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Personality Factors and Quality of Personality


									Personality Personality Factors and Quality

 personality factor quality training

  person is complex, more complex society. In this sense, people have to adapt to
society, that people shift from individual to group, from the animal the results of
aptitude social transformation. This result is good or bad, you can only compare and
evaluate personal qualities, that is, the composition of elements of social personality.
On the request from the social point of view, personality can be divided into "spiritual
personality" and "quality of personality", from the current situation of today's society,
I think the basic quality of human society requires the following ten points: Thesis net
  spirit of the character
  ① reasonable value system, such as morality, of right and wrong, aesthetic, social,
and scientific knowledge, etc.
  ② reasonable way of thinking, thinking,
  ③ good emotion regulation ability and self-management skills
  quality of character
  ④ good psychological quality
  ⑤ good habits and basic life skills literacy
  ⑥ good physical
  ⑦ develop dedication, the spirit of mutual help, and personal responsibility
  ⑧ good interpersonal and communication skills
  ⑨ good personal beliefs, ideals and practical pursuit of
  ⑩ good personal skills,
. Reasonable value system
  view from above, the reasonable value system and the first place, because the value
system is the most basic form of personality, that spirit of human personality. It is
directly related to the human soul of right and wrong, good and evil concept, beauty
and ugliness concept, social values, outlook on life. Get value system, in addition to
receiving education, but also within the knowledge point, that is indispensable to
human society in the process of growing up, life experiences and feelings, few of
these, all knowledge points are not so stable and does not produce a reasonable
awareness of choice and change. If one makes a mistake without being punished
accordingly, he will not know the serious consequences of breach of community law.
A person has not paid a hard work, there would not know how to love and love of the
precious, and so on. Purely social and natural knowledge is to do in the next life form
and determine the correct sense of laying the groundwork.
. Reasonable way of thinking, pattern
  reasonable way of thinking, this is the traditional Chinese culture in the weakest link.
Sense, all unreasonable point of view, knowledge, and the construction of the
humanities have a deep relationship with them. This point, I am "thinking and
consciousness," "The greatest want of the history of Chinese philosophy - the natural
logic of philosophy" in both demonstration and explanation. Thinking the problem is
actually the problem is a cognitive style. This is about people understanding the
natural world and the concept of social structure form, and thus establish a rational
view of the world. Second, the rational way of thinking on the knowledge points and
the construction of knowledge plays an important role. From the overall philosophy of
sense, knowledge of the world many, but as long as a reasonable way of thinking to
master, model, all knowledge can integrate the block division plan. The overall
philosophy of the theory is that as long as the master of a perfectly reasonable point of
knowledge, knowledge of other points can be started from this point of divergence to
find, and eventually form their own rational knowledge. Although this bit of an
exaggeration, but theoretically speaking, it can be done.
  good thinking there is not enough, the way in education have to be a breakthrough.
In the traditional Chinese way of education has also stayed in the inculcation of the
original state, which is the background of traditional Chinese culture is directly
related to this article, I discussed a lot over. The people, the curiosity and knowledge
is human nature, coupled with a sense of personal pride and honor that wish to be
recognized to reflect the value of their original nature, and human or animal on the
region, demand for space to expand the instinct, so people should necessarily
inquisitive. We are instilled with the filling pressure type of education is precisely
contrary to the laws of nature and properties of such people, our teachers generally
felt that the more time students, the more knowledge, and performance, the better.
Finally, many students even if the master of a lot of knowledge, but simply can not be
applied flexibly. Among them, students learn practical knowledge of how point-like,
that is, learning the knowledge points and the life, social, personality, ability has
nothing to do with the relationship in the end, what relationship, if the system full, etc.,
which is asking the community to education concerns. Because the students to learn
and has little knowledge of these students would not benefit from education, not
benefit, how to have interest in learning it? Therefore, this teaching method, learning
content and knowledge content in many cases beyond the student's mental capacity,
nor can these students gain practical knowledge and emotional experience to enjoy the
interest, resulting in a bored student learning, psychological, and eventually evolved
into reject. This indoctrination and filling pressure form of education has been stifled
in numbness or interest in learning, thinking and way of thinking on the training is
extremely limited, and severely limit the students thinking space, leading to decreased
learning ability and knowledge of psychological degradation. So, I think, in the
students to develop scientific ways of thinking when, induction and guidance is the
most humane, and this education of ways to keep learning to fully mobilize the
enthusiasm of people, be more productive on knowledge and memory, and this
psychological memory brain memory than simply much more to strong, in the
absence of knowledge of the premise of replacing the basic is the permanent memory.
