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					Teaching Composition Writing Reflection Reflection

  composition teaching students
  reflection of how students in composition teaching creative ability
  "Innovation is the soul of a nation is a nation inexhaustible power. "innovative and
practical abilities of a modern society the basic requirements of the quality of talent,
as the education service is necessary for this purpose. The new round of reform of
basic education to cultivate creativity in our students and the practical ability as an
important goal. Composition teaching as an important section in language teaching,
must conform to this trend. However, in the long-term composition teaching, we focus
on innovation is not enough. As the college entrance examination, in the exam guide,
we live to writing and teaching purposes with the examination. Teachers to teach
students desperately writing examination skills, how to organize the structure, how
the idea of how overwhelming purposive and other roads sections to impart to
students, of course, we are not denying the teaching of writing skills can often teach
the course with a large the utilitarian, the result of creative students has been severely
hampered. Students in case of various styles such as the table was writing manuals,
writing Daquan, Examination Tips, etc. books. Results of students mere copycat,
nondescript, fraudulent claims directly back Pham Van, is more serious is that
students lose exam essay atmosphere of knowledge, fear of science, have lost interest
in writing, but also the loss of understanding of the nature of writing. This
phenomenon is not only contrary to the concept of modern education and teaching,
but also runs counter to modern quality of talent. Can not but cause us to reflect on.
Therefore, this article on how to train students in composition teaching in the creative
ability and peer exchange.
  1, create free environment
  student's essay to the results, innovations, and can not do without a relatively free
environment. Only in a relaxed environment, students will be given full play of
thinking, students will get to display their individuality. Over the years, our
composition teaching often for college entrance, in a composition test design,
according to, the entrance of the time set in the very tight time for students, very tense
atmosphere in the complete composition, even in a hostile mood to complete the
composition, The effect can be imagined. The result could have no titration of the test
composition must be "legal basis" to thousands of students trapped in the middle of
stereotypes. Of course, this does not encourage students to develop the habit of
excessively bureaucratic, but hope that students in a calm, relaxed mood going to
seriously complete the composition, for students to observe, collect, filter, collate the
information of the time. In fact, too much tied to the students, but will restrict students
in terms of free play, devoid of personality of students. Just think, south of Yangtze
River to the students to write match North scenery, the mountains of the child to stay
at home to write today's technology, will be written, will be a creative? We often hear
of some teachers lamented: student essay, diary, weekly journal writing geometric test
is much better. This phenomenon can not but arouse our serious consideration. In the
final analysis because it is the student in a state of complete freedom, is in a relaxed
state of mind under completion. Of course, the relaxed environment is also reflected
in the regulation of Students, if students of a particular composition is resistant to
complete their compulsory, might as well let him not write. We can through a variety
of psychological adjustment, such as encouraging, talk communication, successful
experience, etc., to provide students with a strong desire to write. Interest is the best
teacher. Possible to select topics of interest to students, for students in a state of
complete freedom, so that "I write what I, I I write my heart," and this will have a
multiplier effect.
  2, to encourage students to speak the truth
  "language standard" clearly, "Writing to the feelings of sincere, seek to express their
natural, social, and life experience and truly unique experience." If the students have
even the courage to tell the truth no, it is difficult to ask him to be innovative in
composition, only the courage to speak the truth, tell the truth, to talk about
innovation. Only students in the writing as a need to write their own emotions as
Xuanxie, real feelings, the value of expression of the ideal flying, statements that truth,
whipping evil stage, the students of the internal driving force can be mobilized what
the potential students will emerge intelligence, creativity will be fully developed.
However, the student's writing over the years developed a kind of "impractical" and
the unhealthy. We are teaching in composition, often find such an awkward
phenomenon: a composition and found many articles to write their own parents have
been hospitalized, and even the contents of the death of their loved ones. Results of
composition is devoid of text, reading boring. This can not be described as
"impractical" and thinking of an impact on students. If this trend can not be stopped in
time, the harm to society is infinite, the sixties and did the wind has been left to the
people's memory of pain, we do not want to repeat that kind of tragedy. Just think, we
have trained people with the courage to tell the truth are not, what can we expect him
to innovation, let alone even make a difference for the community has. Of course lead
to students not to tell the truth are many reasons, but as teachers and have a bounden
duty. Because we often neglect in teaching students to speak the truth of the
phenomenon, had students tell the truth, as we look to be it for adults, to impose some
adult thoughts, feelings and ideas, and even the students viewed as heresy, be
mercilessly criticized and even scold the students which also tell the truth. Such as
teaching in such a composition, due to adopt different levels of teaching, class
information is used varies. Thus, a student-pin phenomenon expressed their views and
opinions, he thinks this is discrimination against poor school students, for expressing
dissatisfaction with the school, the composition can be described as passionate,
Bifeng sharp, expression and writing of all its like the flu. Logically speaking, this is a
masterpiece compared to other students for more creative writing, because it dared to
speak the truth and courage in itself an innovation. Regrettably, however, this
composition is not as good writing. This is actually a kind of creative students killed.
Meanwhile, in teaching, the teachers in order to pass examinations, often
unconsciously, to guide the students: Thought to be healthy and shows to be lofty.
