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Chemicals Industries


									Chemicals Industries

The word ‘Chemical’ is a substance which has some definite composition. It’s any
organic or inorganic substance of a particular molecular identity. Chemicals substances
are found in various types: artificial chemicals can be classified by production volume
into bulk chemicals while fine chemicals and other chemicals are found in research only.
As the name suggests, bulk chemicals are produced in huge quantities with relatively low
cost of production; on the other hand, fine chemicals are produced in small quantities for
specific uses like biocides, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals for technical
applications and the production cost for these chemicals are too high.

Chemicals Industries:

The chemicals industries came into existence since the time of industrial revolution. The
oldest industrial chemicals were sulfur and sodium carbonate. Chemical industries plays
major role in adding value to raw materials by converting them into the chemicals
require for manufacture of final products. Chemicals industries are associated with
intense competition for national and international markets. Chemicals forms basic raw
material for manufacture of inorganic industrial chemicals.

With advancement in research and development, Indian Chemical Industry has
tremendously growing in manufacturing sector comprising of specialty chemicals,
pharmaceutical chemicals and fine chemicals. Certain chemicals such as Sulfur,
phosphorous, nitrogen and chloral kali chemical industries are significant producer of
some of the basic inorganic chemicals; often these chemicals are further used in
manufacturing final consumer commodities as well.

Chemicals industries in India contributes about 7 per cent of the gross Indian GDP, hence
forms significant component in Indian economy. These industries are responsible for the
growth of both agricultural and industrial sectors. Moreover, it has provided effective
source for various other areas such as automotives, engineering, food, consumer products
etc. Indian Chemicals Industries contributed around 17.6 per cent of the total
manufacturing sector. The total exports counted about US $ 5.95 billion and imports were
of about US $ 30.59 billion, overall reflecting a growth of about 10.23 per cent and
contributing the CAGR of around 8.68 per cent in the last three years. United States is the
biggest consumer of chemicals commodities across the globe while Asia is the largest
consumer of fertilizers and agrochemicals.

The Department of Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals of Ministry of Chemicals and
Fertilizer takes the major decisions and formulates the policy, planning, development and
regulation of the Chemicals Industries in India. Big brands across worldwide in
chemicals production are Dow, SABIC, Mitsubishi, Eastman Chemical Company, Bayer,
DuPont, Braskem and ExxonMobil including thousands of small scale undertakings.
Some of the prominent countries manufacturing chemicals are Western Europe, Japan,
Latin America, North America and Asia.

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