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 culture of language teaching innovation

  permanent towns and villages in Suzhou City, breaking school Hao Jun Wei
  General Secretary Jiang Zemin has repeatedly said: "Innovation is the soul of a
nation, a country Prosperity ... ..." "innovation lies in talent, talent development
through education, ... ..." "education in fostering national spirit of innovation and
innovative talents cultivation , take a special mission. "the full implementation of
quality education, vigorously promote innovation and education to cultivate
innovative talent, the heavy responsibility entrusted to us the times is the bounden
duty of each teacher. Schools in all educational activities, especially in academic
teaching, the students must implement the spirit of innovation.
  How, then, language teaching in primary schools to carry out innovative education,
training students in the innovative capacity? Teaching practice in recent years, I think
mainly the following aspects can be tried.
  1, for all, promote individual and provide opportunities for innovation.
  starting point is the innovative education for all students, so that each student's
personality have been healthy all-round development. China has long been famous
people, educator Tao said: "Everywhere is the innovation, the innovation every day
when everyone is a creative person." "Should enable everyone to develop, play and
enhance their potential for innovation , should also help tap hidden in everyone of us
has the wealth. " Thus, innovation is not only the social elite of the patent, each
individual consciousness and behavior as long as both innovative and successful.
Everyone has a rich and varied world, each student has a certain degree of innovation
potential and this potential initiation and training of teachers is totally under the
mining and development.
, therefore, from the teachers in teaching students the basic knowledge, thoughts,
personality characteristics of the starting line with local conditions, prevailing
circumstances, individualized, stratified according to the requirements of different
levels of teaching, so that each student has to develop its own lively opportunities for
innovation and quality for students with different levels of space for sustainable
development. In our teaching practice is not difficult to find, almost every student in
the study all had very good and innovative. Teachers in classroom teaching, we should
all the students and respect for students of individual differences, help students
develop the personal skills and equal to each student's environment and provide good
Tiaojian, so that each student Duneng to show them a variety of individuals in the
world access to innovative development. For example: in classroom teaching, we can
according to individual differences of students taking classes in teaching - Teaching at
Different Levels - Group instruction - teaching, individual teaching a variety of
organic forms, "Differentiating Instruction"; can be set for the students coming to the
fore " elective course, "expanding horizons of knowledge of students; personality
differences can be different according to the students for examination papers and so
  recognition of differences, respect for differences is an important point of view of
modern education. For all, with particular attention to the backward students, to the
less advanced students with opportunities for innovation. Differences between
students of teachers as normal, in the teaching process, guiding the evaluation of
different levels, so that teachers teach students to adapt to all levels of learning, to
promote interactive teaching and learning, encourage students to actively participate
in taking initiative. Such as hierarchical guidance on backward students to take four
priorities: first class questions, visit counseling priority, the priority board play
exercises, job correcting priority attention to protecting the less advanced students
learning initiative. Students in the course of failure, do not blame the students, the
trust's vision and tone to use to encourage them to try again and have the potential of
students, the students voluntarily should give specific guidance.
  2, respect for the principal, creating an environment to stimulate innovation.
  "Teaching is to not teach." Students are masters of the classroom learning,
understanding, development of subject teaching students to establish the dominant
position of unwavering. Teachers must be good at the subject under study conditions,
guide the students learning to learn, learn to know. Classroom teaching should strive
to create a relaxed, happy, harmonious, democratic atmosphere, inspire students to
learn the main initiative and enthusiasm. Thus, not only to students in the main body
awareness and sense of talent, but also conducive to innovation and stimulate the
students motivation to learn.
