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					Project management of project cost management

 of project cost management
 Abstract of construction enterprises: the task is a prerequisite for the development,
cost management is the key. Project cost management of construction enterprises is an
eternal topic. The article discusses the cost of project management.
 Key words Project Cost Management

  construction unit to enhance the market competitiveness of the construction of the
final fight in the project with minimum capital investment to maximize profits, so as
to maximize the share social value, the company bigger and stronger, and the
"minimum investment" to refer to the management of project cost control, the cost
impact of the project cost control program within the cost management must
strengthen. I think the following aspects should be to strengthen control and

 1, increase full economic sense

  Ministry of Works in the project contract system in order to make the cost of the
project management department, must first clear point is that cost management should
be full management. Cost control to achieve full participation, establish the full
economic sense. Awareness of how to establish the full economic construction unit is
now an urgent need to solve a problem. Concrete should do the following:
  1. Project managers and superiors first sign of responsibility, specifically his
experience in the construction process when different situations should bear
responsibility. In the clear responsibility of the responsibility to determine the cost
(the cost is the responsibility of those responsible for control in accordance with the
level of Guiji of responsibility should be responsible for the cost), and to develop
economic incentives and penalties related to the system.
  2. In the project level by level within the Department of responsibility, level by level
liability cost, signed their letters of responsibility. Good project clearly the
responsibility of individual members within the Department, who is in charge, who
burden. Improve project members a sense of responsibility within the Department, the
responsibility can be written on the wall and reminding members of the project within
the Department.
  3. In the specific assessment measures, within the Department in the project team set
up an assessment after the completion of each procedure, the duties of members of the
project costs within the Department of completion, to negotiate assessment. Within
their respective responsibilities to the cost of assessment, the associated economic
incentives and penalties.
  using "Handan Iron and Steel" experience, to carry out the construction budget
management, "Handan Iron and Steel" Experience is the Handan Iron and Steel were
simulated market approach, simulated the cost of the project cost to control a set of
scientific and effective management experience, it is by setting goals to achieve cost
effective way to control costs. Project Manager Department should Suo Tong Yi
compilation of construction contractor section of plans and programs, science
logistics, and reasonable allocation, to avoid wasting human and material resources,
on the whole section of the expected target cost for scientific measurement and
classification, and each paragraph of the first part or analysis of the cost elements, to
identify controllable costs, can adjust the cost for key control. In manpower,
machinery to make scientific manipulation, to avoid waste, to explore and adopt
advanced low-cost process and construction methods, etc. to reduce costs, the
implementation of cost control. Practice has shown that the use of "Handan Iron and
Steel," the experience of the construction budget to strengthen management, develop
target cost, target profit and the formulation of a conditional break the breakeven
point, which is cost-effective way to control.

  2, strict management and control in the construction of a cost to the budget and
target cost as objectives, ensuring the construction quality of the premise, with
emphasis on the implementation
% D % A 1. for the implementation of effective cost control, project management
department in the establishment of "QC" group constitutes a large proportion of cost
expenditures to control costs and focus on analysis, control views, develop
  2. On the key materials used in competitive bidding approach, to be able to
customize materials, materials and bulk goods by bidding approach, the premise of
guaranteeing quality, reduce procurement costs and achieve the purpose of reducing
  3. Scientific construction, to avoid wastage. In the concrete mix, the focus with the
ratio of ingredients to make a scientific, accurate measurement, emphasis on quality
construction, avoid problems and waste generation, objective perspective, to achieve
cost reduction effect.
  4. Control of non-production costs and overall expenses, reducing non-productive
expenditure, control the occurrence of unreasonable comprehensive costs, overcome
and avoid the cost of the strict control, in order to fundamentally eliminate.
  3, comparing the use of financial means assessment, supervision and guidance to
target cost to run

  construction of enterprise project managers to the Department of Financial Services,
through inspection, evaluation target cost of the operation to find enough to find the
gap. Timely guidance on the existing problems, propose improvement measures and
observations. Various staff meetings can be convened by the Organization to study the
target cost of the operation, in time to find the problem, determine the control points.
Costs incurred while the legality of the documents, rationality checks do not meet the
requirements of financial management that should be timely and correct. Completion
of settlement must have project task list, project acceptance statements, agreements or
contracts, invoices and payment vouchers, etc.. Fine by strict financial accounting
procedures, both to meet the financial management function to control costs, but also
in ensuring the quality of materials and engineering has played a catalytic role.

 4, the implementation of individual project accounts system, control costs and

 project is completed, the implementation of individual project accounts system has
been a good form of management. In recent years, as the project funds in place in time
and personnel are not ideological reasons, the project is completed to the end of the
year already, so will be replaced by year-end financial statements and includes
accounts of individual works. Effective cost control, or insist on the implementation
of individual projects should be carried out examination and approval of individual
project financial statements. Implementation of individual projects, after completion
of the project management department to develop individual project financial
accounts books, accounts written approval by the project construction project
management business leadership organization or headquarters issuing the construction
of the project, the construction company by issuing a single project financial
statements books for the annual financial accounts.

 5, to carry out internal audit work to strengthen financial supervision and strengthen
project supervision and project finance, cost control is necessary to play the internal
audit staff
 can function

  auditors detached, impartial decision of the management of audit working Duli
detachment outside of work supervision, while this monitoring is also an effective
form of management, not only for monitoring the project cost Zhichu, but to the entire
implementation of internal control of the Further functions and personnel supervision.
Therefore, to ensure the project's economic activities and their healthy and orderly
conduct an objective assessment and monitoring, requires auditors to audit according
to requirements, carry out pre-audit, do the audit and post audit, the procurement of
major materials significant cost expenditures, the bulk of capital expenditure, the
legitimacy of the economic business, reasonable, effective, original documents are
valid, internal control system to check and supervise such compliance. On the
problems in cost control, timely project and construction companies leading
organizational communication, research and take measures to resolutely correct.
  short, project cost management is a whole process of comprehensive, overall
management, should be "man, machine, material, environmental law," and other areas
to strengthen management and strict control, overall supervision, can reduce the
section consumption, the lowest cost to at least get the maximum return on investment
to achieve the maximum expected profit, project management to achieve the best
results. This paper from [worry documentation] to collect and
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