sharpen	skills	and	
     techniques	to	successfully	impact	Congress	and	state	legislatures,	and	develop	strategies	to	
     effectively engage the media.
                                              Conference Registration
                           	            Please	complete	and	return	with	a	check	payable	to	the	American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	or	provide	a	credit	
                               card	number.		Registration	is	limited	to	100	participants.		Registration	will	be	taken	on	a	first-come	basis	with	Academy	
                                           members	given	first	priority.	The	registration	fee	is	non-refundable	and/or	non-transferable.		

                                                                                                                                    Registration Fee for Members
          Yes, i am representing my state chapter.        CHAPter _________________________
          individual registration                                                                                                        	 $550	due	March	20,	2009
                                                                                                                                         	 $600	after	March	20,	2009

                                                                                                                                    Registration Fee for Non-Members
   naMe (PleAse PriNt Or tYPe)
                                                                                                                                         	 $700	due	March	20,	2009
                                                                                                                                         	 $750	after	March	20,	2009
   ____________________________________________________________________                                                             Payment Method

                                                                                                                                            Check enclosed payable to the
                                                                                                                                            American	Academy	of	Pediatrics	
   ____________________________________________________________________                                                                     (U.S.	only)
   aDDRess (CONtiNueD)
                                                                                                                                            Charge to credit card

   ____________________________                       __________________                  ____________
   City                                               state                               ziP

   ________________________________                         _______________________________
   offiCe Phone                                             hoMe Phone
                                                                                                                                    NAMe As it APPeArs ON CArD

   ________________________________                         _______________________________                                         ____________________________
   faX nUMBeR                                               e-Mail aDDRess                                                          CArD NuMBer

                                                            (all	future	communication	regarding	the	confer-
                                                            ence	will	be	provided	through	email)                                    ________________
                                                                                                                                    eXPirAtiON DAte (MM/YY)

Register by Mail                                                                 Register by Fax                                                   Questions?
American	Academy	of	Pediatrics-Legislative	Conference                                   847/228-5059	                                       Contact katy Matthews at the
Attn:	Registration-Legislative	Conference                                                                                                   Academy’s washington office
2862	Eagle	Way                                                                                                                                  at	202/347-8600	or	
Chicago,	IL	60678-1028                                                                                                                        800/336-5475,	or	e-mail	
                                                                                                                                               us	at:	
                       Be an Advocate for Children
                       •	 Meet	with	your	member	of	Congress
                       •	 Understand	the	federal	and	state	legislative	process
                       •	 Sharpen	skills	and	techniques	to	successfully	influence
                          Congress and state legislatures
                       •	 Develop	strategies	to	effectively	engage	the	media

                       Participate in the Process
                       •	   Visit	with	your	Members	of	Congress	and	their	staff
                       •	   Experience	the	legislative	process	through	hands-on	work	sessions
                       •	   Begin	building	relationships	with	peers,	politicians	and	the	press
                       •	   Past	participants:	updates	your	skills

     What do pediatricians have to say about the Legislative Conference?

     this is my first AAP event and i will definitely

      return.		I	am	very	excited	and	energized	to	
       continue	and	expand	my	advocacy	work.
                                “  I	feel	empowered	as	a	pediatrician	and	citizen.	Thank	you!
                                “ It	was	one	of	the	best	conferences	I	have	been	to.	My	future	
                                  career decisions will include strong activity in advocacy.

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