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									Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers are devices that are primarily used to remove heat or temperature in the
process to transfer waste heat to the atmosphere. Cooling towers evaporates heat water
substance and cools the working fluid. These devices are extensively used in chemical
plants, oil refineries, electricity units, power stations and building cooling.

Chemical Industries uses cooling towers primarily as they are relatively less expensive
and dependable means of removing low grade heat from cooling water. The process of
cooling towers is to replenish water lost due to evaporation; hot water from heat
exchangers is transformed into cool air and the water presence is removed and is sent
back again to the tower exchangers for further cooling.

Cooling tower is classified into two main categories:

Natural Draft: uses very large concrete chimneys to release heat water airs.

Mechanical Draft: uses large fans to force air through circulated water.

Cooling towers are designed in accordance with the highest geographic wet bulb
temperatures. Cooling is an important function for any industrial process; as for a
manufacturing unit to run smoothly and produce commodities with ease.

Industrial Cooling systems requirements has been in existence of many years. In the
initial period industrial revolution, the first need of cooling aroused. The use of cooling
towers grew faster as they were successful in removing the heat from the industrial

Industries must ensure the proper maintenance of the quality and level of water in these
towers as it can result into formation of algae and bacterial in water. Hence, maintaining
the cooling towers regularly is very essential aspect. Cooling towers which are not
properly maintained can cause harmful diseases such as Legionnaires. However, this can
be avoided by taking proper water treatment in industrial cooling towers.

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