Ten Ten breakthrough technology breakthrough in China's future

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					Ten Ten breakthrough technology breakthrough in China's future

  technological breakthrough in the next ten
  "Outlook Newsweek" reporter recently visited the Ministry of Science and
Technology Foresight Study Group project implementation team leader Cheng Jiayu,
he showed reporters the latest research findings, "Technology Foresight in China
report." Topic group of experts on the 1000 depth analysis of the past three years, the
next 10 years China's economic and social development trend and demand for science
and technology, the system investigated the information, biotechnology, new materials
and developments of the three areas of status and trends, the research group that the
next 10 years in the three areas of our country most likely to scientific breakthroughs
and technological breakthroughs in the following 10 areas: next generation mobile
communication technology, next generation networking systems, nano-chip
technology, Chinese information processing technology, human capabilities genomics,
bio-pharmaceutical technology, bioinformatics, proteomics, new varieties of crops,
cultivation techniques, nano-materials and nano-technology.
  information, biology, new materials, the three major areas of
  cutting-edge information, biology, new materials, the first 30 years of the 21st
century, the fastest growing and most popular of the three areas, they assembled the
world's most powerful research power. However, these relationships key areas of
future development of Di, China many of the core technology is Yilaizhuizong,
imitation, and the introduction of foreign technology, the original innovation capacity
  perspective from a broader perspective, not just these three areas of development
need to widely "independent innovation" confidence and courage. In fact, the whole
of China is facing an unprecedented scientific and technological development
pressure: Foreign competition in international science and technology to meet the
urgent situation, internally to meet the economic and social development process of a
major strategic needs. The ability of original innovation and technological innovation
capability is weak, has become a very long period of current and future impact of
China's overall competitiveness of great obstacles.
  for the next 15 years, "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan"
will be released, Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments
are working towards the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" - on the China Science and
Technology " the future, "discussion and concern recently over the past year reached
an unprecedented level. It was in this with a somewhat anxious, somewhat expected,
somewhat of an atmosphere of confidence, "independent innovation" has become one
of China's development consensus.
  with the consensus, and then look at facing the development of Chinese science and
technology "pressure" to a large extent has become a significant opportunity for future
development. The next 10 years, China has three major areas of innovation is most
likely the key technologies to achieve exactly what group? Limited funding for
science and technology into what should be a breakthrough in what?
  next-generation mobile communications technology
  mobile communication is the development of human society in a big miracle.
December 2004, the global (cellular) mobile communication subscribers reached
more than 1.7 billion, more than a century history has been fixed communication
users. Over the past 10 years, mobile communication technology to complete the first
generation of analog communication technology by the second generation of digital
communications technology to the transition, the current is at its peak to
third-generation (3G) mobile communications technology transition process.
  present, the world's developed countries have put effort on third-generation and next
generation mobile communications standards, technology and product development.
  - 3G Mobile Communication: International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T)
approved the three major 3G standards are Europe's WCDMA, Qualcomm's
CDMA2000 and China's Datang Telecom's TD-SCDMA. 3G has more than 30
countries around the world start business.
  - Enhanced 3G (Enhanced3G): In order to overcome the 3G technology can not
support streaming media well enough business, the International Telecommunication
Union has been in the development of enhanced 3G technology standard. Experts
predict that enhanced 3G technology into the business.
  - 4G (or Beyond3G): the next generation of the so-called ultra-mobile 3G
(hereinafter referred to Beyond3G) Technology is the international hot spots. Has a
higher rate of Beyond3G better spectrum efficiency. EU, Japan, Korea and other
countries have begun to 4G research framework, expected in 2010 Beyond3G
technology is expected to begin commercial.
  number of mobile subscribers in China reached 334 million, ranking first in the
world, the overall technological level and the international synchr