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On the Art of War Art of War competition and enterprise competition


									Competition of Sun Tzu Art of War and Competitive

 on the Art of Competitive
 market, the globalization of competition brought about by globalization. For the
world in,, technology,, and so major changes, now has no country, no one can be
completely aloof. Enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.
How to win the fierce market competition has become a big business to be
 "Art of War" is the core of resourcefulness strive to win, all-inclusive, broad and
deep, involving war, strategy, policy, economy, diplomacy, astronomy, geography and
weather of things, which it contains extensive deep thought, rigorous point of view,
the management of reference for the principles of business management and
management thinking is quite rich. Enterprises should use military strategist in the
competition explain the various strategies and tactics, from the vicious competition,
play in this business and win total victory.

 Keywords: Art of Competitive

 market competition is ruthless, foreign enterprises ranking of 500 powerful changes
have taken place every year, some companies away from, and there are a number of
enterprises to squeeze.
 With the reform, China's socialist market economic system is gradually improving,
the internal and external business environment has undergone tremendous and
profound changes. Into the 21st century, has become a full member of WTO, led us to
accelerate the pace of international economic integration. Internationally, the
high-tech advances, economic globalization is an impact on China's traditional
philosophy and mode of operation. The globalization of markets has brought
globalization of competition - for the world in economic, political, technical, financial,
social and other significant changes, now is not a country, a business can be
completely aloof. Enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.
 competition can promote industrial optimization and reorganization, to be a
reasonable allocation of social resources; competition may also be beneficial to the
enterprise market position, is a means of corporate profits.
 "in the market economy conditions, competition among enterprises is inevitable as
long as the company exists, competition will not disappear." Survival of the fittest is
not to man's will the objective laws of market economy. Companies to the vagaries of
the market place, in the increasingly fierce market competition to achieve the
initiative, it can not only rent to judge from past experience and intuition to act, but
need to think about standing on a higher point of view, and understand and apply
some competition rules, with the help of some of defeating the enemy of business
 and "The Art of War" is entitled "First Bingshu ancient world", "Military Science
canon" reputation, is a brilliant cultural heritage of China's treasures!
 "Art of War" is the core of resourcefulness strive to win, it contains extensive deep
thoughts, ideas rigorous, is wisdom, its social function of art of war has already
broken through the restrictions, in the present widely in many fields , favored.
Especially in the enterprise market competition, grandson of the thinking of many
entrepreneurs know and use, as the "Guide to Business Competition."
 market economy, many competition laws is connected with the laws of war. The
market competition is often called the "commercial war" soldiers fighting for is the
battlefield, and business conduct of war in the market. The essential difference is:
soldiers battle armed forces confront in order to bring down and even killed each
other win; and Business Competition, competitors Zeyi the availability of more
favored customers to decide. Although the nature of different venues for different, but
the use of troops and the way of business management is to determine the winner of
this goal is the same, their demands and win very many ways there are similarities. So
as a business, in-depth understanding and use of war to defeat the enemy soldiers on
the war in terms of business, many can learn from and benefit of the Department.
Market competition, we should use "The Art of War" made the rules and philosophy,
which is facing new challenges and opportunities for enterprises and entrepreneurs,
when there will be many new experience and new perception.

  1, to know ourselves, know yourself.
  rapid development of technology in today's world and the increasingly competitive
market, therefore, enterprises participating in market competition, the first is to
Zhiyizhibi not only clear the status of enterprises, but also must focus on the objective
conditions; respect the objective laws.
, Seriously understand and effectively implement the relevant policies and laws, as
well as sales to the customs and culture.
  to see it from what new business development opportunities, but also what are the
constraints. In particular, now and in the international economy should also be
familiar with relevant international laws and regulations, international finance, such as
the protection of intellectual property, anti-dumping, environmental requirements, etc.;
that bind themselves abide by the law but also good at using weapons to protect
themselves; from this company reality, combined with the industry in industrial policy
and development trends, "advance and retreat," "can not be as" in order to make the
strategic business direction in line with economic development.