If you frequently use this knowledge to the point of it, and to have internalized the
possibility of becoming unconscious. I used to train students in counseling and
curriculum, often applied to the "self learning" effects very well, on the thinking and
way of thinking is obvious in the training. Allow students to understand the error,
must expand their thinking space, and after another error by excluding the reasonable
choice of learning methods eventually lead to rationalization of trial and error
experience and results will inevitably lead to the wrong way will never be selected,
students can significantly improve learning ability. In this sense, the error is valuable,
make full use of the wrong value, but to get the right choice and methods. The
so-called "self Learning Method" form of education that teachers are only good
course content and work arrangements, so that sub-group Zi Zhu Xue Sheng learning,
students Zhi Hou Zhi Shi Zai Jiang Li Jie's speaking out of the classroom, Zai
Liyongtaolun Zuo Yu Bianlun the way a number of adjustments and summarized in
the final formation of a knowledge point of consensus. This method of learning to
give every student participation and evaluation in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of
students, and fully tap their original interest in learning and personal potential, so that
it can enable students to fully express themselves. Do this, we need to break a lot of
teachers now traditional habit of thinking and teaching. I will summarize this teaching
as "doing nothing to teach," teacher's role is to take a scale with the referee, the
so-called "scale", that is, students can not fully understand the point of the time course
knowledge to guide and inspiration to do something, or is at all a knowledge of the
students misunderstood the point of time to make some corrections and adjustments.
Referee's role is to some outstanding students to do some due recognition and
encouragement, and learning attitudes of students to do some serious criticism.
. Good emotional control, self-management skills
  in the "emotional fluctuations and surging desire" article in the emotional feelings of
people already know the cause. There is no doubt that personal emotional regulation
and management capacity is society's most basic quality requirements. But how to
improve this ability, the following points are worth learning.

 Rational Construction of emotional reasons, many of which consciousness, the
concept of contradiction is the community one of the main emotional. This is a
spiritual, consciousness against the pressure, the pressure generated by the
self-protective mental and emotional anti-violence out of control, and this sentiment
against violence and loss of control will produce significant social harm and self-harm,
serious cause harm to others or irrational suicide. Rather than rational choice together
with a strong sense of psychological and behavioral ability, will produce the same
powerful destruction. Guer to stabilize mood, first thing to do to divert thinking and
clear thinking. Ideological thinking must be enough to ease clear and reasonable
rational person built. Establish a rational, should first point from the knowledge and
knowledge of the structure to be perfect and reasonable. As the saying goes, "do not
bend around, however, did not fail to get the ridge", just to see if you want to have to
understand, from this sense [This article from [worry document]
collect and collate thank the original author], as long as the knowledge structure is
reasonable and rational way of thinking, all consciousness, the concept can resolve all
conflicts. Of course, the people no saint, not all conflicts can be resolved. But as long
as the reason to build a more rational and more broad-rich, then create the spirit, sense
of the probability of confrontation will be much smaller. So emotional, the outbreak
will be much less opportunity to temper.
  strengthening the psychological resistance to stress
  psychological resistance to stress is the psychological quality of people within the
major component. Personal psychological resistance to stress is mainly people in the
face of external pressure, reflected by the personal qualities. High pressure in the face
of ever-life learning environment and highly competitive social environment, and
external physical pressure, when the external pressure and internal resistance to
pressure imbalance situation, would have a variety of emotions, especially the
external pressure is much greater in the inner psychological resistance to stress,
people will produce depression, such as sadness, depression, and even anti-explosion
as a protest and so emotional. These are not normal emotional expression. But as a
social person, the face of society everywhere in the reasonable and non-rational
phenomena, only strengthen their own inner psychological resilience of the upgrade,
such as strengthening their endurance, etc., can reduce the probability of emotional.
