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Russian Culture Russian cemetery cemetery culture

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					Russian Culture Russian cemetery cemetery culture

  Russia is indeed an ancient, vigorous state of cultural arts. Talk about their literature,
music, art, science and technology aspects of fruitful results, is the cemetery of the
cultural, artistic taste, is extraordinary. This is tantamount to the Northeast I read
fellow high-Mang (Harbin)'s new book "Soul of the end --- the Russian cemetery
culture," the conclusions.
  Russian cemetery set of social, historical, artistic, emotional culmination of the
world, left a seat for future generations dazzling monument. Meanwhile, the cemetery
itself has become an indelible artistic landscape solidification, accompanied by long
time and human.
  Russian man is lucky to have such a high artistic and cultural heritage and poetic
soul destination, blessed darling. As a painter, translator of fellow high-Mang was
once Russian translation for the industry, the honor went to Russia in many places. He
was attracted by Russia's cemetery, tombstone was a seat by the shock wave actually
surging in the cemetery center, linger. Fortunately, he was a writer, to see, hear, feel
are all recorded, together with the cemetery photos and portraits he painted, which
form a non-breath reading this I can not "soul of the destination - the Russian
cemetery culture."
  turn this excellent book binding, Yi Zizi, a sentence to read down all the time in the
tomb of the soul was the tension and the gravestone of appeal which may be affected,
Pushkin tombstone on which the harp is still ringing Dostoevsky thorns wreath on the
gravestone is still speaking to the suffering of the two angels beside Tchaikovsky
indulging in the "Pathetique," the melody, the heroine Zoya Yangshou issued to-day
the final call. The scenes, I heard sound, without exception, who was heavily beating
heart. Poet Mayakovsky, bass singer Xialiyabin Although many years passed away,
can they just changed form, is still in the final of the long-term singing.
  Russian cemetery has a rich artistic charm. She is not the coldness in the face of
imagination, nor is it a simple, abstract, unassuming, but the tomb of the soul into
shape, and use a kind of solidification of the language, shows the character of the life
trajectory. People with perfect integration of architecture, to the extreme here. 1 Block
tombstone is a seat for its superb works of art, whether past or future, are an integral
part of the forest of art. I had a thought, if one day be able to set foot on the growth of
Russia this magical genius of the land, I want to see palaces, churches, but also visit
the Volga River and Birch. Today should be coupled with a place that is the Russian
  to read this book, could not help reflecting on health issue, examine, and cf. China,
like Russia, is also a long history of great country, also has a long history of the
splendid culture, revisiting history, is gathering together. China's cultural and artistic
contents of Ancient Tombs, compared with any country, are no less significant. Since
the 20th century can be, almost a blank in this field. Have been a number of
cemeteries, all-mound or concrete, stone masonry of the rectangular tomb, together
with a wooden or stone of only names and birth and death years of the tombstone,
there is no cultural implications at all. Relatively long history in some cities, there are
some famous cemetery, but from form to content, are very superficial, hasty, if not the
tomb during his lifetime has extraordinary industry track, behind the tomb is no need
to pay their last respects. Take a look at our own, also stands at "building works" level,
far from "architectural art" level. Are no residential living arts at all. Besides, what
enemies of the cemetery.
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