Scale new German TestDaF another record price in 2004

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					TestDaF Germany scale new market in 2004 set a new record

 new record price in Germany
 004 will have a total of 9,000 applicants to participate in foreign places, "German as
a foreign language examination" (TestDaF). As of now, the number of students
receive TestDaF certificate has accumulated 20,000. China, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey
and Poland are the most important countries of origin of students. Last Wednesday
(23), 12th TestDaF examination in 37 countries at 170 test centers.
TestDaF by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Federal Government,
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's scientific founder, Robert Bosch Foundation,
Association and organized jointly funded. According to the German Conference of
University Presidents (HRK) 6 月 8 made on the date of the resolution, TestDaF
obtained with the "foreign demand for German scholars, university qualification
examination" (DSH) an equivalent certification. Compared with DSH, TestDaF the
advantage of a title unification and unity graders.

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