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					Gemstones Diamonds
Gemstones Diamonds are versatile piece of jewel that many people desire to have to
keep themselves up with the trends. Diamonds are everlasting that brighten everything up
with their sparkle and shine adding value to their piece. Diamonds are classic and elegant
than any other gems. In olden days, it was believed that wearing diamonds endows
strength, courage and power. Diamond Jewels includes pendants, rings, necklaces,
watches, etc.

Gemstone Diamond Jewellery is the most expensive and attractive jewellery ever created.
Its incomparable luster, brilliant sparkle makes it highly priced of all other gems. In
particular diamonds are the hardest substance in earth; hence it’s considered as the major
industrial application for the use of diamonds in reshaping and polishing. Some of the
most wanted gems are Rubies, Sapphire, Amethyst, etc.

The popularity of diamonds has grown because of improved polishing, increased supply
in the global economy with innovative and promotional advertising campaigns.
Diamonds are also used in industrial areas for its hardness and forms ideal material for
cutting and polishing.


- a transparent crystal

- extreme hard, thermal conductive and high optical dispersion

- diamond converts into graphite when kept in oxygen-free atmosphere

- forms under other naturally occurring high-pressure conditions

Approximately 49 per cent of diamonds are found in the central and southern Africa;
other significant sources are India, Russia, Australia and Brazil. Diamonds mines are also
found parts of United States such as Montana, Colorado, and Arkansas. It is believed that
around 20 per cent of mined diamonds are suitable to use as gemstones.

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