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  Reflection of the five total primary Ding Tong Zhou Zhu Yuqiu Guobin
  Section afternoon class, I had left into the classroom discovered that students Wu
Dongjiang mess under the table. He is the most I have a headache a student, to stay
off stage, usually without a moment looking hard class, not after doing little trick is to
move the speech, work has never been completed in time, parents are indifferent to
him. Points deducted for each class, are indispensable to his copies. Today, if he was
found on duty, but also a demerit points. I am busy and said to him: "Wu Dongjiang,
you look, you do not like this place like the 'Nest', quickly sweep swept away." "I am
the place was a 'ducks nest'" Wu Dongjiang pick up broom edge self edge mockery.
"Why is a duck nest?" "Because his voice was called duck!" Next to a child shouted.
"He walks like a duck." Another student added, "there we call him a duck, our class
have a cat, Pharaoh, melon ... ..." Students in animated conversation, rushed to tell me
the nickname and its history. I did not expect, the class of so many nicknames!
Students also like to relish.
  recall their own childhood life, others to do their nickname is still brooding. I walk a
little "pigeon", neighbors and classmates have nicknamed me "sickle feet." Whenever
the alarm call was nicknamed, I will feel ashamed and even afraid to leave their
homes Sunday, causing my introverted personality and strong sense of inferiority.
Now think, within the heart is still aching. Today, the proliferation of class nickname
will not be a psychological barrier to some students, the psychological impact of the
healthy growth of this caused me to think deeply.
  did not in time to stop this negative phenomenon, my education, a flaw. Kids from
the nickname used to, but also made me reflect. During the event, and I had direct
responsibility, signs of this phenomenon did not attach importance to the newly
hatched to stop in time. Students are not aware of the nickname for the damage caused
by other students. Teachers nicknamed disapproval, to the formation of this trend
played a role in fueling and sometimes even a teacher to students is also, intentionally
or unintentionally from the nickname. As I said the "Nest" are very likely to Wu
Dongjiang the addition of a "pig" in the title.
  nickname, from the part of speech to examine, it is a neutral term, is the "nickname"
means. Students in their daily lives, nicknamed the majority of production from the
No. reputation. For example, in education and teaching activities, the teacher
summarized the advantages of a student, so the nickname is a compliment and the
love component. Reputation as smart and clever as "monkey brains", knowledgeable
reputation as "Doctor", hard-working "little bees" clean love "Little White Dove" and
so on. The other students of their intention to follow the unknown, so that the original
intent of this reputation go the wrong number, form a constituent with a derogatory
nickname. Psychology shows that primary school students curious, childish thinking,
love of imitation, moral weakness, others from this nickname, first, lack of respect for
others, and second, others take some of the physiological and psychological
characteristics to make fun of amusement, is ignored immoral people.
 how to deal with this phenomenon? Is a rough guide to stop or correct? Violent
suppression, only allow the nickname from the ground to ground, to the students the
psychological stress and damage will be even greater. Proper guidance, so that those
with encouragement, praise, worship of the nickname, continue to play its catalytic
role; while those with ridicule, mockery, criticism of the negative nickname, in time to
 in education and teaching activities, teachers and students from morning till evening,
the students are teachers mirror, what kind of students there what kind of teacher, and
vice versa. Therefore, teachers should always set the example, words and deeds, pay
attention to the subtle influence of students. I also told the students, people are not
perfect, is better than gold, everyone has the disadvantage of one kind or another, can
not make fun of others had a short length, can not have physical defects on the
sarcastic ridicule students, should be concerned about and to help them.
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