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 Volume 5 Issue 6
                                                                                         November 2005

    Rising Named                                    Forces
                                         New Armed Forces License
     Outstanding                            Plates Go On Sale
                                    B     eginning January 3, 2006, the
                                          Washington Department of
                                    Licensing will issue license plates
                                                                              motor vehicles, including
                                                                              motorcycles, required to display one
                                                                              and two motor vehicle license plates
                                    with six separate designs, each           (due to the size of motorcycle
                                    containing a symbol representing a        plates, the decals will not be
                                    different branch of the armed forces      available for motorcycle plates).
                                    to include Army, Marine Corps,                  In addition to other state and
                                    Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and         county registration charges, the
                                    WA National Guard.                        plates will cost $40 for the initial
     The Governor’s Veterans               The recipients of the first 25     purchase and $30 for each yearly
Affairs Advisory Committee          plates from each branch of service        renewal. $28 from the purchase and
honored Jim Rising, Veteran         will receive their new license plates     renewal of each plate will be directed
Services Program Manager in         at a special ceremony to be held at       to the Veterans Stewardship
Olympia, with the Outstanding       the Capitol on Jan. 3. Interested         Account and is tax deductible.
Employee award, during their        veterans submitted their names
                                    throughout the last three months to                 GREAT
                                                                                     A GREAT GIFT IDEA
recent Outstanding Service to                                                       While you cannot purchase an
                                    WDVA, and the winners were
Veterans program in Auburn.                                                   Armed Forces License Plate for
                                    chosen in a drawing held by a
     Jim Rising has been with       subcommittee of the Governor’s            someone else, you can honor their
WDVA since 1983. He is a            Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee       service by giving a certificate
classic example what a public       and the Veterans Legislative              (available in our Admin Office) and
servant should be. He is a          Coalition. These individuals were         your contribution toward their plate.
thoroughly dedicated public         notified by mail.
servant and because of his                 Purchasers will also receive a
unselfish efforts, many veterans    decal indicating their military status,
now in our state are getting        to include:
services they deserved.             * Veteran            * Retired
                                    * Active Duty        * Reserves
     His greatest attribute to
                                    * Disabled Veteran
the agency is finding outside       * Army Guard         * Air Guard
resources to lessen general         * Army Retired (for Army National
fund state money and continue       Guard Retirees)
excellent service to the public.    * Air Retired (for Air National Guard
     Rising is a very resourceful   Retirees)
and caring leader. Because of       * Fallen Hero (available to an
his strong leadership ability, he   eligible family member of a military
easily energizes his sub-           member killed in action)
ordinates and co-workers                   The special license plates may
interest in veterans issues.        be used in place of regular or
                                    personalized license plates for
     Congratulations, Jim!
    2            WASHINGTON          STATE         DEPARTMENT               OF        VETERANS          AFFAIRS

              Director’s Message
                                     I am very proud and excited to work for an agency that celebrates
                                       Veterans each and every day, throughout the year. I’d like to take a
                                     moment to share with you my Vision and direction for WDVA over the
                                     next few years. The basic premise is as follows:

                                     We Trust our military to protect our freedoms.

                                     Our military veterans and their families can Trust their Washington State
                                     Department of Veterans Affairs to:
                                               Serve as their advocate for all VA entitlements;
                                               Help Heal their seen and unseen wounds of war;
                                               Give Help to the homeless;
                                               Provide quality Care in our Veterans Homes; and
                                               Honor veterans in their final resting place.
                                     Our Commitment is to always be worthy of that trust.
John E. Lee, WDVA Director

