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					Teaching Reading in the Teaching of the passion and induction

 passion for the Teaching of Reading

 passion for teaching reading and induction

 Garden Primary School, Dongguan City Nguyen OK

  language of psychology, reading from the writing system in the process of extracting
information that people received organs through visual symbols of information,
through the brain coding processing, thus understanding of the text meaning, obtained
knowledge. In the reading process, while human cognitive abilities play an important
role, and human emotions, interests, hobbies involvement is also essential. Reading is
a special reading activities, which, under the guidance of teachers, there are planned
and carried out is under the guidance of teachers inspire students to actively take the
initiative to "re-creation of the mental process." Syllabus also requires teachers to
"correct teaching to keep thinking, language training and to correctly handle the
relationship between ideological education", "transfer of knowledge and intellectual
development, capacity-building of the relationship". How can the students to actively
take the initiative to "re-creation" mean? Traditional language teaching to learning
culture as the basic way to memorize the basic operations, emphasized that sense,
perception and accumulation, greater reliance on intuitive thinking, to enable students
to directly enter the "realm of freedom" to bruises Gunpa, the so-called "learning
opportunities hundred times, its meaning from the view, "lack of maneuverability, a
little ambiguous, vague. The Western theory of teaching challenges facing the
information society, vigorously pursue the effectiveness of teaching, emphasizing a
scientific logic to study the teaching process, identified the acquisition of language is
controlled in favor of "the chance to read a hundred times, its meaning must see", so
that students first enter the realm of necessity, the logic of strict scientific training, and
then to the realm of freedom to fly in. Unfortunately, they stress the cognitive
operational objectives, they consciously or unconsciously, lost maneuverability is not
strong, are difficult to quantify the emotional goal, the teaching of regret left us.
Therefore, teachers in the teaching of reading, that is, language training, to be
skillfully integrated with the goal of cognitive and affective objectives,
complementary compatible, that is, touching as much as possible to create a beautiful
lyrical or emotional atmosphere, the students in this pleasant aesthetic subject Strip
into the aesthetic space provided teaching materials and methods of proper use of
passion, emotion activation of the students, for students and the texts of the emotional
echoes the sentiments, which successfully achieve "re-creation of the psychological
process", to enable "students access to all knowledge, the development of thinking,
awareness, nurtured by the beauty of ideological education "purposes.
  1, Honk Kong,
  student production of aesthetic emotion is inseparable from the aesthetic object, an
object of beauty is difficult to arouse the reader's aesthetic emotion, and a set of
primary materials, all-inclusive, set of social beauty, human United States, natural
beauty, artistic beauty in one, rich in beauty information on the different levels of
students cultivate loving sentiment, to accept the United States can play a significant
role in nurturing. The literary work is expressed through language, and a wealth of
emotional information hidden in it, but it is still itself, only to accept it when people
read the fresh and lively, it shocks the mind the U.S.. Therefore, teachers must be
good to go, emotions and good use of the image of the works caused U.S. students to
sensory pleasure, lead to a keen interest in the students work. Such as "Guilin" One
lesson of Guilin landscape through the careful observation, but with a charm with
beautiful language, described the scene in the beauty of Guilin landscape, mountains
and rivers to express their love for the motherland, to the language and situations the
United States of America unity. Description of the Lijiang River water in the teaching
section, I let the students enjoy the collected pictures and illustrations, the Lijiang
River, these images have perspective, there are close-range, or even close to the water,
enjoying the process, I asked students to describe own impression on the Lijiang
River water for students to initially experience the beauty of the Lijiang River water.
Next, let students look at charts, teachers use appropriate tone range read the text,
focused water "static", "clear", "green" three features, and summed up students so that
students feel the beauty of language and situations the initial the unity of the United
States. Then, I read with the cited methods, and guide students to read what the
Lijiang River water so still, clear how well, how well the green and three sentences of
the sentence to find out the law, to encourage students in accordance with their ability,
experience, change sentence style, syntax, and understand the beauty of the Lijiang
River water. As the students are receiving it and look at the author's experience, clever
metaphors, Li River that forms the unique beauty and color texture of the United
States the United States, has inspired students to beauty. Students in the reading
process, the Lijiang River water vividly convey the beauty of works like palpable.
Teachers further inspiration: What is the display of the beauty of the Lijiang River
water it? Rafting with us and of the Li River, stroking the Lijiang River water, feel its
beauty,. Successfully introduced the students lessons in the Mood.
  2, Chi situation where
  in the students understand the text to the effect, let the students Chi emotion and
beautiful the description, to make the text of the emotional input of students in the
brain, and the student soul blend to produce a strong resonance. This requires teachers
to be good for induction, students with a rich imagination, the works show the
emotional space to feel the United States, resulting in "inspiration effect" for
self-discovery, self-improvement. In teaching, "Clair de Lune" Section IX, I used the