, In-depth understanding of the potential demand of users.
  with, and the rapid progress, increased competition, rising living standards, the user
or customer needs are constantly changing, whether there are in the market place, and
depending on whether its products and services accepted by the user or customer, so
customer satisfaction is top priority in business. Only the needs of users more
thoughtful than they would like to seize the potential needs of users as the
development of new products, develop new sources of market ideology can not truly
grasp the initiative in business and competition.
  thesis from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the
original author! 3, objective understanding of their enterprises.
  owned by any business can use and resources are limited, the market economy many
business opportunities, but not every business can bring new opportunities for the
enterprise. Enterprises to correctly estimate their own strength, a clear understanding
of its strengths, weaknesses, strengths and avoid weaknesses in competition, to their
limited resources to play a role in most places.
, Serious competitor.
  to distinguish who is the greatest threat to rival companies, a deep understanding and
analysis of your competitors in order to "to have long, short attack people" gain a
competitive initiative. Should be like as their own business to each other every step to
find out about and compare with their own business, see both advantages and
disadvantages, good at the actual situation for competitors to develop appropriate
  pattern of change as the world economy, globalization of markets to promote
competition, international, and now companies are no longer limited to domestic
competitors but against the whole world, to understand and analyze the scope of the
competition was extended to the world. Enterprises where the industry should be
accompanied by the most advanced and developed the standards, used as a measure of
their own standards, should see their status and the gap has reached the highest
standards where there is little, and to this standard as their strategic goals to fight.
, Timely and fully understand the environment of major changes in
  domestic and international market is always in flux, the fact is, economic, technical,
and management, resulting, ultimately reflected in market on. Both changes have a
time difference between. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to major changes
in the environment, and analyze the development trend of these changes, which are
tendentious, analysis of the macroeconomic situation, estimate the economic climate
of the enterprise, and to consider countermeasures. Companies can move faster to
secure the time and opportunities. Concerned about the environment changes, the
enterprise's strategy has become increasingly important.

 2, known to fight and not fight wins
 grandson said: "refresher win five: knowledge can not fight those who fight and win;
know Zhonggua use wins; For those who win the same up and down; to be no fears of
danger to be wins; would rather you not Yu Zhe Sheng; the five who also know the
road win. "
 In the market economy and any kind of category industry products or services, are
providing new opportunities for enterprises, many enterprises from a management
toward more product categories, the direction of diversification. Competitive market,
to carry out diversification to spread the risk, operating properly, can provide
enterprises with profit-making and development. But there are also many companies
as attack on all fronts and in an extremely, even to run down.
 to enterprises, the expansion of business scope must be given to the existing business
base, in particular, can not be divorced from the advantages of the enterprises in
accordance with the original. Many successful companies is an extension of its
existing technology, rather than intervening to unfamiliar or new areas are not good at
blind expansion. If the enterprise can only see a profitable market opportunities, not
exactly sober analysis of whether the master of its own strength, they hastily put it as
their new areas of business expansion, which itself includes a huge risk.
  founder Shi Yuzhu Zhuhai Giant Group is a technology expert who studies the
Chinese card outstanding achievements, and the first years of industrialization
profitable; then giant involved in biotechnology, "Brain Gold", and also a large
number of ad spending to expand awareness, this is a new area of the original product
has nothing to do; again after entering the real estate was hot, building a giant
building, from the original plan of 20 multi-coded to 70 floors, would like to become
a city landmark. Unfortunately, funds are not in place, the last building covered half
the financial resources to exhaustion, the Group has never rose again, leaving only
memories of past glory and regret.
  This is "know to War" and "no war" the difference. If you think that a strong
financial background will be able to onslaught of any industry, do not ask yourself in
the end this new industry, business and development prospects of many to grasp, then
the policy itself had planted the seeds of failure.
  company limited resources should be considered on the basis of diversification, must
first study how to make the resources available to maximize the role of limited
resources to make use wisely, we must never stretching too long at a loss, until the