      It is our collective action             Every day, we serve                back into their roles as Mom and
that bring the premises of this          veterans in our wonderful               Dad, co-worker, student and
Vision statement to life, for            Veterans Homes, striving to             neighbor. Having learned from
example:                                 provide compassionate care              past mistakes, our hope is that
      Every day, benefits                and never losing sight of the           by reaching out to these soldiers
specialists, contract service            fact that we work in their              and their families early, we are
officers and volunteer service           home.                                   creating the opportunity to
officers, serve as advocates for              And, every day, we mourn           make their transition home a
veterans - helping them access           the passing of our brothers and         positive one.
their federal veterans benefits -        sisters across the state, while              I hope you will share in my
linking them to the health care,         making every effort to ensure           enthusiasm for treating every
compensation and education               they are properly honored in            day as Veteran’s Day! My
benefits they earned by their            their final resting place.              commitment to you, is to work
service and sacrifice.                        For our newest veterans,           hard to earn your trust and the
      Every day, mental health           we’re partnering with federal,          trust of our veterans community.
counselors across our great              state and local organizations to
state provide veterans and their         welcome them home and                       John E. Lee, WDVA Director
families with a way to begin             helping them to transition
healing those unseen, but
equally painful, wounds of war.
      Every day, our staff
members offer help to our
brothers and sisters who have
fallen into the unforgiving cycle
                                             Happy Holidays
of homelessness. They find
them in shelters, on city streets,          May your family and friends share the
and sometimes, in county jails,             joys of this wonderous Holiday Season
and do their best to show these
veterans a better path.
  WASHINGTON            STATE        DEPARTMENT           OF         VETERANS        AFFAIRS
                       HR Commits to New V ision
A    s you all know, Evelyn Harris
     is retiring after 31 years of
service with this agency. We
                                     ensure the short and long-term
                                     objectives are achieved. WDVA's
                                     employees are our greatest
                                                                        focus on Support and Vet
                                                                        Services, in addition to
                                                                        ownership of critical strategic
thank her for the great public       capital and resource to embrace    programs. Feel free to contact
service she provided to our          and drive a culture of high        any of the HR staff should you
veterans and employees, and          performance. Your HR               have questions or need any
wish her a wonderful retirement.     Department’s new vision and        assistance.
      Dariush Khaleghi “DK”, is      mission recognizes and                   To become the workplace
taking on Human Resource             capitalizes on this belief.        of choice and a leader of a
manager responsibilities. He                                            performance-driven
also manages the Information                      Vision                organization, your partnership
Technology (IT) Dept. and            Our employees are our most         and involvement is needed. It
Strategic Planning. The              valued resource. HR’s              will take all of us working
integration of these                 commitment is to provide them      together to serve those who
responsibilities allows our          with the tools, training, and      served effectively.
agency to tackle the governor's      continued education to lead a
requirement to cut WA                culture of performance.
                                                                        Key Positions Filled
Management Services positions
in the support services, rather                   Mission                      Topel
                                                                        James Topel Joins the
than core service. This is a         Helping your WDVA to be the           Team
                                                                        IT Team
personal commitment that John        workplace of choice.
Lee has made.                        Some of our Priorities:                                 Our
      DK has significant             1. Recruitment/Retention                                Information
management and leadership            strategy/plan                                           Services
experience in training,              2. Consistency of HR                                    staff has
operations, customer service,        operations/workforce planning                           hired a new
planning, IT, and strategic          across all our homes                                    Computer
planning. At Intel Corporation,      3. Training and development                             Technician
he worked in training as a part of   4. Performance Planning and                             to assist in
the HR department, for close to      management                                              providing
three years. At Washington           5. HR/Payroll and Benefits         outstanding customer service
State Human Rights                   Integration                        and support for our agency. His
Commission, he managed HR,           6. HRMS implementation             name is James Topel, and he
budget, IT, support services, and    7. Compliance and alignment        reported to work October 17th.
investigations of discriminations    to the governor's HR                    James was working as a
as the Deputy Director and           management requirements            Wireless Data Technical Support
Interim Executive Director. He is                                       Lead with WDS Global in
an advocate of justice at work             To accomplish these          Kirkland, WA, and he is very
and improving work                   objectives, effective Nov. 15th,   excited about joining the WDVA
environment for all of our staff.    Debby Griswold, HR Mgr at          Information Services team. His
      According to DK, HR            Retsil, has taken on the role of   work duties will mainly be
departments are becoming             HR Operations Manager for all      focused at the Soldiers Home,
much more strategic and critical     the homes. In this capacity, she   Central Office and Vet Services.
to the success of organizations.     will manage the HR consultants     You can reach James at 360-
WDVA HR has a new vision and         at the homes. Lisa Benavidez       725-2201 or Cell 360-584-
mission to align itself to the       will remain the Assistant HR       6566.
agency’s vision and mission to       Manager in Olympia and will                          Continued on page 4
   4        WASHINGTON