  most important feature of the work of education is that its objects are the work of
thinking, feeling individual activities Zhao, educational activities, teacher-student
relationship is the basic relationship between the teacher is teaching in the teaching
activities of the organizers , mentors and participants. In the teaching process, teachers
can discuss with students the tone of conversation, such as: "Who wants to talk
about ... ..." "Who wants to talk about ... ..." and so on. In an open class, a teacher
listening to different views of the students finished, all sincerity "I'm honored and I ×
× × the same views." So simple, but sufficient to show that teachers see themselves as
students a member. Teacher-student relationship thus established a more equitable,
more harmonious. In the context of teacher-student interaction, build democracy and
equal relationship. Democracy and equal relationship is prerequisite for creating an
innovative atmosphere. Teachers in the teaching process should strive to establish a
mutual equality, mutual respect and trust of teacher-student relationship, teaching the
formation of a democratic and harmonious atmosphere so that students can enjoy a
happy, harmonious, relaxed and supportive learning environment. In the context of
promoting student-teacher interaction, it helps the formation of a good teacher-student
relationship. To be sure, "Battle of Red Cliff," a lesson in this plan Cao Ying Huang
Gai Fire Attack clever careful when reading the text in the students to check the
situation after the creation of student understanding of the situation on the text. When
Huang Gai students, teachers as "Huang Gai" (students) hands of a general, let
"Huang Gai" in Fire Attack Cao Ying way to answer the teacher's questions. Design of
the Text the teacher a number of issues to "Huang Gai" consult. As students play the
important role that Huang Gai, naturally do not want to be "men" asked to live, so
they complement each other, eager to answer teacher's questions, thus not fully
understand this trick of the well-trick. In the above context, the transfer of information
between teachers and students both, but also feeling, more the impact of thinking,
students complete an equal status, make the classroom a sense of innovation and
stimulate an ideal place for students.
  third, encourage challenge, inspire imagination, cultivate innovative thinking.
  person's innovation is a complex multidimensional structure, can have the innovation,
the first is innovation. Encourage questions, inspire innovative thinking to imagine is
to train students in important ways.
  Albert Einstein said: "The question is more important than solving problems."
Positive thinking, the students often start from the question, there are questions to
encourage students to explore, to innovate. Therefore, cultivating creative thinking
training Questioning Difficult Problem from the beginning, the teacher must pay
attention to stimulate student interest in different thinking and guide them to point to
think, raised the question of value, and gradually develop the habit of Questioning
Difficult Problem. The teacher should encourage students to ask a few why, even if
some problems have been beyond the content of this lesson. "The Little Match Girl,"
a lesson in such a description: "... ... mouth smile. She died, in the old year Danian Ye
froze to death." A student on the use of "smile" a Words are not satisfied that should
be changed to "smile" on the grounds that Danian Ye is the happiest time of the
children, the little girl was frozen to death in the street, she would smile? The author
is not a misnomer? Teachers, students brave enough time teaching affirmed the
challenges and the spirit of challenge and guide students to grasp the contradiction
Department teaching understanding, proper coaching, to make students understand the
text further. Thinking from the students in the teaching materials and informal, to
fully display their creative ability.
  Albert Einstein once predicted: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Imagination is a special form of thinking activity, is created in the minds of the past,
things have not come across the image, or in the future to achieve the image of the
fact that the activities of thinking. Imagination is the innovation leader, did not
imagine there would be no innovation. Therefore, we say that imagination is
innovation, innovation is inseparable from the imagination of all, to develop students
creative thinking, students must pay attention to inspire the imagination. Teaching
materials for teachers to devote themselves to find the imaginative elements, find the
right way to enable students to expand imagination. Such as guiding students to
understand "Zhan Tianyou" lesson "amazed" when the word, I will so enlighten
students: Many foreigners come to China to visit and see the great works left
Zhantianyou what praise it will be issued? Students thinking, active, student cynical to
say: "You Chinese people are really great!" thumbs up even a student, said: "Beijing
Chang railway, OK! Zhan Tianyou, Very Good!" ... ... After that, I asked students If
you also left its site, what would you say? "Zhan Tianyou you are wonderful, you
fight for us in China the light, I am proud of you." "Zhan Tianyou, I will to you as an
example, take learning, growing up to win glory for the country. "it through the
imagination, students not only understand the" amazed "means, but also personal
experience to the" Chan-day assessment is an outstanding patriotic Chinese engineers,
"the central idea.

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