Second, in the face of the spirit, consciousness, ideas, confrontation, psychological
compression of highly emotional people who clearly have the advantage, to be
emotionally stable, so it can be rational thinking response. Emotional barriers for
extraversion, continuous Transcription is a very good adjustment methods, aimed at
cultivating willpower. Occasionally take a reasonable idea of non-culture methods or
defeat, is to cultivate people's mental capacity to endure and stress resistance.
's adjustment
  person's emotions necessarily fluctuate with fluctuations in the natural rhythm. "The
thrill of power and beauty of music sheets," a paper has indicated.
  physical release in
  man, never out of natural properties. Therefore, the energy can not be normal when a
person is released, it is prone to emotional depression, irritability or anti-burst
impulses. Therefore, emotional depression, irritability or emotional, the physical
release is a good way. Only, the physical release of repressed emotions to moderate
some, and the approach taken can not be too stimulating. Otherwise, there will be a
kind of trial by fear, or irrational and excessive risk-taking. And irritability, agitation
by the use of short powerful release. This time, excited by the continuity of control is
to prevent the release of self-harm. When the emotional stress from the repression and
emotional impulse is released, it will naturally return to a normal and calm. Suppress
those who can little over that to produce a semi-excited state.
. Psychological Quality
  mental quality is multifaceted, all life to be exposed to the objective reality, the
corresponding psychological needs. Psychological Quality must train, train like a puff
of this paper, bedding, must be layers of strengthening. "On the spirit of the" article
talked about the issue of testing and trying. Test, is faced with a completely unknown
contact, this contact process is a kind of psychological maturity and
self-psychological well-experienced. Contact with a man who began life and social
interaction, in addition to life and learn more about the community and understanding,
the more gain is psychological maturity, and psychological quality. If necessary in real
life difficulties, overcome difficulties, then this person in addition to self-confidence
to grow for another harvest is a great psychological endurance capacity increases,
even small-scale failures, such setbacks education on mental carrying capacity is
extremely important. With self-confidence and psychological quality, the people
should also try to face the unknown, challenging social activities. In this way, people
will produce the innovation and creativity. This sense, cultivating one's mental
qualities, in addition to rational guidance, the actual participation is the most
important aspect of trying, and thus break the natural fear of people.
  touch another life and social significance, is to allow students to experience life and
society and the brutality of the truth, to find their social position, and forced by the
pressure of life in people motivation to change the current student learning passivity
and blindness, and complete the "learning as well as" the ultimate goal, to shift from
individual to group, from growth to maturity changes. I have been in counseling
sessions, the students assigned to rural areas has the purpose of experience and
participation in life, requires students to people from the rural income and expenditure,
choice of crops types of purpose, time, labor intensity, attitude to life, the difficulties
of life, personal and household pursuits, spiritual and cultural life and entertainment,
happiness index human interpersonal and family relationships, administrative system
for the Government's expectations and critical for the country's personal views on
economic and price 意见, etc.,, 做 a relatively comprehensive Xin Xi and data
collection, after writing a report and put forward personal views and suggestions, let
them with their living environment and family to do a comparison. In the survey, I do
not require the full accuracy of advice and opinions, but I train the students to know
and understand the breadth and depth of life, and find themselves in family life and
social position and the psychological balance, the balance point may not be the most
accurate, but we must find ways to train students. People only find their place and
psychological balance, to determine their progress in development. We often teach
students to "study hard, every day," do not know their place, how can we learn, how
to find the starting point up with the direction?
. Good habits and basic life skills literacy
  human animal this is a lazy, self-willed people are also the original nature, combined
with the selfishness of human nature, so while avoiding disadvantages. Original
bound to a lazy person, very obviously arbitrary, so a good training habits must start
early. Some parents are very spoiled as a child, do not pay attention to the habit of
hard work are young children, will inevitably lead to a child's bad behavior. Children
before the age of five is not much sense of communication, so when a child can only
rely on a small rigid training of a kind, or from the behavior of their kids to imitate.