          Key Positions Filled Continued
                                     STATE          DEPARTMENT                  OF                VETERANS          AFFAIRS

     James lives in Fife, is           serve as Medical Director and             support, knowledge and
married and has a three month          primary physician for the Retsil          leadership to ensure and
old baby boy. Please join in           Veterans Home. Dr. Anderson               enhance quality, dignified and
welcoming James to the WDVA            attended the University of                compassionate care for the
Team.                                  Washington where she received             veterans residing at the
                                       her medical degree. She also              Washington Veterans Home.
Pharmacy Manager Selected              received her Masters in Public
                                       Health from the University of
                      Washington       Washington School of Public
                      Veterans                                                   Who Retired?
                                       Health and Community
                      Home is          Medicine.
                      proud to              Throughout her medical               Ray Anderson, Electrician
                      welcome          career of almost 30 years, Dr.            Retsil - 20 yrs
                      David            Anderson has worked in general            Darla Grav, FSA Orting - 23 yrs
                      Smith to         and preventive medicine, adult            Dorothy Stanifer, FSA Orting -
                      serve as         primary care, alcohol rehab.              20 yrs
Pharmacy Manager. Mr. Smith            program and in pediatrics. She            John King, Director - 30 yrs
comes from Walgreen’s                  has worked as a physician for             Gary Clark, VBS Seattle - 12 yrs
Pharmacy in Bremerton where            the State of Washington at the            In December:
he also served as the pharmacy         Washington Corrections Center             Evelyn Harris, HR Mgr - 31 yrs
manager. He has held positions         for Women and at Fircrest                 Derold Perry, VBS Orting - 12.5
as a staff and clinical pharmacist     Residential Habilitation Center           yrs
in a hospital setting, as well as      for the developmentally
for the State of Washington            disabled.
Department of Corrections.                  Dr. Anderson has a
     David looks forward to the        strong quality
opportunity to practice and to         assurance background.
provide the necessary                  She worked for
knowledge and leadership to            QualisHealth for WA,
ensure and enhance quality             AK and ID as a project
pharmacy services, and dignified       director.
and compassionate care for the
                                            Most recently, Dr.
veterans residing at the
                                       Anderson worked as
Washington Veterans Home and
                                       the Associate Medical
the Spokane Veteran Home.
                                       Director for QSource in
                                       Memphis TN. The goal
Welcome Dr. Anderson
                                       of QSource is to reduce
                                       or eliminate healthcare
                                       disparities for
Home is                                                           WDVA Director John King (left) retires from 30 years of state
                                       populations.               service, 8 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Over
proud to
                                            Dr. Anderson looks 150 people attended his retirement party at the Indian Summer
welcome Dr.                                                       Golf Course in Lacey. During the celebration, First Gentleman
                                       forward to the
Karen                                  opportunity to provide
                                                                  Mike Gregoire (right) presented John his 30 year pin. John
                                                                  received many recognition plaques from the veterans
Anderson to                            the necessary medical      community and a gift certificate from friends and staff for a
                                                                         new set of golf clubs.
   WASHINGTON             STATE         DEPARTMENT           OF       VETERANS           AFFAIRS
     Superior Service
      Recognized by
     Veterans Family