feelings of the combination of reading and multimedia approach to guide students
in-depth experience of "Clair de Lune," the content and mood. In this section, the
author wrote shoemaker heard "Clair de Lune" and the associations, cleverly wrote
"The Moon is" the content and mood. To make students understand "the Clair de
Lune", understanding of ingenious pen, to "Moonlight" as background music, I began
to read the text range, and with the contents of the text changes, and timely posting
three sea moonlight map for students students a distinctive galloping imagination.
Then let the students grasp the key words to understand the characteristics of each
screen. If the first screen, provide students with "microwave sparkling" is clear at this
time the sea is calm, the night is quiet. From the moon rises, the sea, "Sabian silver"
conceivable sea is clear, and I further guide the students, listening to Beethoven
played since the shoemaker's "Clair de Lune", eyes appeared as if the scene Then,
when the concert is like? Students repeatedly read to, galloping imagination, they
have come: then the music should be very beautiful, soothing, yet slightly muted.
Students with a tone of excitement out of curiosity but found their own, they are
waiting for the teacher's comments. But I did not come to a conclusion, but let them
listen to music typical of the first chapter excerpts, students hear, immediately
revealed the expression of surprise, their own understanding and surprise! I also
encourage them to: you can not read the text when reading out the feeling come from?
Students mood to try it. Constantly reading and commenting on students reading more
and more in line with the music. The next two pictures, I let them learn by themselves,
understand themselves to feel. As the appropriate use of music and pictures to the
imagination of the students received full play, the students in reading, the read music
elegance, lightness and passion, can not stop boiling. Their reading and music blend
together, I understand their music and imagination and surprise. They were created
out of the emotional world captivated! Finally, they listen to music looking at pictures
and retell the text, most of them can accurately to repeat what the text, some students
also rehearse a creative way with the music, look committed, and great joy, and
teachers are infected . Because of this, the last paragraph of the text, "brother and
sister were wonderful Pieces intoxicated," and students easily understand. They also
understand that this musician is Beethoven, to create such beautiful music, the poor
people to bring such a bright beautiful world! To inspire students in the pursuit of
noble ideals, a better feeling of yearning for something. Chi situation in which
students will receive unexpected good results.
  3, sublimated feelings
  When students realize their full aesthetic enthusiasm, the effects on texts of
emotional information processing, treatment, distillation, to form new emotional
information, stored in the deeper "information warehouse . " At this time, teachers
should inspire students to keep in mind the emotional information savor the whole, be
sure to find the "implication", "under the meaning as" to reach open-minded,
emotional sublimation, to achieve enlightenment. Here, use the "character
displacement" is a good way, that is for students to put myself in the character of the
location of the text, for people to say do think, in-depth understanding of the
ideological content of the text, to elevated feelings of purpose. Such as "small
musicians Yang Branch," the first section 11,12, write passion for music, Yang Branch,
in the music that powerful, driven between the utensils into the landlords to see the
violin, was caught, beaten through, is the climax of the story. Young families desire to
be a small extremely unreasonable punishment, profoundly demonstrated the tragic
fate of Yang Division. Students understand the content of the text based on the
feelings I use reading, music playing, the role of replacement of the ways to enable
students to empathize with and guide students to their own ideas into the Young
Branch, imagine yourself being dangerous to go step by step to realize their urgent
desire. Deep and intense reading, coupled with deep and intense music, read more and
more severe heart Yang Division of fear, helplessness and pain. Young families are not
careful about touching the strings and sent minor miserable sound, shook the Yang
families, but also shocked the students, because it is this one sounds, the Young
Branch pushed down into the abyss! Students finally come to the "sad sound" of the
overtones, overtones. At this point the students nervous, pain, sorrow, so that in the
rewrite section 12 of Young Branch beaten circumstances, students have successfully
reproduced the beaten Yang Division encounter unreasonable scenes, and some
students even wrote: heard the landlord servant it rude to ask about "Who's there?",
the Young Branch petrified, he simmering air, shaking, mind blank, he knew he was
definitely no escape. He huddled in the corner, the glazing eyes wide open mouth just
kept whispering in defense: "I am not a thief, I just want to see the violin ah ... ...",
students understand the exploitation of the feudal the system's extreme hate and
complaining, they deeply understand that only in today's China, such as the Young
Branch of a musical genius of children, to receive attention and training, to inspire
their love of the happy life now.
  psychology that people's emotions and awareness are closely linked, any cognitive
activity is accompanied by certain emotions, they are carried out under the influence
of emotions. Emotions and feelings which Chi, elevated feelings, is completed in a
short time reading class from low to high, Deep and gradual process, teachers only
proper use of passion and motivation, the creation of a specific situation, exchange of
language teachers and students to exchange emotional, aesthetic heart can inspire
students to enable them to study the cognitive and emotional blend together in
harmony. Thus, not only perfectly complete the learning objectives, but also improve
the sentiment of the students thought. This article comes from [the website of
Education] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting, to thank the original author. /