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Odessa State University_ University College


									University College, Odessa National University

 National University International College University

  Odessa National University was established in 1865, according to the International
Institute of UNESCO's top international talent, Ao De National University of Samoa
is located in Ukraine Third Comprehensive Universities, Association of Universities
and the World Federation of the European members of the University.
  Odessa (the big Ao) as a recognized scientific, educational centers, including three
scientific bodies (Physics Institute, seismic observatory, the Environmental Protection
Research Institute), 3 Graduate School of Education (Social Science Research
Institute , Mathematics and Mechanics Institute of the economy, after the University
of Education), eight departments (Department of History, Languages, German
Literature, Department of Biology Department of Geology - Department of
Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Law Department), available 30 a
variety of bachelor's, master's degree. In addition, there are three major Ao research
center for much more than 20 kinds of professional training Ao doctorate curriculum
for 3 years.
  Ao much more than 13,000 students, including 25 countries from more than 500
overseas students. 1338 teachers working in 72 teaching and research, in that there is
a 24 Academy of Sciences, 126 professors, 468 associate professor.
  great addition to today's AO faculties, there are 17 autonomous research laboratories,
libraries, botanical gardens, zoos, water, mineral museum.
  equipped with the Ministry of Education approved the university's formal
preparatory classes, professors from 25 countries, 250 foreign students, one-year
preparatory period of study, students were trained in Russian or Ukrainian language,
but also professional courses to learn basic subjects. Ukraine after graduation to enter
a university of any school. Ao large short-term training courses for the academic
structure of 1-3 months, during learning Russian, or Ukrainian language, Ukrainian
History, Culture and the Ukraine to understand the law.
  large student accommodation for students in Odessa apartments, apartment units,
2-3-type structure of a room, with kitchen, shower room and toilet, campus canteen,
fast food shops, medical clinics, sports and tennis courts, summer students can go to
university in the black sea resort vacation.

 professional set

 mathematical, economic and Mechanical College: digital, applied mathematics,
mechanics, computer system, information protection, economic theory, international
economic relations, psychology, tourism management, financial management,
banking management, administration, non-production areas of management
 Department of History: Ukraine's history, archeology, world history,
 Languages: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Russian and literature, Bulgarian
and Literature
  Department of Foreign Languages: English and Literature, French and Literature,
German and literature, Spanish and literature, translation
  Biology: botany, zoology, water, biology, micro-biology, biochemistry, human and
animal physiology , genetic biology, atomic biology, ecology,
  Department of Geology: geological survey, exploration, hydrology, engineering
  Chemistry: chemical, biological pharmacy
  Physics: Chemistry physics, semiconductor and dielectric physics, plasma physics,
solid-state physics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, computer physics, medical
physics, radio physics
  Faculty of Law: legal theory, economic law, Department of Economics
: Economic Management , international finance, international trade, finance and credit,
accounting, auditing,
  computer system: Software Design
  Department of Psychology: Psychology
  Department of Social Sciences: Political Science, Finance,
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