  3 to distinguish between competitors, and avoid vicious competition,
  grandson out in 2000 years ago to achieve victory depends on the objective
conditions of the two contradictory sides to each other, transform each This paper
from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author! Dialectical view of the outcome, there are still a very important significance.
  "Art of War" tells, "passers-by have not help, the military has not hit, some do not
attack the city, to be indisputable, Jun Ming have not." In the competition should be
"something but not everything." Although in the long run all of my competitors are
likely to constitute or large or small the threat, but in many specific cases, some
competitors not only not the enemy, but "allies", because the appropriate area of
competition and competitors can strengthen rather than weaken the competitive
position of enterprises.
  rival of "good" with "bad." "Good" competitors to help companies achieve strategic
goals, can enhance the sustainable competitive advantage, improve the structure in
which the industry. Only "bad" competitors Caidui constitute a real threat to the
  company's strength is limited, if not competitors to distinguish them all as an attack
target, then the business will feel powerless, will undermine their competitive
advantage. Enterprises selected to compete, join forces to enhance their strength is
equal to the competition, "potential" can also accumulate more, the likelihood of
winning big.
  In addition, enterprises should try to avoid confrontation with competitors on the
front, to avoid excessive competition, and strive to better than invisible.
  "peer is the enemy" The statement has been in describing the competition among
enterprises. American Meredith Corporation to coordinate their relations with other
colleagues, to ease their contradictions ingenuity to set up an "advisory service
kiosks." Citing mission is: customers if the company does not buy the product bed of
roses, it is responsible for the guidelines to customers of such companies to buy goods,
namely: the customer into their competitors. "Advisory Services Pavilion" in the
creation of times has not only failed to customers, but attract more customers. And the
relationship with peers has been greatly improved. Meredith Corporation peers and
therefore get more information to help realize the company's progress.
  now, more and more enterprises realize this, many enterprises have established a
strategic alliance, technology, information and intelligence and other resources to help
each other.

  4, the game, hard to detect
  "Art of War" stressed: "The husband who fight to working together to Clipsal.
Gushan surprisingly those infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the rivers. "
  after 10 years of survival of the fittest competition, China's washing machine market
already saturated, many enterprises have been eliminated. Because the washing
machine market, are selling high-capacity, high power consumption of the product,
good spring and autumn and winter sales, the low season in summer is relatively
become. Haier move faster to seize this opportunity to develop a capacity of only 1.5
kg washing machine has a small power "little genius", sold in the market immediately
after launch, the launch of 20 months, sales of 100 million units, and After six
  course, the nature of the business industry, product, both internal and external
environment in which different, copy the successful model of others is not all, the
important thing is the operating business ideas can not stand still, to have new ideas,
find new opportunities, this is the "surprise."
  to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, must vigorously promote the
implementation of system innovation, management innovation is the fundamental way
of thinking to the innovation, innovative ideas. While serious challenges, but also
unlimited opportunities, blinders can not see these new opportunities, companies must
first change the way of thinking, truly "independent" to think, according to market
requirements to consider, deal with the problem, will suddenly see the light, found
had the opportunity at hand. If ideas do not change, the opportunity to stand in front,
it will only turn a blind eye, a lost opportunity.
  to reach the "surprise attack" effect, we should pay attention to the truth of three
main points:
, A modern enterprise in order to achieve victory in competition, should be "fair in
war" to the face of ferocious powerful enemy, to avoid to bear fruit, with sub-guided
stream separately.
  Canon Inc. and Xerox UK market competition, on the use of this tactic. They avoid
the tight control of Xerox in London market, to focus competition for the Scottish
forces, then attack other parts of the UK market, and finally to a superior force attack
on the London market, and in the early 20th century, 80 out of the Xerox Corporation
the entire British market.
  2, shopping centers such as the battlefield. In order to do the game, companies must
try our best to hide their strength, so that competitors not see the real situation,
enterprises should take all means to confuse and "fool" competitor to rival careless
ease psychological preparedness, business opportunity at this time attack, then the
probability of gaining a competitive victory in a very large.

, When the competitors in a market with strong in their own advantage, should be a
way to "lure" of its own to help boost competition in other markets; when the power is
very strong competitors when To look for other ways to make it weaker than their
own in one respect, in order to win.

 5, take the initiative, "which is not caused by people who"
 market is formed by the customer, as with the continuous improvement of living
standards, increasing demand of customers diversification, so, there is the potential
demand of customers. If you only see the reality of the market, then your competitors
have been the first step "in the first field office," you even get a look has become a
"post office battlefield" in a favorable position, can "cause people" rather than "As"
and can grasp the initiative in competition.
 careful investigation in advance, identify and strive for carefully chosen, and target
your own customers. Focus of this potential demand, the "Heart of the customer for
the Heart", starting from the customer's needs, would like more detailed than their
own customers more advanced. The potential demand for the customer needs to
become a reality, the potential customer a real customer, and the potential market has
become the reality of your market to open up the. Enterprises must rely on the market,
went out among customers, potential customers want to, aspirations, desires, issues
raised as to the enterprise, to digest, a careful analysis, this paper from [worries documentation] to collect and collate, thank the original
author! Hit new business ideas, and this is business to develop new products, new
markets open up the source of inspiration. Once companies have core competencies in
the right (refer to key technologies and technology), we can at lightning speed new
products to make business move forward by leaps and bounds. The only way to
"causing" instead of "As people."
 but the company defining its development strategies, build core capacity often
neglect this, the, the countermeasures against rival first place, Erbujiji Qu target
customers compete Zhuyuziji How could it win in the competition what?

