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					Temple temple temple diet

 temple diet of natural materials,

  recent, by the people as a pure natural food diet temple of attention can be said to
possess the material to retain the original flavor, making into both the natural and
refreshing tired of not eating. As a long history of Buddhism, temples diet have also
gone through many changes, although some differences in cooking methods, but the
temple has the following common features of diet:

 First, do not use meat. Although some differences in rhythm, but strictly prohibit the
use of meat Mahayana Buddhism.

 second, do not use vegetables in the Wu Xin cuisine. Eating onions, garlic, leeks,
garlic and other mountain who have taste, and will make people angry, greed and
stupidity, so the absolute prohibition of cultivation of food.

 third, the temple has a pharmacological effect diet. Because the monks do not use
Western medicine, while the consumption of mountain herbs. For example, the role of
weeds pickles and insulation from the effects of insect repellents.

 fourth, first of all a refreshing, light, pure taste. It does not use artificial flavoring,
use kelp, mushrooms, Su seed, soybean meal and other natural spices.

 fifth, using seasonal ingredients.

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