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					Spoken Italian Italian Language Speaking Learning: Italian pronunciation

  verbal learning Italian Italian pronunciation
  total of 21 letters, of which 5 vowels, 16 consonants, and another 5 foreign letters.
  vowel sounds: A
  Italian pronunciation, the pronunciation of a larger organ muscle tension. Vowel
changes when the lip is clear, when in pronunciation and articulation in strict
accordance with requirements of the lip movements do not easily change the lip.
  Italian vowel sounds clear, unambiguous, in the process of always maintaining the
same sound quality, even when they can not weaken unstressed, the vowel in each
chapter are to be issued to clearly and accurately.
  Aa [a]: articulation: natural open lips, tongue Stretch, oval-shaped lips, tongue tip
against the lower gum, lips slightly receding.
  mamma papà daddy fama reputation mother lana wool banana banana lama blade
sala hall casa house
  Ee lips slightly to either side for god, degree of mouth opening slightly smaller than
a, tip of the tongue touching the lower teeth, tongue slightly up for the palate.
According to the tongue and mouth opening size of the different elevation levels,
vowel e is divided into open and closed è é.
  made the following opening words in the e sound, sound level when the relatively
large mouth, tongue slightly upward lift:
  bene pretty good bello pieno full lei lieto happy she europa Europe pesca peach
vento wind
  the following words in the e-fat closed tone, articulation admonished small mouth,
tongue for elevation:
  pepe pepper fede faith vela cena fan dinner pera pear cinese Chinese fresco cool
mela Apple
  Ii [i] Tongue Department of force to lift the hard palate, tongue against the lower
teeth, lips pulled to the side, mouth into a flat shape.
  Oo lips wrapping, slightly forward and extended, under the pressure of the tongue to
the tongue back slightly elevated. According to Zhang stretched lips pronounce the
different procedures and back tongue contraction force when the size of the different
vowel o can be divided into open and closed ò ó.
  [ò] o the following words in the letter made the opening sound, when pronounced
degree lips open, tongue slightly back after the reduction:
  the following words made in the letter o closed sound, open sound when the degree
of small lips, tongue, contraction of the rear back big:
  Uu [u] lips tight, hard prominent rounded, lingual Shi Jin retrusion surface elevation:
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