  6, momentum and "the powerful, the right to take advantage of the system are also"
  flowing, boulder itself is nothing great, but when they flow down from the
mountains, rolling down, the "situation" it's terrible. In the real market economy, some
large enterprises, with its rich prize, adequate human resources and leading
technology, massive in the market, other enterprises with a positive fear of conflict, or
quit or avoid repeated, so large companies can "not fighting the enemy." This is the
"situation" had made achievements in the "not to win," Competition in the process
and results of its great.
  company can avoid weaknesses ahead of the competition vigorously promote their
strengths, or talents or technical superior or advanced management, the overwhelming
competition from the air cushion. Thus, it is possible to competitors, "without a fight",
which firmly grasp the initiative in competition.
  成不了气候 if the company has no competitive product or service, no potential can
be made. Enterprises have certain foundation and strength, we need to expand its
influence, visibility, cost way to Canton. Enhance its visibility is "rally." Stage in the
market through various marketing promotional publicity in the market on their own,
to attract attention, motivate people to meet the potential demand for promotional
  company of Hangzhou Wahaha launched since the late eighties nutrition of children
in the south along the open market, the market quickly expanded, businesses also will
continue to grow and develop. But the product has still not reached the Central Plains
market. If you can open up this new market? Enterprises to adopt an "in-line to direct"
strategy. They give every primary school in Zhengzhou, a yellow hat. Yellow hat early
on to remind us from motor vehicle drivers and people pay attention to cyclists from
pedestrians, but was not using the students in Zhengzhou way to protect the children
of Shem the road safety. Wahaha complimentary city primary school in the hat
business name printed on their own. This sudden emergence of the city one morning
the children are wearing the same yellow hat. This has aroused public concern and
openness to the effect. This is a city of "momentum" of a meaningful case.

 7, Marina current events to your Appreciating
 Liu Bang domination after the success of the courtiers about his reasons:
"Operations at the curtains husband among the run-off at arm's length I as sub-
Housing; town country, ask people to feed, not absolute grain Road, I as Xiao He;
with millions of troops, war and win, will take the attack, I as Han Xin; the three by
key greater odds are, I can use it, the I therefore take the people. "Xiang Yu did not
forget to laugh," Xiang Yu a Fan Zeng, and not with this that I capture it too. "It seems
wise leader is not in itself decathlon, but everybody does know how to integrate
intelligence that has been used. A one will also run, but running a Maxima, but anyone
who knows a controlling Maxima, Maxima will into his effectiveness.

 today, and enterprises, "strategic alliances" are focused on "resource sharing", human
resources is one of the single most important aspect.
 grandson said, "so and skilled persons, help of trend momentum is not responsible
for the people, so people can choose any situation." Good command of the generals,
the dominant ideology should be placed reliance, use, understand, and create
conditions conducive to their own win situation, not to demanding hands of Jiang Li,
so he can proceed from the overall situation changes, select the suitable talent take a
leading role, so his overall victory in the initiative made the decision.
  on today's business leaders and entrepreneurs words, a person often has an
outstanding talent, the most suitable for a particular job, used his talents to use its best
can become professionals; suppression of its strengths, with its short, then into
mediocrity. If a person buried most valuable strengths, talents Cuican is also a cause
of destruction. Thus, only those with good knowledge before, he himself only who is
a great virtue and great. In the actual employment, often because there are blind spots
in thinking and not only energy use, choose one of any situation. People to larger,
more prominent strengths, weaknesses are often revealed the more obvious, is no less
a person's greatest strength in numbers may be only one, but the value of benefits they
can generate large enough immeasurable .

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 Kouxiao Xuan" grandson of victory or defeat and market competitive, "this paper to
Since [worry document] collection and sorting, for the original
author! / Center>

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