Students to follow such a high score had to turn some of stereotype, to write the truth
come? Therefore, teachers in writing instruction, it is necessary to promote students to
speak the truth, to encourage students to tell the truth, for students to create a telling
the truth and express the truth of the platform. To truly show his emotions and writing,
publicity personality mirror, so that students would like to laugh burst into laughter,
cry on your tears. Of course, we promote students to speak the truth, not to say that
students have to say in the composition is really on the line, no lead. In short, to
encourage students to speak the truth, is to train students in creative thinking should
be an important way.
  third, respect for individual
  student focus on the development of personality and creative spirit, this is "standard
language lessons," Teaching Composition as a basic requirement. Individuality and
innovation has never been isolated, they are twin brothers, there is no innovation
without personality, personality is the precondition for innovation. "Class standard"
that "writing is the use of written language to express and exchange is an important
way to understand the world better understanding of themselves, the process of
creative expression." As students the difference between family background,
differences in living environment, together with their differences in experience, so
students will inevitably vary widely expressed. This shows that the essay itself should
be diversity. Is not empty talk, lying on the composition of which is the minimum
requirement, and write a personal, creative writing is the key to writing. However, due
to the impact of exam-oriented education, students have become great writing and
personality, nothing to do with things spiritual. In order to get high marks in
examinations are not willing to express their thoughts and feelings, reluctant to use
their own language, for fear of their own ideas immature, immature. Results of
student activity ideas and distinct personality are under a lot of repression. The same
topic, the Great Wall and the river north and south of students write exactly the same,
or even parents lament: how today's students to write the essay is a replica of our time?
When we keep a cool head, this is not what we have long formulaic composition
teaching, dogmatic, processes the results? So that should have been lively, with the
Aura into a boring composition class, students dislike, avoid disaster classes.
  lesson not to make writing can not be blown into a pool of stagnant water ripples of
despair, in composition teaching individual students must be fully respected, so that
writing classes to become a platform for display of individual students. This requires
us to introduce the students in the teaching of life, to develop their observation of life
and ability perception of life, because life is the source of literary creation, is also a
source of student writing. Free Writing at the same time also increase efforts to reduce
red tape bound composition requirements, through the diaries, essays and other
flexible forms of individual students can 张扬. Another evaluation system should be
open, to promote individuality. Change in the composition process of assessment, less
deductions, such as some non-meaningful "center is not clear, conception is not new,"
putting a big hat. Affirm her individuality, and encourage more exchanges with other
students. Through individual exchanges, so that students can see their strengths,
experience the joy of success. Smart diversification according to principles of
psychology can see, each student has their own strengths. Features of the show,
individuality, must make students aware of their value, stimulate interest writing,
induced by the potential creativity.
  4, flying imagination
  psychologist that "all creativity are inseparable from imagination." "Imagination is a
representation of memory processing in the formation of a new image transform ways
of thinking." Does not imagine there would be no innovation, imagination is the
precondition for innovation, more creative energy. Teaching Composition in the form
of propositions for reform, the creation of imagination, out of set thinking. Through
imagination, the concept and image, concrete and abstract, present and future, science
and fantasy cleverly together. Students can not only feel life today, tomorrow can be
better prospects; can not only see the real self, but also to design future self. This
thought process itself should be considered a creative work. "Without fail, only the
unexpected." Imagine there is no ancient "flying" dreams, there would not be here
today to launch manned spacecraft. As long as students are able to move my mind,
good thinking, their creative thinking can be fully demonstrated, students will have
been based on the surface of the image to create new. But the students to imagine a
mobilized, just as swift relaxation of the free trade grassland; as the soaring eagle, a
large Chin Hung way. Help develop writing ideas, so that students "see" farther and
deeper, so that ordinary things enthusiastically, so that the image of ordinary rich aura
to the article full of infectious, expressive. Once the idea of this free flying, it will
bring great creativity to the students. Edison said "imagination is more important than
knowledge", showing imagination constitutes an important factor in innovation. If we
in composition teaching by guiding students to imagine that students will have a new
life experience, innovation will be sprouting the seeds.
  composition teaching practice, we can continue to write, rewrite, building the future,
etc., to the students the space of imagination, and guide students to think boldly, we
will find students writing can be described as colorful, their bold imagination, rich
and varied form of the language of rich personality refreshing. For example in my last,
"My Uncle Jules" this class, students assume that couples encounter is the family
wealth Philip million scenes used in the Le; to complete a "home" after the idea of
two years after students and aquatic children meet the macro scenarios. A result,
students write a lot of quite innovative writing, people lamented the charm of the
flower of imagination. Meanwhile, the importance of divergent thinking training.
Psychology is usually that the divergent type of thinking is the basic process of
creative activity. On the same things, to guide students through various angles and the
side of, the conclusions drawn diversity, access to new feelings and experiences. If in
composition teaching, design? " Some Thoughts, "" Autumn in reverie, "" If there is
no gravity the Earth "and other topics. Students to imagine making a visual mess,
confused, you have to admire the imagination and creativity of students. In addition,
the composition of reverse thinking in students. Things have complexity, diversity,
this requires that we look to differentiation. Writing in the importance of teaching
students the training of reverse thinking things will not only enable students to have a
comprehensive understanding of the system, and avoid one-sidedness, but also enable
students to write the novel, creative, article, to avoid writing formulaic problems. We
can borrow the phrase, saying, saying to guide the students thinking differently. Such
as the design, "" A man is known 近墨者黑 "new solution" "On the face of adversity
train qualified personnel" and other topics. Students are able to write some points
unique, novel insights masterpiece. This will not only help students get rid of the
restrictions set thinking, but also for the students wings of imagination, more creative
the students savings of power. Of course, we here advocated bold imagination, not to
the students in your head, which requires correct guidance of teachers. This article
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