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					Personnel Training of tourism personnel training

 Training of tourism professionals

 of: universal Han Hairong Jiang, WANG Li-juan
 Abstract With the rapid development of tourism, tourism the tourism industry,
increasing demand for talent, while the quality of tourism professionals are
increasingly high requirements. This paper studies the characteristics of the current
market demand for tourism professionals and tourism industry professionals,
government, schools, multi-channel training method Trinity.
 Key words tourism professionals, cultivating

  as China's economic development, reform and holidays, paid leave of practice,
China has become the world's most vitality and safety of tourist destinations tourism
rising international status. According to 2007 Statistics Bulletin of China Tourism
Statistics: 2007 full year received a total of tourists 131 873 300 people, to achieve
international tourism foreign exchange revenues 41.919 billion U.S. dollars,
respectively, over the previous year growth of 5.5% and 23.5%; domestic tourists 1.61
billion people, income 777.062 billion yuan, 15.5% respectively over the previous
year and 24.7%. Development of the industry, talent is the key, in the context of rapid
growth of tourism, tourism manpower shortage, the urgent need to adapt to the
tourism market to meet the needs of the tourism market of high quality tourism

 1 HR demands of the travel

  1.1 Tourist services personnel in short supply
  With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, tourism, the demand for
talent increases year by year. According to statistics, 6 million employees in the
national tourism industry. With the development of tourism, travel agencies and hotels
to increase, the actual needs of professional tourism personnel up to 800 million or
more people for tourism gap of at least 200 million people. Tourism talent shortage
not only in "quantity" on also in the "quality" on China's tourism industry sorely
lacking at present is high-quality talent.
  1.2 high-quality professionals and emerging professionals shortage
  tour of high-quality expertise Selling Well the talent market is the result of opening
up the tourism market has accelerated the pace of domestic travel agencies have
begun between the staged war for talent, the travel agencies pull out all the tricks
absorb high-quality personnel. Tourism is more scarce talent mainly high-end tourism
business management personnel, including senior managers, engaged in human
resource management and development, marketing, tourism and entertainment
management, tourism planning, tourism area management, tourism and property
management personnel.
  1.3 increase in demand for international tourism professionals
  World Tourism Organization predicts that by 2020 China will become the world's
largest tourist destination country and the fourth largest tourist source country. China
also proposed a Major travel from the current tour the grand objective of power shift,
which is our entry and exit travel proposed new requirements for overseas travel will
be the next big development, followed by a foreign-related tourism professionals
training. The rapid development of foreign tourism market, many tourism enterprises
on foreign tourism professionals pay more attention to, and has a good basis for
tourism management and language ability, employment is becoming the object of
competing tourism industry, knowledge of foreign languages into the tourism
management professionals the darling of the tourism industry.
  1.4 unequal distribution of tourism professionals
  performance of tourism personnel are unevenly distributed in different uneven
distribution of tourism industry professionals. In China, hotels, travel agents, travel
companies and more tourist attractions more scenic spots to attract talent, but also led
to the scenic attractions hotels and travel agencies have more than talent pool, and
scenic spots by the low quality of recruited personnel. Most require high-quality
tourism talents are a little remote areas, these areas are mostly beautiful, with good
natural and cultural resources of tourism, because tourism started late, and by
economic conditions, tourism development funds are limited, tourism management
and technical talent gap is huge.