Those who own their own bad habits of parents, children with children of course,
good training habits. Parents, children also play mahjong mahjong, as people's ability
to learn is to imitate the most primitive. When children have a certain understanding,
it has to first pass the awareness of communication and supervision. Purpose is to
allow children to communicate to accept a concept of consciousness, urging the
purpose is to enable children to break through the characteristics of human nature lazy,
and behavioral psychology to try to break through, after repeated, will inevitably
become habits.
  so-called basic life skills literacy, is in ordinary family life and social life, ability and
level. In the human growth process, which should have the most basic quality
requirements, but because the ignorance of education today, even the basic quality
requirements to Zhe Zhong Du Hulue a, Xue Xiao small ask students to "full-time"
learning Wenhua knowledge, depriving the child time and opportunity to participate
in life, parents asked their children good examination results, Guer do not pay
attention to the children of this ability, the end result is that children do not know
when to marry and start, "daily lives with food," the use and price, not to table made
of sweet and delicious meals. Other family life is quite ignorant, as all kinds of family
life, work skills, necessary to purchase materials, economic planning, basic social
relations and basic social activities and so on, so when they organized the family and
into society, some of the most frequently encountered low-level errors, establish the
number of man-made conflicts that arise as simple questions, and lead to personal life
and family life of confusion and disorder, serious even basic living, survival instincts
are lost, this is how sad ah! In fact, in cultured human capacity and quality of these
basic, while, the children will get more benefits, that is life, life and society more
deeper understanding and awareness of, and thus a better life. Good personal life, and
society will progress, harmony, because society is composed of each individual.
Thesis network
  6. Good physical
  body is the first platform of life. Good physical premise is good living habits and
exercise science and physical. Good living habits, including a reasonable diet, sleep,
work and so on. Science of physical exercise is a long-term good habits from the
traditional Chinese culture, China is not a love of movement in this nation, so to
strengthen the concept of physical exercise but also from the cultural habits began to
change and awareness.
  matter of fact, exercise not only strengthen the physical, in the course of the
campaign, but also makes the release of personal energy production [This article from
[worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original
author ] Health excitement and enhance circulation, and this excitement and the inner
loop will lead to brain cell regeneration and renewal, and regeneration and renewal
can affect the person's intelligence level, and improve emotional intelligence. Excited
to produce happy people, no doubt about that happy result of people to strengthen
contacts with the outside world, and this exposure can enhance psychological quality,
with the psychological and personal courage, then dare to challenge and innovation on
the original driving force emerge, and social progress will accelerate the pace of this.
For depression in patients with movement to the way the game would have a
significant role in mitigation and training. Social life, sports and games as often
generated excitement and joy, will directly enhance the happiness of living index, this
has been demonstrated before. In general, the human dynamic, smooth release energy
and build mental, then the vitality of life must be completely unfolded.
  7. Cultivate devotion, the spirit of mutual help, and personal responsibility
  qualified personality to do a basic quality of the interests of equality is not a difficult
personality. But to be dedicated, the spirit of mutual help, and personal responsibility
is not an easy thing, which in addition to learning to be understood in peacetime, the
personal sense of morality, to strengthen a sense of honor, but also a necessary
condition. Such as participation in public welfare activities; second is teamwork,
which requires to be guided through various activities. Responsibility of the training
needs of individual inputs and pay, pay an input and are not responsible. This
investment and to pay must be the physical and mental. This is the responsibility of
children, as parents, want their parents to give up the impossible, parents put too
much. Conversely, a child has to pay and put on the family, directly reflected in the
family's sense of responsibility, in the sense of responsibility, is no empty slogan
effect. Really done is not easy, first of all requires people to have social conscience
and social responsibility, this point, I am "eternal love" in discourse more clearly.
When helping others, if not out of genuine love, but from some other reason, even the
most minor to pay, but also heart felt reluctant to pay too much. If you come from a
sincere conscience and social responsibility, even give everything to pay, would that
not enough, this is without a conscience and the conscience of the most fundamental
difference. Therefore, I have always thought that "conscience and responsibility" is a
core part of the social personality.
