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Reflection Reflection Reflection sentence ---- a teacher by fdjerue7eeu


									Reflection Reflection Reflection sentence ---- a teacher

 sentencing teachers reflect on children

  "children have not had time to grow up, they were sentenced to a month bad kids,
stupid kids "
  -" the rebuilding of lives, "p. 170 (Jiang Guangping book Beijing Publishing House
in January 2001 version 1)
  This book was published in 2001, the first few Genius has just read, and now it lay
quietly on my desk. A soft lamp light. In the recorded value of life and beyond for the
same time, it is also written in the current education of torture. The book is written
above the words, ten years teaching experience as a teacher, reading a great shock.
Yes, "pronounced", this sentence mean? I kept thinking, could not help but shudder.
Parents and teachers pronounced, most likely a child's life!
  fine thought that more than ten years, its done consciously or unconsciously, how
many times this "sentence" the arbiter of what? Remember. All I know is that I taught
each of my children are judged before, and each child has done this in mind the
verdict. Now I was doing such a thing. I give the children a variety of labels affixed:
stupid, naive, good quality, good ... ... are members of my class, I recognized an
outstanding student but a few people, sometimes even vacant! What then? They
pre-judged according to my development of the mediocre, the last few or a dozen in
high school, most of the farming went home. All along, my little miss judge, I look for
their potential and pride.
, but I was wrong.
  My vision is indeed accurate. I see their current status. But I do not see is their
potential and future. Subconsciously, I think their future and should now be the same.
Indeed, many people's future and now is the same. Because of their potential as a
variable, not to make life more colorful. I see a partner in the statue is the partner in
the statue, so it will always be a statue. The Pygmalion has to make it live. Because he
will see it as a living.
  is excellent Balls, Zhou Hong is not only "the germination of a daughter to deaf
child into a prodigy of the idea of" more "convinced that his daughter is a genius,"
"Balls should be a genius." Because Zhou Hong know that "parents should have
confidence that their children should think of your child is the best kids.". Then under
the guidance of his father Balls successful memorized pi 1000, the "first time she
finally found herself a child prodigy feeling.". When the educators and the educated
believe that the educated is a child prodigy, a genius, the future is imagined, Zhou
Hong father and daughter worked together to accomplish a "myth of the Orient." But
at the time, if looked at with real vision to, Balls is just a normal girl with physical
disabilities only.
  education may be the blueprint for shaping the minds of people by it.
  I gone wrong? Teachers, they have no blueprint. Students? Teachers cold eye, "kind"
words, the students laughed at the rumors, papers on the red thick stick ... ... which the
individual mind would dare to think of themselves as a child prodigy, a genius? They
only shrink and inferiority. Thus, teachers, parents, scores, students and the students
themselves, they were all pronounced: you are a mediocre person. Where there will be
a miracle to happen? As the book says: "There are many impossible, in fact, is not
impossible, but we do not do not even want to think about. Sometimes people think
too bad themselves, on their own estimates less than. "
 was sentenced as a" stupid kids, bad kids ", was sentenced for the mediocre people
who matter, the future will not have passion. In the face of mediocre people who are
no passion to guide the natural fool of. So, mediocrity would be fixed grid, then, the
prophecy will be achieved mediocrity.
 sentence - the passion out of each person, each person's fantasy. The passion and
imagination is possible only beyond the mediocre.
 as an educator, we see the students, should be our hearts, he thought of the future
should be that way. The students in the eyes of its own, it should be the future of their
dreams. In this way can develop their potential, ignite passion, blooming brilliant.
 sentence, only time will always be students grow cells in the present. This article
comes from [the website of Education] collection and sorting, to
thank the original author. / Center>

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