Dear Ms. Magonigle:                     safe "shoulder" to cry on. Her     their way to see that he was
      The family of Gary L. Sayles      training and understanding of      safely brought and carefully
would like to thank the many            hospice care supported us and      situated at the Veterans Home.
people who worked on his                helped us prepare for Gary's       And, during the several days that
behalf and ours beginning               death.                             Gary and our family were in
August 29, 2005. Every person                 The skilled nursing team,    Spokane, we were greeted and
that we met during the time that        under the highly proficient and    given patient, courteous and
Gary was at the Spokane                 expert direction of supervisor     loving assistance from
Veterans Home was                       Mary Engstrom worked
                                               Engstrom,                   receptionist Phyllis DuPape
compassionate, positive and             tirelessly with Gary and our            We feel blessed that Gary
extremely helpful. Each                 family. First and foremost,        was treated with dignity,
individual went out of their way        Dennis Williams was nothing        appropriate humor and
to see that our needs were met,         short of a Godsend. We felt very   encouragement and received
over and above any expectations         secure in his nursing              the medical attention he needed
we had. From the moment we              competence and leaned heavily      in spite of his financial situation.
entered this facility, it felt like a   on him for emotional support.      The Spokane Veterans Home is
"family." Though Gary died on           His knowledgeable and merciful     fortunate to have so many
September 2nd, the Spokane              care ministered deeply to us.      individuals who care deeply
Veterans Home would have                          Charle
                                        Chrissi Charles as one of          about the residents and their
been and ideal place for him to         Gary's nurse's aides was a         families. The fond memories we
live.                                   continual ''bright spot" in our    have of Gary will continue to
      There are a few folks we          days. With her qualified, kind     sustain us. Likewise, the
would especially like to                and gentle manner, she             friendships formed with
commend. Marv King as
                    King,               encouraged us as she took good     employees of the Spokane
Veterans Benefits Specialist,           care of Gary. How can you thank    Veterans Home will carry with us
professionally guided us                someone enough who is with         the rest of our lives.
through the financial                   your loved one when they pass           Last week, when
arrangements, skillfully                away? We are grateful to           Congresswoman McMorris and
managing details and putting            Stephanie Capon that she was       her assistant, Shannon Kelly,
our minds at ease so that we            with Gary when he died and that    were in Pullman and expressed
could focus on Gary. His                she could share with us his        sorrow at Gary's passing, it was a
knowledge and empathy were a            peaceful departure from this       pleasure to be able to share with
balm to us. And, the late and           world.                             them the wonderful care that
long hours he worked to assist                We would also like to        Gary received at the Spokane
us did not go unnoticed. Patty          express our appreciation to        Veterans Home.
Hasbrouck the Psychiatric               Keith O'Donnell and Chris               Thank you one and all,
Social Worker had the ability to        Saunders who served as the
anticipate our emotional needs          transport team, picking Gary up         Sayles Family
and provided a warm, loving and         at Felts Field. They went out of
 6            WASHINGTON                     STATE        DEPARTMENT                OF       VETERANS           AFFAIRS

