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									CAL Bursaries

 Good memories, great friends... 

  Congratulations to our CAL Bursary recipients Ben Blake of Queen St. and Tyler Daines of
St. Johns. Both have graduated from High School and the CAL

  Tyler who played in the CAL for 13 years, all with the same coach, Dave O’Connor, will be
attending St. Lawrence College in the fall for Electrical Engineering. Ben played 11 seasons
with Queen St. and is off to McGill in Montreal for Engineering as well.

  Every year the CAL executive chooses from several nominees one or two worthy candidates
to receive the Jack Tee Memorial Bursury. The applicants must be accepted into post
secondary studies for the coming year and have played with the CAL for at least 3 seasons.
Jack Tee was an enthusiastic softball coach and leader of the CAL as a dedicated
Vice-President. For more information on the Bursary go to the new CAL website.

CAL Bursaries

 Speaking of the Website – we now have over 100 who have signed up as members.

  Your CAL connection is good for your business. If you own or work for a business that wants
to reach CAL members, get the business listed on the CAL business directory. Customers like
to deal with people they are connected to. Affinity discounts or other benefits don't hurt either.
For information about getting onto the CAL business directory click here .

 We encourage CAL members to patronize CAL supporters.

  Reminder, on-line registration is available for all CAL programs. For returning players, the
deadline to be assured of returning to your 2007-08 club is Friday, August 22nd.


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