  8. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  to become a social success, good relationships is an essential prerequisite. But how
to establish good interpersonal relationships is a major problem. Society, who are
bound by the individual changes to the groups, this change is a process of integration,
so a good relationship, first of all groups to abide by the rules, such as ethics, rules,
etc., followed to uphold the people of between the interests of the character of fairness,
equity. Of course, this is just basic common sense. To really build a good relationship
from their own, but also with 7 points "have the dedication and spirit of mutual"
began. This training is led by the spirit of the beginning. In real life, more empathy in
the context of personal ability to help each other is the personal relationships of
solidarity and cohesion. After the degree of personal modesty, the degree of
individuation is a necessary condition for the establishment of interpersonal
relationships. Not modest, quiet and only annoying personality. Ability to establish
interpersonal relationships in order to set collective tasks and the main objective of
this task and objective, should be part of a ring set, so that participants in its place,
know the importance of each person. So that it can value the importance of each
individual, and thus reflected in the groups ability. Projects such as the collective
mountain climbing, group activities such as outdoor survival. Interpersonal
communication skills are essential means of communication. This ability should be
speculative to proceed, thinking reaction speed, and language of organizational skills,
must have specific training from real life reflected. Such as debate, writing abilities,
express their views accurately, carefully pour your own voice and so on.
  9. Good personal creativity and innovative spirit and practical pursuit of ideals
  good personal beliefs must be the quality level of their own reasonable assessment of
the beginning. But the assessment criteria? This is a subject of social value assessment
system, which should be completely divorced from the subjective self-awareness is
the prerequisite. Society too often assess themselves, this one must agree with the
subjective, such as exaggerating their abilities and social importance and so on. Doing
self-assessment, should be more appropriate community consultation professionals
and friends around, they are from the behavior of individuals in general can be
summed up with. This result may not be the most accurate, but it must be the most
objective. With this assessment, when the establishment of science and a lot of
personal beliefs, which is usually referred to within our capabilities. How their skills
in the end, when faced with a number of practical difficulties can not solve, do not
wait until the touch of a black and blue after that. In a competitive society, not
personal belief is that development can not, because a good personal beliefs directly
reflected in the individual's creativity and innovative spirit. Everyone should have an
ideal, as Napoleon said, "do not want to become a general as soldiers is not a good
soldier." But certainly there is only one among the generals of armies, so the ideal
would unreasonable people unnecessary stress, mental stress and mental endurance
beyond their own can not be reasonably adjusted, the release and remission would
have a depression or anxiety disorder, will be painful and serious, and some people
will choose to commit suicide to escape the mental and psychological pain. Not a
correct understanding of themselves and to position themselves, and sometimes even
lead to paranoia; if I had had a student, he considered himself able to test out of the
college entrance exam, he is to himself as "God", which is A typical paranoia. Does
not recognize the gap between people, not to recognize the weaknesses of human
nature, combined with the wrong understanding of the world, society will definitely
lead to the pursuit of unrealistic ideals. A better understanding of human nature, learn
more about cultural differences, to participate in social and practical life, can be more
realistic perception and internalization of ideas, we can identify the ideals and the
pursuit of practical, though because society is dynamic, people is dynamic, the ideal
and the pursuit of dynamic change is bound to continue with the adjustments and
changes, ultimately to a more practical and more reasonable.
  creative and innovative spirit of the personal qualities or ability to reflect the most
high-end, but how to cultivate this ability, which relates to the cultural content and
training methods. We know that people are the carrier of culture and culture is a
natural state of human beings to transcend the concept of form and self-break, so
people use culture to shape the features vary selection of cultural forms and training
methods can achieve good results in most . Theoretically, as long as adequate forms of
culture and specific environment can be a person trained to excellent, "genius." The
"genius" must have beyond the ordinary person's creativity and innovative spirit, both
in science and technology, or humanities and social aspects, will be able to advance
human progress and development of social civilization. I always thought that people
in addition to the natural biological gene, but also our cultural genes, changing
cultural content and training methods, you can change the quality of people and can
even improve one part of the natural biological gene.
  0. Good personal skills,
 This is a professional skills which need to be in school and real life can be improved.
However, the improvement of individual skills, and ultimately, people who began
cultivating practical ability and personal ability to comprehend. Both have the ability,
the learning of professional skills will definitely enhance the human mind and
memory and capacity, and ultimately improve people's working efficiency. Heart, and
earnest, and industrious, and the enhancement of skills is a necessity. Value of the
individual in society must be reflected.
 appears from the above personal qualities are many, it is a highly competitive society,
personal qualities determine the viability and success of individuals. Life is beautiful
with joy, happiness and quality of confidence is based. [This article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author] /

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