                                                            You Thanked Your
                                                       Have You Thanked Your Health Care
                                                          Food Service Worker Lately?
Housekeeping Really Is
       FUN!                                          T    he week of October 3-7 was National Health Care Food
                                                          Service Worker Appreciation Week. It’s an opportunity to
                                                     honor all employees who work behind the scenes preparing
     Throughout the week of
September 12th -16th, 2005,                          and serving the food in our facilities. This is a time to show
Spokane staff had a lot of fun                       support for staff, colleagues and/or friends...Thanking them for
celebrating Custodial, Laundry and                   all of the hard work that they do to serve and nourish you and
Plant Week. Each day of the week                     our veterans!
the staff dressed in different outfits.                    On
The residents loved to see what they                 October 3rd
were going to look like each day.                    and 4th, Retsil
     Shannon Sullivan, Purchasing                    held a
& Housekeeping Supervisor                            recognition
coordinated the celebration.                         event to honor
                                                     their food
                                                     service staff.
                                                     They have
                                                     worked very
                                                     hard over the
                                                     last year to
                                                     provide service amongst the evolution of their facility from what
                                                     it was, to the new facility that it has become today. And they
                                                     continue to provide excellent service on a daily basis.
                                                           According to Food Manager Theresa Stanton-Grose,
   Custodial staff on Tatoo Day, a part of the       approximately 45 staff (including intermittents), serve
   Custodial/Laundry/Plant Recognition Week.         approximately 300 meals, three times a day. The staff are
     However, according to Shannon,                  contributing a lot to the menu these days. The cooks use a
she takes it upon herself to recognize               combination of their own recipes, old military recipes and
her staff on a regular basis.                        recipes that they find on-line. Even the desserts (Lemon Pound
     “I feel doing something at least                cake with a lemon glaze) are recipes from treats staff have
monthly brings them together as a                    brought in, that are modified to fit the menu and resident
team and keeps the moral up within                   population.
the department. I like to show my
employees that I do notice their hard                                  n t s. .
work and appreciate their efforts.                           Prese
                                                      IC SEW
Everyone needs a pat on the back!”                                          Better, Faster
                                                            How to Do More, Better, Faster
Shannon said.
     The custodial/laundry                                     and Get Things Done!
department often have potlucks or
                                                       Gain Skills for a Successful New Year!
just doughnuts together. And,                             Managing time, paper and people           December 14, 2005
apparently they appreciate her as a                       Getting organized at work and home        Criminal Justice Center
caring supervisor, their department                       Conquering perfectionism,                 19010 1st Ave S
has a very low turnover.                                  and procrastination                       Seattle, WA 98148
     During the Holidays, they’re                         Delegating with success and               Room C-151
planning a party & gift exchange.
                                                          without guilt                             Cost only $99
                                                          Managing priorities and reducing stress   Call Ann McCay to register
                                                          Creating systems that work                (206) 721-6492
  WASHINGTON           STATE        DEPARTMENT              OF             VETERANS                                                                                              AFFAIRS
    Team Efforts Felt by Veterans Home
                 Felt    Veterans

                                                                             ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                                                                                                                       Orting Snack-Bar
S    ailors from USS Henry M.
     Jackson visited the Home
Depot store in Silverdale
                                   really helped us get the job
                                         While the focus of the
                                                                                                                                                                       Opening Soon
recently to offer a thank you to   ceremony was to thank the                                                                                                           Reed’s Kitchen LLC
the employees who donated          employees of Home Depot for                                                                                                         was recently
time and materials so that the     their support, the real reason                                                                                                      awarded the
Sailors could complete various     both HMJ Sailors and the store                                                                                                      contract, operating the
volunteer projects at the          came together was to help the                                                                                                       Snack-bar and PX . They
Washington Veterans Home at        Retsil Veterans Home, and with                                                                                                      expect to open on December
Retsil.                            the two teams joined, the                                                                                                           1st.
      According to Lt. Cmdr.       positive effects were felt by the                                                                                                         The standard breakfast,
Scott Young, HMJ executive         veterans.                                                                                                                           burgers and sandwiches will
officer, Home Depot donated              Jim Brown, Home painter                                                                                                       be available along with
approximately $1,500 worth of      and Bldg 10 project coordinator                                                                                                     homemade cookies, cakes,
supplies to his Sailors so they    noted, “Their assistance has                                                                                                        pies and espresso coffee and
could work at the home.            provided us the hands we don’t                                                                                                      smoothies. Carol Reed, the
      “We started the volunteer    have, to get the work done.                                                                                                         new operator will also be
project about a year ago,” he      They’ve done a great job -                                                                                                          asking residents and staff for
said. “One project was to          everything looks neat and clean.                                                                                                    ideas.
relocate a garden. We also         They’ve been a huge help to us.”                                                                                                          A two-tiered price system
painted the interior of a               Source: Northwest Navigator -                                                                                                  will also be offered, a lower
building. Home Depot’s support     JO1(SW) Spencer Webster, Staff Writer                                                                                               price for residents, of course.

                               In the Spirit of Giving
                     Perhaps you or the civic group you belong to could help.

