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					Staff of employees is more important than profit

  staff is more important than profit company
  twice a month, the total number of business people around the world willing to pay
250 U.S. dollars, spend a few hours to visit the Federal Express Corporation business
center, SuperHub (translation editor: Super Center). Purpose is to experience
first-hand look at how this giant from scratch in just 23 years, development has a 10
billion U.S. dollars, accounting for a large number of industry market share leader.
  The following is Federal Express has been able to achieve unprecedented success of
the 11 management principles:
  focused its efforts for staff
  company's founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FredSmith (Fred) to
create a flat-type management structure, not only to the employee empowerment, and
expanded the responsibilities of staff.
  difference is that with many companies, FedEx employees dared to challenge
management. They can turn to companies GuaranteedFairTreatmentProcedure
(translation editor: to ensure fair treatment program), to deal with the manager has not
solve the dispute.
  multi-million dollar company has established a FXTV (Editor's translation: Federal
Express television network), so that management and staff around the world can
establish immediate contact. It fully reflects the company's fast, honest,
comprehensive, interactive means of communication.
  portrait of inputs
  20 century and early 90's, Federal Express ready to build a service center of Asia's
super station's vice president for Asia-Pacific JoeMcCarty (Maika Ti) in Subic Bay
(Subic) found a good location. But the Japanese fear of the presence of Federal
Express in Asia will affect its own transport, not to Subic Bay via Federal Express
service the Japanese market.
  at Federal Express, this is not Mai Kati their own problems, must be coordinated
across departmental boundaries to solve. Federal Express in the United States, the
main legal adviser KenMasterson (Master Mason) and vice president of government
affairs DoyleCloud (more Jol) together, get government support. At the same time,
under the leadership of the Maika Ti, Federal Express in Japan launched a bold and
extensive public relations activities. The operation was a success, so the Japanese to
accept a Federal Express to connect Subic Bay and the Japanese program.
  reward is essential
  Federal Express employees and customers often make assessment of the work done,
in order to properly recognize the outstanding performance of staff. Several more
major awards which are:
  BravoZulu (Editor's translation: Zulu Awards): Award exceed the standards of
  Finder'sKeepers (Editor's translation: to open up Award): for daily contact with
customers, bring new customers to the company's employees with additional bonuses.
  BestPracticePays (Editor's translation: Best Performance Award): the contribution of
the staff team to exceed company targets a cash.
  GoldenFalconAwards (Editor's translation: Golden Eagle Award): awarded to
nominated customers and management recognition of staff.
  TheStar / Superstarawards (Editor's translation: Star / Super Star Award): This is the
company's best performance award, equivalent to 2-3% of alumni salary checks.
  Federal Express has its own great culture, but also a variety of local cultures. In the
super central station, its culture is its sense of time; in software development
laboratory and logistics services, their culture is that innovation and creativity; in the
first-line site, with its emphasis on customer satisfaction in the corporate culture.
  for the United States and Canada, senior vice president of business MaryAliceTaylor
(Ma Li) said: "Our culture is effective because it is closely linked with our purpose,
namely to provide high quality customer service."
  motivation than control
  FedEx manager to lead the work requirements by making appropriate personal
adjustments to create first-class achievements. As Ma Li in the report, said: "We need
to strengthen the ground operation. I think if the employees so that each focus on a
single target, can reach a certain level of the whole. That is why we only introduce the
best performance award. It makes Our 50,000 employees can focus on improving
productivity and customer service. we've never met another thought to achieve peak
performance near 100%, while costs have dropped to the lowest level. "
  company designed the examination procedures and training programs to ensure that
managers know how to make the right example. Senior managers is lower manager

 primary rule is to change the rule
 Federal Express chose to replace the fixed price system designated by the distance,
and postal traffic pricing system (PostalCode-inspiredzoneandvolumnpricingsystems),
in the freight industry has caused a stir . This change not only simplifies the FedEx
business process and enable customers to accurately forecast their own transportation
costs. Fred persuade Congress to make theCivilAeronauticsBoard (Editor's translation:
American Civil Aviation Commission) to lift restrictions on air express, the opening
up overnight delivery freight (overnightcargotransportationbusiness), so that rival
companies have also benefited, the industry's profits increased by 10 times.
 problem there is an upside
 Federal Express to the customer problems as their own challenges and potential
business opportunities. FedEx received a product intended to operate their own
warehousing and wholesale business, retail and the global women's accessories at the
request of home by providing systems to track orders, check stock, arrange the
delivery time of service delivery so that it can achieve orders within 48 hours to
complete. FedEx huge super center is able to exist in such large scale is because there
are a variety of companies continue to ask for their help.
 positive use of technology software,
 FedEx experience shows that in this information age, a company to create and
organize information, and its value far beyond the company's internal use. The
company has a POWERSHIP (translation editor: Budweiser shipping) system, can
take orders, track packages, collect information and billing. Company about 2 / 3 of
the transport is through this system or FedExShip (Editor's translation: Federal
Express shipping) to complete the electronic transport system.
  1994, the Federal Express has its own website. Customers can learn through the
company's home page of useful information, but also open the company's COSMOS
database. To help customers bring their business online, the Federal Express to
provide a dedicated FedEx shipping software system, so that the transport process
automation. Federal Express has also created its own intranet for company-specific.
  hesitation will fail (but only to be spotted moving)
  While consultants worried about Fred intended to provide the next afternoon
delivery service (next-dayafternoondelivery) may affect the company's other services
such as the delivery of priority services and the economy, Fred that the new service
will bring profits, but also to eliminate the morning priority delivery
(prioritymorningdelivery) and at the economic delivery (economyrun) between the
idle period. His hunch paid off. Two days of the arrival of continued business growth,
the overnight arrival of the priority services continued to grow. In Federal Express,
managers act according to intuition.
  when the let go let go
  sometimes your instincts and be seen from the trend report is wrong. Federal Express
uses the latest technology, connected through satellite, fax processing file, and then
delivered to your door for a new attempt ZapMail (Editor's translation: courier mail)
for low-cost fax machine filled with the collapse of the commercial market and is a
lesson. This paper from [worry documentation] to collect and
organize, for the original author! However, this is nothing. Federal Express from the
outset, the company's system as a risk. Therefore, some other initiatives seem
reasonable or less succeeded. The first type of radiation, such as shipping system,
dedicated transport team, Federal Express technology advertising.
  to determine the image of
  awe-inspiring image takes a lot of years to establish. To go through careful planning,
use of different resources, single-minded to do to pass it out. The public has now been
put "to the Federal Express", that is equated with the promise to comply, it can be said
that one of FedEx's success.
  FedEx will think of creative thought. Federal Express is always looking for ways to
meet a variety of unique or predict customer needs. FedEx motivate staff to set up the
company's image, to create a kind not only for customers but also for the employees
sake of corporate image. Well-established image of the company's benefit to maintain
and expand its market share. FedEx never to make excuses. Successful advertising
programs to strengthen the company's reputation, employee pride in their own
confidence in the work of the same doubled the company's reputation. This paper
from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author! / Center>