 2 Tour Talents

  2.1 improve the development of tourism human resources strategic planning
  tourism strategy for talent overall tourism development plan is an important part of
strategic planning. According to tourism development throughout the strategic
planning, strategic planning to develop tourism human resources development, strive
to make the total travel and tourism professionals adapt to the development, tourism
professionals and tourism industrial structure in coordination, travel and tourism
industry professionals to improve the quality of the requirements of rapid
development phase synchronization, to achieve sustainable tourism human resources
development and long-term stable growth of tourism in the positive interaction.
  2.2 emphasis on tertiary education reform
  Tour of Higher Tourism Education in the reform and opening up, along with the
development of the tourism industry has developed rapidly. After nearly 30 years of
development, has been formed involving travel and tourism related to the nearly 30
professional education system more perfect. Current out of touch with the market
tourism personnel training, personnel development and industry, tourism development
and construction of incompatible, tourism personnel training lags behind the business
needs of the increasingly prominent. In tourism education reform that we can proceed
from the following:
  (1) professional development should be to set up and scale and character of. To meet
the increasingly fine division of labor within the tourism industry, knowledge, talents,
abilities and requirements of the trend of more and more colleges and universities to
expand the direction of tourism management, fostering target, the curriculum and so
must "scale, Features of "make a fuss. The institutions must be good insight into the
trends and hot spots of tourism development, market-oriented, timely and accurate use
of advanced consciousness, combined with their own characteristics, advantages and
characteristics of professional training, reflecting a modest advance and personnel
training to achieve leapfrog development.
  (2) professional training objectives should reflect the comprehensive and
multi-faceted. Tourism is covering a wide range of traditional industries and social
sectors comprehensive sex industry, the successful development depends on the
relevant professional and departmental coordination, which requested the Travel
Industry managers Bixu with tourism development of global awareness. The future
trend of tourism development is the individual requirements, to grasp market
opportunities, new product development, product promotion and other sectors will be
tourism a major source of corporate competitiveness. Therefore, future tourism
managers should have knowledge of strategic management, business decision-making,
business development, such as management capacity.
  (3) curriculum system and teaching methods should focus on practicality. From the
perspective of the development of international tourism education, clear and practical
career is a major feature of tourism education. Current tourism enterprises generally
believe that creative talent there are two basic criteria: First, close to the business
needs; two were quick to integrate into the enterprise, to solve practical problems.
Therefore, tourism can not be behind closed doors running the institutions, should
strengthen the laboratory building and cooperation with enterprises, as independent
learning and self-training to create a good environment and conditions.
  2.3 the importance of tourism enterprise employees training
  tourism enterprise in order to ensure quality of service, almost all of the travel
managers have insisted on "staff training before induction" principle. The training of
tourism enterprises in several ways to resolve:
  (1) senior management and department managers must be real emphasis on training.
Now many companies, training departments are to the training department or assistant
manager, sometimes mid-level task. Although the verbal call attention to training, but
do not do action, specific guidance and requirements.
  (2) carefully selected trainers. Just as not all people can do, like travel, not all
tourism practitioners can engage in training. Training of teachers must be a relatively
high quality of all the staff, have strong tourism awareness and quality consciousness,
to master the hotel business philosophy, we must also understand how to lead groups,
and using various techniques to make students familiar with the learned.
  (3) the training of management personnel to distinguish between primary and
secondary, can take a different approach to training. General employee training for
businesses from home and abroad can take on a regular basis the authority's tourism
training institutions, schools or travel in terms of learning to hire professors or experts.
At the same time can be selected backbone, managers identify the most urgent
business problems, so they take the issue of going to the other peer learning.
  2.4 to enhance the assessment guides and Management
  tour guide is a window of the tourist industry, the level of its quality services related
to the quality of tourism and tourism image. To reform and tour guides through the
examination system, the strengthening of the civil and political thinking guides,
professional ethics, policies and regulations, service awareness, education and skills
training tour guides work practice of tempering, organizational guides various
Appraising and Competition optimization guide team structure and improve the
quality of tour guides, guides to enhance the management ranks, in strict accordance
with "Tour Guide Management Regulations" and the "Implementation Measures for
Administration of Tour Guides" requirement, strict qualification access and guide and
strengthen this article to Since the [worry document] collection and
collation, thank the original author. The annual review of the tour guide training and
off-season, and constantly upgrade the quality of tour guides of their own. Through
the efforts of all, creating a high political quality, service ability, work ethic is good,
the structure is more reasonable, adequate number of guides team.

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