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									Thinking of succession planning succession

  succession planning thinking enterprises
  business organization in the pursuit of long-term strategy and sustainable
performance in the process of succession planning is essential. Good management is
not the heavens, and succession planning is essential to the continued good
  succession planning and strategic evaluation / recognition, management,
performance appraisal and pay together, tied to the three primary responsibilities of
corporate boards. Today, however, business headlines, the best is to make business
extremely embarrassing facts.
  Chief Executive Officer in office too long, so there is no potential successor or rival
light of day. Differences of opinion within the board, and sometimes overcrowded.
They often set the expense of shareholders. New Chief Executive Officer finally ready
to come out, the internal power struggle has led to great loss of talent. To identify a
successor to the hype impede the normal operation of enterprises, reduced staff and
the public trust in business, so that the value of corporate stock consequent damage.
  regardless of the cause to a number of outstanding enterprises in dealing with its
Chief Executive Officer succession issues lead to public criticism, the blame is not the
Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors may, individual directors, major
shareholders or the public self-appointed successor. Certainly, these are just some of
these elements.
  no matter what the cause of public opinion and the damage will remain in the public
mind. As long as there is such a similar experience to ask American Express
(AmericanExpress), Kodak (EasternKodak), IBM or Sears (Sears) can be crystal
  How, then, succession planning, to take precautions to ensure the good management
system sustainable? First of all, should be fully aware of the importance of the task. If
the Executive Director not yet have the necessary knowledge, enterprise directors and
investors are duty-bound. Second, do not blindly follow the traditional search for a
surefire plan to overcome this tendency today.
  must help choose the right successor as Chief Executive Officer of a major role.
Despite efforts to coordinate action with the board, but the quality of screening the
candidates, and enhance the attractiveness of the post is now management's
  corporate board of directors in many duties, to ensure the perfect successor program
to the key. However, in the Board's main tasks to be addressed, little has been
mentioned as succession planning, natural was the most easily overlooked by
  secret of success is achieved through the development of the succession planning as
a core value of corporate culture. So, not only established a position to adapt to all
levels of succession planning process, including the executive director, but also to
provide enterprises with an endless stream of qualified candidates.
, most of the successor organization strategies must make the following 6 changes:
  from the annual event into an ongoing process. Organization to create a continuous
succession "thinking" environment, to replace the annual succession "planning."
Through more frequent meetings of senior management to resolve, to replace the
annual evaluation or semi-annual evaluation.
  and then, to devote more time to follow up the regular staff meetings. Can also
operate on the staff and succession planning issues to be highlighted.
  the end, the goal of succession planning can be better integrated into the
performance assessment and management, for example, managers should develop at
least one of their own potential successor.

  strategic shift from short-term replacement for the long-term development and retain
the human resources strategy. Balance the urgent replacement of a steady supply of
talent with the reserve between the demand. The benefit is obvious, mainly reflected
in the staff development and continuous improvement of their ability to focus on.
  from the emphasis on "what talent" to stress "the talents they need," the company
must create an atmosphere, whether or not vacancies, can hire outside talent to fill key
technology gaps.
  key change in the flow from fixed positions. Ability to enhance and reward the
manager, emphasized management skills than professional skills. Good managers are
generally able to evaluate the potential of those key positions, develop an appropriate
plan of action to avoid fixed in a position to inspire the appropriate job mobility.
  shortage of qualified personnel from the reserve pool to the back-up. Talent is crucial
on two factors: first-line management has been involved in the development of
specific personal development plan, and is responsible for the implementation in the
end. For example, recognition awards of staff development, staff development to
enhance the understanding.
  shift from a subjective assessment to the emphasis on performance and specific
measure. Specific metrics must be established to assess the effectiveness of
succession planning. Are some standards that did well: at least two reserve
replacement ratio of key positions; external personnel to key positions in the ratio; has
developed action plans to implement the rate; the process of how high performance to
the enterprise.
  management change is the responsibility of all top managers, as change is never
ending and it must have a stable, quality management and guarantee its continuous
process. To do this, you have to analyze your organization's management needs, and
then implement these requirements for those who help make selection decisions. And
a sustainable program to ensure that those needs can be met.
  to ensure the best talent from around the world as the highest corporate positions to
the other reason is that too many people today, including many members of the
government there is a recognition: "Business is very ugly, the greater the more
ugly."% D % A criticism of the business today has reached record levels, and business
is increasingly seen as part of the problem today, not with it as a strong economic
basis to solve the problem.
  today's business leaders are facing a series of new challenges. As we move towards
an increasingly global economy, we must provide outstanding managers solid
successor to protect them not only for business and corporate interests the interests of
due diligence should also address some of the business, national and the world to
create a strong environment for key issues of paramount importance. This paper from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
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