  Holiday Donation Ideas for Orting
                               Orting,                           Spokane Veterans Home is asking for:
                                                                 Spokane Veterans
  needed by Dec 14th.                                            Cash for resident gifts
  Cash (to purchase $30 worth of gifts per resident              White Crew Neck T-Shirts 2XXL & 3XXL
  Items for resident Gift Bag:                                   by Dec. 9th please.
  183 boxes of chocolate candy
  100 boxes of Kleenex                                           At Retsil they need by Dec 18th:
  100 cans of mixed nuts                                         Phone cards
  100 boxes of crackers                                          Stamps
  100 Baby Powder                                                Sweat pants and shirts for men
  100 boxes of cookies                                           2006 scenic calendars
  50 boxes of laundry soap                                       Socks
  30 boxes of Efferdent                                          Hickory farms food gift packs
  20 boxes of Meat & Cheese                                      Microwave popcorn
  50 phone cards                                                 Diabetic soft centered chocolates
  White Socks
  $20 gift certificates from Walmart or Fred Meyer
  2006 Calendars
  30 Doz cookies for Resident’s Party on Dec 22nd.
   8          WASHINGTON              STATE           DEPARTMENT                OF            VETERANS                AFFAIRS

                             “Operation – Ready to Serve”
     It is important for each of us to be prepared to         • Select foods that require no refrigeration, preparation
deal with a disaster, not only to ensure the safety of you    or cooking and little or no water.
and your family, but also to ensure that you are able to      • Pack a manual can opener and eating utensils.
continue in your integral roles at WDVA’s Veterans            • Choose foods your family will eat to-eat:
Homes, Service Centers and Central Office.                          º Canned meats, fruits and vegetables
     There are many publications available to help                  º Protein or fruit bars
prepare for a disaster and the steps involved in getting            º Dry cereal or granola
prepared can be overwhelming, so WDVA is launching                  º Peanut butter
“Operation – Ready To Serve”!
     “Operation – Ready to Serve” will help divide the           November 9, 2005
creation of a family disaster kit into manageable steps.         Plan on gathering remainder of Food items.
This will allow each of us the opportunity to purchase or     Remember, choose foods your family will eat:
prepare a portion of a disaster kit, a little at a time. In      º Dried fruit
the end, you and your family will be better prepared in          º Nuts
the event of a disaster.                                         º Crackers
“Operation – Ready to Serve” will cover three major              º Canned juices
areas:                                                           º Non-perishable pasteurized milk
     ♦ Getting a Kit of emergency supplies                       º High energy foods
     ♦ Making a Plan for what you will do in an                  º Vitamins
         emergency                                               º Food for infants
     ♦ Being Informed about what might happen                    º Comfort/stress foods

October 24, 2005                                                    November 24, 2005
       Gather water and a portion of food items, plus a             Add a Battery-powered radio and extra batteries –
container/place to store your kit. Be prepared to             for information on Weather Radios. (source - Seattle
improvise and use what you have on hand to make it            Red Cross – Cost of $35.00)
on your own for at least three days, maybe longer.                  In addition, add one complete change of warm
       Water                                                  clothing and shoes per person, including:
• One gallon of water per person per day, for drinking              º Jacket or coat
and sanitation (don’t forget to include water for your              º Long pants
pets).                                                              º A long sleeve shirt
• Children, nursing mothers, and sick people may need               º Sturdy shoes
more water.                                                         º A hat and gloves
• If you live in a warm weather climate more water may              º A sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person
be necessary.                                                       If you live in a cold weather climate, you must
• Store water tightly in clean plastic containers such as     think about warmth. It is possible that the power will be
soft drink bottles.                                           out and you will not have heat. Rethink your clothing
       Food                                                   and bedding supplies to account for growing children
• Store at least a three-day supply of non-perishable         and other family changes.
food (don’t forget to include food your pets).
                                                                   December 9, 2005
                                                                   Add a Flashlight and extra batteries.
                                                                   Fill out your Family Communications Plan sheet
                                                              and prepare one contact card for each family member
                                                              to carry.

                                                                   December 24, 2005
                                                                   Give each family member a contact card (A
                                                              perfect stocking stuffer that shows you care!).

                                                              Emergency Kit Preparations continue in the January @WDVA newsletter